The National Individual Events Tournament of Champions would like to thank each of our students and teachers–those who attend the tournament, the bid schools who host qualifiers to the tournament, and our Executive Board and Committee members who are some of the best teachers in Oral Interpretation in the country–for making the NIETOC the largest tournament of champions and one of the best national tournament experiences offered.

From the beginning, the NIETOC envisioned offering unique experiences for students in Oral Interpretation including networking opportunities, college scholarships, and workshops guided by master teachers and celebrities as well as offering opportunities of renewal for teachers. We wanted to provide top quality lodging at affordable prices, unique crystal trophies, and above all, the awareness that we at the NIETOC are here to serve and honor those schools that attend our tournament.

We look forward to the 2015 National Individual Events Tournament of Champions, offered Mother’s Day weekend, as we host the family coming back home to “The Experience.” There is no debate about it, NIETOC 2015 is tops!



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