Frequently Asked Questions

How many students from one school can qualify for the NIETOC?

There is no limit to the number of students one school may bring.


If I attain at-large status, do I automatically qualify to compete??

No. At-Large applications are put onto a waiting list in lieu of students who qualify through the bid system. We are going to do our best to get everyone who wants attend the NIETOC a spot in the tournament. However, we must stay within the parameters of the host school room constraints.


How will students be chosen from the at-large pool for competition?

The process of who is accepted from the At-Large pool will be based on many different factors including the following:

1.  We will carefully consider students who received one bid but not another.

2.  How well did the student place at the tournaments submitted…ie someone who took all first places would have priority over someone who took all seconds.

3.  How many entries were in the tournaments that a student participated in, keeping in mind the state in which a student is competing.

Our goal is to have a strong representation from across the nation.   Again, we are going to do our best ensure that everyone who qualifies to attend the NIETOC will have an opportunity to attend, as space allows.


Do I need to join an organization or register before I begin to collect bids??

Membership in an organization is not required to participate or compete in the NIETOC. Anyone is eligible to earn bids or qualify as an at-large competitor. For more information on qualifications, please visit our website.


Are all tournaments eligible for consideration in the at-large qualifier system?

Yes. Any tournament will be considered within the at-large system.


At some tournaments, the competitors are not ranked numerically (1st, 2nd, 3rd...) and simply given the distinction of "finalist." Will NIETOC honor the rank if a competitor comes in 6th when the finalists' scores are compared, but is only given the rank of "finalist?"

To count as one of your three at-large legs, the competitor must have a rank. This rank must be clearly indicated on the tab sheets. So, even if the tournament announces competitors as�� finalists�� or “semifinalists�� but the tab sheet indicates a specific rank, that rank can be counted as a leg.


Can I qualify in both duo and duet? Can I have the same partner in my duo and duet? Can we perform the same script?

Yes, you may be double entered. Yes, you and a partner may compete in both duo and duet. No, as per the rules, you may not use the same script in more than one event.


Must the duo earn their bids together as a team?

You are not fully qualified under the bid system unless those bids were earned by both partners. If you only have one (or no) official bids together, your team would need to submit an at-large application.


Is the NIETOC going to post bid recipients on-line?

We will do our best to post a simple list of weekly tournament’s results for verification purposes. However, nothing is official until applications are submitted and approved.


Are junior high students eligible to attend?
No. At this time, we are only allowing high school students to compete.


I have qualified for the NIETOC in Duo Interp or Duet Acting, but my partner is unable to attend. Can I still compete in the tournament?
Unfortunately, you will not be able to compete in Duo or Duet, but as an NIETOC qualifier, you are eligible to enter the supplemental events.


I have qualified for the NIETOC. What do I do now? See appropriate grid below:


Main Events – $100 per entry

Supplemental Events – $25 per entry (non-refundable)

Judging – $100 per uncovered judge; $200 judging bond per school

Late Fee – $200 per school (missed deadlines or missing paperwork)


Registration -3/25

Payment of fees to NIETOC 4/15


Registration 4/25

Payment of fees 5/1

Any school registering entries after the initial deadline of 3/25 (but before 4/25) will be assessed a $200 late fee.
Any school not making the initial payment deadline of 4/15 will be assessed a $200 late fee.
Any incomplete or unpaid entries will be dropped (without refund) from the tournament on 5/1.

At-Large entries must pay a $25 nonrefundable fee at the time of application. If accepted, students owe the additional $75 fee.

Each school owes one judge per four entries (both main and supplemental).
Each school is required to pay a $200 judging bond, which is refundable if all judging assignments are covered.
The first missed round of judging forfeits the judging bond. Subsequent missed rounds result in a $100 fine that must be paid before the school is allowed to compete in future tournaments.


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