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Foster High School8/31 - 9/1OOMargaret Dorsey George Ranch 1st
Foster High School8/31 - 9/1OO Hunter BrownSpring Woods 2nd
Foster High School8/31 - 9/1OORehan RupawallaTompkins 3rd
Foster High School8/31 - 9/1OOCassidy DowneyNorthland Christian 4th
Foster High School8/31 - 9/1OOCierra JungwirthThe Woodlands 5th
Foster High School8/31 - 9/1OOBrian LamJersey Village 6th
Foster High School8/31 - 9/1INFOCarson RauSt.Thomas 1st
Foster High School8/31 - 9/1INFONaomi DiepThe Woodland 2nd
Foster High School8/31 - 9/1INFODavid KhamiTompkins3rd
Foster High School8/31 - 9/1DIGrace FerayConcordia Lutheran1st
Foster High School8/31 - 9/1DICaitlyn Juliette WoitenaJ. Frank Dobie 2nd
Foster High School8/31 - 9/1DIAaron DevilleJersey Village3rd
Foster High School8/31 - 9/1DILizzie MarlowThe Woodlands4th
Foster High School8/31 - 9/1DIKatie StobbeThe Woodlands5th
Foster High School8/31 - 9/1DIJanie MendozaSpring Woods6th
Foster High School8/31 - 9/1HIMi'kel MetzSpring Woods1st
Foster High School8/31 - 9/1HIMiles McLendonClear Springs2nd
Foster High School8/31 - 9/1HILaura CrissmanThe Woodlands3rd
Foster High School8/31 - 9/1DUETBeau Snortland & Madelyn WeynandThe Woodlands1st
Foster High School8/31 - 9/1DUETPortia Durant & Jaden HarrisThe Woodlands2nd
Foster High School8/31 - 9/1DUETWilliam Flynn & Maddie Otten Concordia Lutheran 3rd
Foster High School8/31 - 9/1DUOKeishon Groves & Kianna Ta'nae GrovesJ. Frank Dobie1st
Foster High School8/31 - 9/1DUOGarrin Bundrick & Miles TurnerSpring Woods2nd
Foster High School8/31 - 9/1DUOJenna Juma & Nawal Lashari Tompkins3rd
Foster High School8/31 - 9/1POIHuy BuiAlief Hastings1st
Foster High School8/31 - 9/1POIFarren HunterAlief Elsik2nd
Foster High School8/31 - 9/1POIKayla Mishelle GuilloryCypress Creek3rd
Grapevine High School 9/8/18POI Reginald Dunlap South Grand Prairie High School1st
Grapevine High School 9/8/18OOAmanda MoonPlano East Senior High School1st
Grapevine High School 9/8/18OOLekha NettemPlano West High School2nd
Grapevine High School 9/8/18OOJoyce HePlano Senior High School3rd
Grapevine High School 9/8/18OOMarguerite MorganSaint Mary's Hall4th
Grapevine High School 9/8/18OOUmangi SinghMcMillen High School5th
Grapevine High School 9/8/18OOJulia LinClark High School6th
Grapevine High School 9/8/18INFOKattie Jo KittredgePrestonwood Christian Academy 1st
Grapevine High School 9/8/18INFOMadeline BelknapCoram Deo Academy 2nd
Grapevine High School 9/8/18INFONatasha Banga Coppell 9th 3rd
Grapevine High School 9/8/18DUO Rashon Leday and Jacob Foster Comeaux High 1st
Grapevine High School 9/8/18DUOLauren Harrison and Reginald DunlapSouth Grand Prairie High School2nd
Grapevine High School 9/8/18DUOAmelia Gabor and Anna LantierSt. Thomas More Catholic High School3rd
Grapevine High School 9/8/18DUOElijah Wilson and Alexander WilsonSouth Grand Prairie High School4th
Grapevine High School 9/8/18DUO Bethany Mejorado and Emily TrueloveSouth Grand Prairie High School5th
Grapevine High School 9/8/18DUO Joyce He and Jessie Yu Plano Senior High School6th
Grapevine High School 9/8/18DUETJoshua Nerio and Aaron KeeseSouth Grand Prairie High School1st
Grapevine High School 9/8/18DUETRashon Leday and Tori LalondeComeaux High 2nd
Grapevine High School 9/8/18DUETDominic Gross and Giovanni Orozco South Grand Prairie High School3rd
Grapevine High School 9/8/18DIJacob FosterComeaux High 1st
Grapevine High School 9/8/18DIMicaela VillarrealSouth Grand Prairie High School2nd
Grapevine High School 9/8/18DITaylor MierComeaux High 3rd
Grapevine High School 9/8/18HITimmy Huynh South Grand Prairie High School1st
Grapevine High School 9/8/18HIKaden YowellCreekview High School2nd
Grapevine High School 9/8/18HILuke Michael LysterStratford High School3rd
Clark High School8/31-9/1INFOMadeline BelknapCoram Deo Academy 1st
Clark High School8/31-9/1POIReginald Dunlap South Grand Prairie High School1st
Clark High School8/31-9/1HIKaden YowellCreekview High School1st
Clark High School8/31-9/1HIKylie LavinskyGarland High School2nd
Clark High School8/31-9/1HINatalie ShaiaGrapevine High School3rd
Clark High School8/31-9/1HIHaley JohnsonSouth Grand Prairie High School4th
Clark High School8/31-9/1HITimmy Huynh South Grand Prairie High School5th
Clark High School8/31-9/1HIAlexander WilsonSouth Grand Prairie High School6th
Clark High School8/31-9/1DIArmando GarzaSouth Grand Prairie High School1st
Clark High School8/31-9/1DIEmily TruloveSouth Grand Prairie High School2nd
Clark High School8/31-9/1DIJackson SchubertGrapevine High School3rd
Clark High School8/31-9/1DIEmma LazaraGrapevine High School4th
Clark High School8/31-9/1DIMadelyn MezzellLindale5th
Clark High School8/31-9/1DIMicaela VillarrealSouth Grand Prairie High School6th
Clark High School8/31-9/1DUOLauren Harrison and Reginald DunlapSouth Grand Prairie High School1st
Clark High School8/31-9/1DUOMatthew Gutowski and Natalie ShaiaGrapevine High School2nd
Clark High School8/31-9/1DUOMaddie Champion and Emma LazaraGrapevine High School3rd
Clark High School8/31-9/1DUOEthan Parkhurst and Sophie VelezSaint Mary's Hall4th
Clark High School8/31-9/1DUOElian Torres and Nicole MinaGrand Prairie High School5th
Clark High School8/31-9/1DUOArmando Garza and Micaela VillarrealSouth Grand Prairie High School6th
Clark High School8/31-9/1DUETJoshua Nerio and Aaron KeeseSouth Grand Prairie High School1st
Clark High School8/31-9/1DUETJackson Schubert and Kaylee FraizerGrapevine High School2nd
Clark High School8/31-9/1DUETTimmy Huynh and Preston SundaraSouth Grand Prairie High School3rd
Clark High School8/31-9/1OOAmanda MoonPlano East Senior High School1st
Clark High School8/31-9/1OOSaskia RefordSaint Mary's Hall2nd
Clark High School8/31-9/1OOMarguerite MorganSaint Mary's Hall3rd
Plano Senior High School8/31-9/1INFOMadeline BelknapCorum Deo Academy1st
Plano Senior High School8/31-9/1POIMatthew GutowskiGrapevine High School1st
Plano Senior High School8/31-9/1HIKylie LavinskyGarland High School1st
Plano Senior High School8/31-9/1HIKaden YowellCreekview High School2nd
Plano Senior High School8/31-9/1HITimmy HuynhSouth Grand Prairie High School3rd
Plano Senior High School8/31-9/1HIDebora NfodjoSouth Grand Prairie High School4th
Plano Senior High School8/31-9/1HIAdam SwiderSaint Mary's Hall5th
Plano Senior High School8/31-9/1HIEthan ParkhurstSaint Mary's Hall6th
Plano Senior High School8/31-9/1DIElijah WilsonSouth Grand Prairie High School1st
Plano Senior High School8/31-9/1DILauren HarrisonSouth Grand Prairie High School2nd
Plano Senior High School8/31-9/1DIMadelyn MezzellLindale3rd
Plano Senior High School8/31-9/1DIJackson ShubertGrapevine High School4th
Plano Senior High School8/31-9/1DIMaddie CampionGrapevine High School5th
Plano Senior High School8/31-9/1DIJack GoadGrapevine High School6th
Plano Senior High School8/31-9/1DUOEthan Parkhurst and Sophie VelezSaint Mary's Hall1st
Plano Senior High School8/31-9/1DUOMatthew Gutowski and Natalie ShaiaGrapevine High School2nd
Plano Senior High School8/31-9/1DUOArmando Garza and Micaela VillarrealSouth Grand Prairie High School3rd
Plano Senior High School8/31-9/1DUOElijah Wilson and Alexander WilsonSouth Grand Prairie High School4th
Plano Senior High School8/31-9/1DUOLauren Harrison and Reginald DunlapSouth Grand Prairie High School5th
Plano Senior High School8/31-9/1DUOBethany Mejorado and Emily TrueloveSouth Grand Prairie High School6th
Plano Senior High School8/31-9/1DUETDominic Gross and Giovanni Orozco South Grand Prairie High School1st
Plano Senior High School8/31-9/1DUETJackson Schubert and Kaylee FrazierGrapevine High School2nd
Plano Senior High School8/31-9/1DUETElian Torres and Rolando PerezGrand Prairie High School3rd
Plano Senior High School8/31-9/1OOLekha NettemPlano West High School1st
Plano Senior High School8/31-9/1OOAmanda MoonPlano East Senior High School2nd
Plano Senior High School8/31-9/1OONatalie WatsonBattle Ground Academy3rd
Elkins HS9/14-9/15DUETVanida Ashley Boungnaseng and Hafsa MoeezHightower High School1st
Elkins HS9/14-9/15HIGavin MathewRidge Point High School1st
Elkins HS9/14-9/15DIIman KadriThe Woodlands High School1st
Elkins HS9/14-9/15INFOJennifer O'ConnellThe Woodlands High School3rd
Elkins HS9/14-9/15INFOIan McPhearsonThe Woodlands High School2nd
Elkins HS9/14-9/15INFOWilliam MannelThe Woodlands High School1st
Elkins HS9/14-9/15OOCierra JungwirthThe Woodlands High School3rd
Elkins HS9/14-9/15OOShreya JoshiThe Woodlands High School2nd
Elkins HS9/14-9/15OOChris SarverThe Woodlands High School1st
Madison Central HS9/14-9/15POISameer KhanSt. Andrew's Episcopal School1st
Madison Central HS9/14-9/15OOErin LeistLaurel Christian School3rd
Madison Central HS9/14-9/15OOErin ChoiOak Grove HS2nd
Madison Central HS9/14-9/15OOJaniya DavisOak Grove HS1st
Madison Central HS9/14-9/15DIBen JohnsonOak Grove HS3rd
Madison Central HS9/14-9/15DISameer KhanSt. Andrew's Episcopal School2nd
Madison Central HS9/14-9/15DITavia KeysOak Grove HS1st
Madison Central HS9/14-9/15HIAnna PhilpotOak Grove HS3rd
Madison Central HS9/14-9/15HIClaire DouglasLaurel Christian School2nd
Madison Central HS9/14-9/15HIGabe RobbinsSaint James School1st
Madison Central HS9/14-9/15DUOJarrell Spight and Ben JohnsonOak Grove HS1st
Madison Central HS9/14-9/15DUOJonathan Stewart and Tavia KeysOak Grove HS2nd
Madison Central HS9/14-9/15DUOBrandyn Lucas and Aneysha HolmesOak Grove HS3rd
Madison Central HS9/15-9/15INFOJed GuinOak Grove HS3rd
Madison Central HS9/14-9/15INFOAlex WassonBattle Ground Academy2nd
Madison Central HS9/14-9/15INFOChristopher WadeSt. Andrew's Episcopal School1st
Madison Central HS9/14-9/15DUETDavid Alexander Echols and Nolan Marshall LeePurvis HS1st
Alief Elsik HS9/14-9/15DIWilliam FlynnConcordia Lutheran1st
Alief Elsik HS9/14-9/15DILatavia PrierJ. Frank Dobie2nd
Alief Elsik HS9/14-9/15DICarlos FuentesAlief Early College 3rd
Alief Elsik HS9/14-9/15DIDe'traelyn HubbardAlief Hastings 4th
Alief Elsik HS9/14-9/15DIDejiah Munyea TaylorJ. Frank Dobie5th
Alief Elsik HS9/14-9/15DIMonica NagTompkins HS6th
Alief Elsik HS9/14-9/15HIMiles BurtCypress Creek1st
Alief Elsik HS9/14-9/15POITrevonte MitchellAndy Dekaney HS1st
Alief Elsik HS9/14-9/15POIElizabeth Lopez-AguilarAlief Early College 2nd
Alief Elsik HS9/14-9/15POIReginald Jawan JeffersonJ. Frank Dobie3rd
Alief Elsik HS9/14-9/15OOHuy BuiAlief Hastings 1st
Alief Elsik HS9/14-9/15OOElysia WuTompkins HS2nd
Alief Elsik HS9/14-9/15OONatalie CastilloSt. Agnes Academy3rd
Alief Elsik HS9/14-9/15INFONicole DePaviaAlief Early College 1st
Alief Elsik HS9/14-9/15DUETGrace Feray and Jackson CookConcordia Lutheran1st
Alief Elsik HS9/14-9/15DUETWilliam Flynn and Maddie OttenConcordia Lutheran2nd
Alief Elsik HS9/14-9/15DUETTiffany Hoang and Cade BurrFoster HS3rd
Alief Elsik HS9/14-9/15DUOKeishon Groves and Kianna Ta'naeGrovesJ. Frank Dobie1st
Alief Elsik HS9/14-9/15DUOWilliam Flynn and Maddie OttenConcordia Lutheran2nd
Alief Elsik HS9/14-9/15DUOMakaela Antasia Reed and Madisynne ReedJ. Frank Dobie3rd
Jasper High School9/14-9/16DIIsabelle AzmoodehClark High School1st
Jasper High School9/14-9/17HIKylie LavinskyGarland High School1st
Jasper High School9/14-9/18DUOJoyce He and Jessie YuPlano Senior High School1st
Jasper High School9/14-9/19DUOJulia Lin and Ella DeckerClark High School2nd
Jasper High School9/14-9/20DUOAsia Jackson and Jolie WaltersGrand Prairie High School3rd
Jasper High School9/14-9/21OOKaty LinCarroll Senior High School1st
Jasper High School9/14-9/22OOJoyce HePlano Senior High School2nd
Jasper High School9/14-9/23OOJulia LinClark High School3rd
Jasper High School9/14-9/24DUETJoley Gow and Kate SandnesMansfield High School1st
Jasper High School9/14-9/25DUETElian Torres and Rolando PerezGrand Prairie High School2nd
Jasper High School9/14-9/26DUETAlex Cahill and Jolie WaltersGrand Prairie High School3rd
Jasper High School9/14-9/27INFOJulia LinClark High School1st
Jasper High School9/14-9/28POIJessie YuPlano Senior High School1st
Lindale High School9/22/18OOAnzhelika VakserPlano Senior High School1st
Lindale High School9/22/18POIJoseph Luke WheatleyLovejoy High School1st
Lindale High School9/22/18DUOJoyce He and Jessie YuPlano Senior High School1st
Lindale High School9/22/18DUOJasmine Cruz and Bailey KillmanNorthwest High School2nd
Lindale High School9/22/18DUOTravis Allgood and Samuel McDonaldJohn Paul II School3rd
Lindale High School9/22/18DIJoseph Luke WheatleyLovejoy High School1st
Lindale High School9/22/18INFOClaire EatonPlano Senior High School1st
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DISiddarth SasaneRidge1st
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DIVanessa KjeldsenChaparral Star2nd
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DIPedro ReyesMorristown West3rd
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DIKayla TurnerSacred Heart4th
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DIAnnie MilstenSummit5th
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DIZachary JacobsonWellington6th
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DIIsiah BriggsNewark CentralSemi
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DIGracyn DowdSt Thomas AquinasSemi
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DIBrendan JulianCatholic MemorialSemi
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DIJacob AzziCatholic MemorialSemi
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DICamilla MaionicaNSUSemi
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DIZawadi KabazimyaNewark CentralSemi
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DIElizabeth GoldsteinMetropolitan Expeditionary LearningSemi
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DIKathy WeiRidgeQtr
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DICiara TorresSt Joseph'sQtr
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DIEmma QuarequioAmerican Heritage PlantationQtr
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DIJoan CottinghamSt Joseph HillQtr
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DIObinna NwakoRegisQtr
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DICassandra SwindleBrentwood Academy (US)Qtr
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DIHaleigh HenryMorristown WestQtr
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DIXavier VelozDemocracy Prep HarlemQtr
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DIJosh DaleySummitQtr
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16HIAleesha ChaudhryLake Highland Prep1st
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16HIJacob StockLakewood2nd
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16HIDrake SpinaTuscarwaras Valley3rd
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16HICael FitchTheodore Roosevelt4th
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16HIKevin LandersHoly Ghost Prep5th
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16HIRyan KnippelPalo Verde6th
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16HIHarry SaroffSummitSemi
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16HIEvan EiglarshNSUSemi
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16HIJohn TondoraRidgeSemi
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16HIMilthon AmparoDemocracy Prep Bronx PrepSemi
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16HIDalton MiksaMorristown WestSemi
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOFez ZafarTheodore Roosevelt1st
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOAlbert Johnston-RamirezHoly Ghost Prep2nd
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOAlexander JimenezSt Mary's Hall3rd
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOJoe JocasHoover4th
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOSaskia RefordSt Mary's Hall5th
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOAksheta KanugantiCarrollwood Day6th
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOLanna WangShrewsburySemi
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOAsha PrabhatFreehold TownshipSemi
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOAyesha RamanHamiltonSemi
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOMaxwell SuRidgeSemi
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOChristian ChaseSt Thomas AquinasSemi
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOAbby LienhardBerkeley CarrollSemi
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOParik RadhakrishnanUnionvilleQtr
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OORichard AguirreMcQuaid JesuitQtr
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOKatherine HuRandolphQtr
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOVanessa KjeldsenChaparral StarQtr
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOPreetha RamachandranPine ViewQtr
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OORaani OlanlegeAchievement First BrooklynQtr
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOEthan ZuckerSummitQtr
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OONikhita NanduriArdrey KellQtr
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOAlycia CaryHarkerQtr
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOElizabeth RuggieroSyossetQtr
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOGemma SchneiderRoslynQtr
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOSamira AbbasiPotomacOcto
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOMatthew ColeNewton SouthOcto
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OORithik JainFlintridge PrepOcto
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOCaroline LidzRidgeOcto
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOMegan LiMarriotts RidgeOcto
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOAnna LiUnionvilleOcto
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOJana AminMiltonOcto
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOKatherine GaoNorth Allegheny SrOcto
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOSarah SamdaniMontvilleOcto
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OORachel HarrisWestridgeOcto
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOChristopher GalassoHoly Ghost PrepOcto
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOJackson PedenBrentwood Academy (US)Octo
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOEthan AppelNSUOcto
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOAkash ParvataneniCarrollwood DayOcto
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOMarguerite MorganSt Mary's HallOcto
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OORena BiMarriotts RidgeOcto
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOBhrajit ThakurTrinity PrepOcto
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOCeleste CubbageStone Ridge School of the Sacred HeartOcto
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOCatherine OdomUnionvilleOcto
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOAddison LiuUnionvilleOcto
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOJuliette GringeriSummitOcto
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOLance FischerMartin CountyOcto
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OOJeremy GarciaMetropolitan Expeditionary LearningOcto
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16OODavid ChmielewskiTorringtonOcto
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16POITyrese AveryDemocracy Prep Endurance1st
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16POIJared ShapiroHawken2nd
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16POIEmma QuarequioAmerican Heritage Plantation3rd
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16POITaegan CollinsMorristown West4th
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16POIKayla TurnerSacred Heart5th
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16POINina DiPlacidoMcDowell6th
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16POIWilliam LohierStuyvesantSemi
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16POICole DicksonParkersburg SouthSemi
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16POIEleni MercerJupiterSemi
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16POIJustin GabrieleHoly Ghost PrepSemi
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DUONicholas Piniero and Denzel RodriguezDemocracy Prep Harlem1st
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DUOSafiatou Compaore and Ashley MorelDemocracy Prep Endurance2nd
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DUODalton Miksa and Christopher CoxMorristown West3rd
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DUOEllie Martin and Cassandra SwindleBrentwood Academy (US)4th
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DUOIsiah Briggs and Zawadi KabazimyaNewark Central5th
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DUOMarcus Gadsden and Darius GadsdenCatholic Memorial6th
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DUOAnnie Radin and Rachel MeiselmanScarsdaleSemi
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DUOChristian Chase and Nicolas MarinoSt Thomas AquinasSemi
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DUONathan LoPinto Daniel TullyRegisSemi
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DUOSiddarth Sasane and Sonali PaiRidgeSemi
Yale Invitational9/14-9/16DUOMilthon Amparo and Genesis GomezDemocracy Prep Bronx PrepSemi
Lovejoy High School9/22/18DIJackson Joseph SchubertGrapevine HS1st
Lovejoy High School9/22/18OONeha JayarajanPlano East Senior HS1st
Lovejoy High School9/22/18OOZack KortingCentennial HS2nd
Lovejoy High School9/22/18OOJulia LinClark HS3rd
Lovejoy High School9/22/18HIKaylee FrazierGrapevine HS1st
Lovejoy High School9/22/18DUETJackson Schubert and Kaylee FrazierGrapevine HS1st
Lovejoy High School9/22/18DUETMaddie Campion and Matthew Ryan GutowskiGrapevine HS2nd
Lovejoy High School9/22/18DUETKJ Marino and Natalie ShaiaGrapevine HS3rd
Lovejoy High School9/22/18POIJack GoadGrapevine HS1st
Lovejoy High School9/22/18INFONeha JayarajanPlano East Senior HS1st
Harlingen High School South9/22/18INFOMallory WilcoxTuloso-Midway HS1st
Harlingen High School South9/22/18INFOJaden KestersonGregory-Portland HS2nd
Harlingen High School South9/22/18INFOIvin LamTuloso-Midway HS3rd
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DUETKelsey Pierce and Ian StephensonTuloso-Midway HS1st
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DUETLorena San Pedro and Cesar PalaciosTuloso-Midway HS2nd
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DUETChristopher Michael Nicanor and Isaiah McCallPSJA Southwest HS3rd
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DUOSamantha Floyd and Che GreenoPSJA Southwest HS1st
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DUOIan Stephenson and Emiliano Flores Tuloso-Midway HS2nd
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DUORose Rodriguez and Kathleen FlinnGregory-Portland HS3rd
Harlingen High School South9/22/18POICatherine HernandezGregory-Portland HS1st
Harlingen High School South9/22/18OOSriya ChekuriVeterans Memorial HS1st
Harlingen High School South9/22/18OOJill Lea KimballGregory-Portland HS2nd
Harlingen High School South9/22/18OOCamryn O'RileyGregory-Portland HS3rd
Harlingen High School South9/22/18OOIan StephensonTuloso-Midway HS4th
Harlingen High School South9/22/18OOMelissa LugoPSJA Early College HS5th
Harlingen High School South9/22/18OOSuhawani NaranbMarvin Baker HS6th
Harlingen High School South9/22/18OOMadeline Sebastian PlumbVeterans Memorial HS7th
Harlingen High School South9/22/18OOElizabeth GarciaMarvin Baker HS8th
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DIDago LopezPSJA North HS1st
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DIEmiliano FloresTuloso-Midway HS2nd
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DIChe GreenoPSJA Southwest HS3rd
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DIGabriela GarzaHarlingen HS4th
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DIAxel RosasLos Fresnos HS6th
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DINatalie Palacios WB Ray HS7th
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DIBrenda Rachel RodriguezBanquete HS8th
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DIFernanda LopezPSJA Southwest HSSemis
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DIForsythia ClaudioHarlingen HSSemis
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DIKelsey PierceTuloso-Midway HSSemis
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DIMelissa LugoPSJA Early College HSSemis
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DIChristina BandaHarlingen School of Health Professions Semis
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DIMelissa RochaPSJA Southwest HSSemis
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DIIssa CorreaPSJA Early College HSSemis
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DIDaniela Monteforte PSJA Southwest HSSemis
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DILorena San Pedro Tuloso-Midway HSSemis
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DIMolly HuntDonna HSSemis
Harlingen High School South9/22/18HIChristopher Michael NicanorPSJA Southwest HS1st
Harlingen High School South9/22/18HICesar Palacios Tuloso-Midway HS2nd
Harlingen High School South9/22/18HIZachary ValdezGregory-Portland HS3rd
Harlingen High School South9/22/18HIJayden PraterMcAllen HS4th
Harlingen High School South9/22/18HIAlesandra CaceresTuloso-Midway HS5th
Harlingen High School South9/22/18HIForsythia ClaudioHarlingen HS6th
Harlingen High School South9/22/18HIXimena JuarezPSJA Southwest HS7th
Harlingen High School South9/22/18HILaisha AlanizPSJA Southwest HS8th
Harlingen High School South9/22/18HIJoe AdamsHarlingen HSSemis
Harlingen High School South9/22/18HIJacquelyn LermaTuloso-Midway HSSemis
Harlingen High School South9/22/18HIChe GreenoPSJA Southwest HSSemis
Harlingen High School South9/22/18HIIzabella GomezPSJA Early College HSSemis
Harlingen High School South9/22/18HIKathleen FlinnGregory-Portland HSSemis
Harlingen High School South9/22/18HIQuade Book Tuloso-Midway HSSemis
Harlingen High School South9/22/18HIZoe BellGregory-Portland HSSemis
Harlingen High School South9/22/18HIEmily BergerGregory-Portland HSSemis
Harlingen High School South9/22/18HIMelissa RochaPSJA Southwest HSSemis
Harlingen High School South9/22/18HILeroy Zaller Jr.Harlingen HSSemis
Harlingen High School South9/22/18HIBrandon HayGregory-Portland HSSemis
Harlingen High School South9/22/18HISophia PulidoPSJA Southwest HSSemis
Harlingen High School South9/22/18HIBeyonce FranklinCarroll HSSemis
Harlingen High School South9/22/18HISamantha FloydPSJA Southwest HSSemis
Harlingen High School South9/22/18HIJonathan MartinezPSJA Early College HSSemis
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DUOMarysa Lozano and Jakelyn RiosTuloso-Midway HS7th
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DUOJadyn Buxman and Logan StewartMarvin Baker HS6th
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DUOJordan Deitch and Tanner SchlueterMemorial High School5th
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DUONativity Poe and Benjamin TrevinoHarlingen High School 4th
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DUETXimena Juarez and Fernanda LopezPSJA Southwest HS8th
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DUETLayla Tamez and Lucianp GutierrezMcAllen HS7th
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DUETCamryn O'Riley and Brandon HayGregory-Portland HS6th
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DUETKathleen Flinn and Johan DiazGregory-Portland HS5th
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DUETShelby Smith and Micah Wolfe Gregory-Portland HS4th
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DUETKatia Luna and Laisha AlanizPSJA Southwest HSSemis
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DUETNancy Gomez and William Martin-ArriagaJuarez-Lincoln HSSemis
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DUETJadyn Buxman and Elizabth GarciaMarvin Baker HSSemis
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DUETAndres Guzman and Zoe Martin-ArriagaJuarez-Lincoln HSSemis
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DUETGaille Montelongo and Alondra De La GarzaValley View HSSemis
Harlingen High School South9/22/18DUETVictoria Haley and Armando PadronDonna HSSemis
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18OOMargaret DorseyGeorge Ranch HS1st
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18OOClark WebbSaint Mary's Hall2nd
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18OOMarguerite MorganSaint Mary's Hall3rd
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18OOSaskia RefordSaint Mary's Hall4th
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18OOElle SmithCedar Ridge HS5th
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18OOAlexander JimenezSaint Mary's Hall6th
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18DIErica MartinezReagan HS1st
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18DIKeishon GrovesJ. Frank Dobie HS2nd
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18DILorena San PedroTuloso-Midway HS3rd
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18DILatavia PrierJ. Frank Dobie HS4th
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18DIDevika KumarSaint Mary's Hall5th
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18DIMakaela Antasia ReedJ. Frank Dobie HS6th
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18DIAlexandra CarterSaint Mary's HallSemis
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18DIEmma TuckerSaint Mary's HallSemis
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18DIEthan ParkhurstSaint Mary's HallSemis
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18DIEmily GarrettSaint Mary's HallSemis
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18DIGiana MartinezLC Anderson HSSemis
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18DIElizabeth BartonLC Anderson HSSemis
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18DISydney ChildressLC Anderson HSSemis
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18DIGrace FeatherstonWinston Churchill HSSemis
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18DICatherine PorfirioJack C. Hays HSSemis
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18DIJulia BowenJack C. Hays HSSemis
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18HIGabriella GarciaSaint Mary's Hall1st
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18HIPablo LabiagaReagan HS2nd
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18HISpaulding BingamanReagan HS3rd
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18INFOJulia BowenJack C. Hays HS1st
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18INFOAlex IyerGeneva School of Boerne2nd
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18INFOBryce HannHendrickson HS3rd
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18POIKeishon GrovesJ. Frank Dobie HS1st
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18POISophie VelezSaint Mary's Hall2nd
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18POIAlexandra CastroReagan HS3rd
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18DUETGrace Featherston and Jackson ReichWinston Churchill HS1st
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18DUETEmma Grace Arnold and Kylee NicholsReagan HS2nd
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18DUETLorena San Pedro and Cesar PalaciosTuloso-Midway HS3rd
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18DUOKeishon Groves and Kianna Ta'nae GrovesJ. Frank Dobie HS1st
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18DUOConnor Snow and Jaden DavisJames Bowie HS2nd
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18DUOMakaela Antasia Reed and Madisynne ReedJ. Frank Dobie HS3rd
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18DUOSpaulding Bingaman and Kiley ThomasReagan HS4th
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18DUOChristopher Ke'mond Scott and Caitlyn Juliette WoitenaJ. Frank Dobie HS5th
Chaparral Star Academy9/29/18DUOJenna Gargotta and Erica MartinezReagan HS6th
Westlake High School9/29/18OOAlexander JimenezSaint Mary's Hall1st
Westlake High School9/29/18OOSaskia RefordSaint Mary's Hall2nd
Westlake High School9/29/18OOClark WebbSaint Mary's Hall3rd
Westlake High School9/29/18OOKylee NicholsReagan HS4th
Westlake High School9/29/18OOMargaret DorseyGeorge Ranch HS5th
Westlake High School9/29/18OOMafer BenavidesSaint Mary's Hall6th
Westlake High School9/29/18DIErica MartinezReagan HS1st
Westlake High School9/29/18DIElizabeth BartonLC Anderson HS2nd
Westlake High School9/29/18DICaitlyn Juliette WoitenaJ. Frank Dobie HS3rd
Westlake High School9/29/18DILatavia PrierJ. Frank Dobie HS4th
Westlake High School9/29/18DIAlexandra CastroReagan HS5th
Westlake High School9/29/18DIMakaela Antasia ReedJ. Frank Dobie HS6th
Westlake High School9/29/18DIEmma TuckerSaint Mary's HallSemis
Westlake High School9/29/18DIAlexandra CarterSaint Mary's HallSemis
Westlake High School9/29/18DIKeishon GrovesJ. Frank Dobie HSSemis
Westlake High School9/29/18DIEmma Grace ArnoldReagan HSSemis
Westlake High School9/29/18DIAundrea SuhlReagan HSSemis
Westlake High School9/29/18DIGrace FeatherstonWinston Churchill HSSemis
Westlake High School9/29/18DICarter CabralWinston Churchill HSSemis
Westlake High School9/29/18DIMerisa Faye Van SchalkwykJack C. Hays HSSemis
Westlake High School9/29/18DILorena San PedroTuloso-Midway HSSemis
Westlake High School9/29/18DIKelsey PierceTuloso-Midway HSSemis
Westlake High School9/29/18HIJulianna RendonSaint Mary's Hall1st
Westlake High School9/29/18HISpaulding BingamanReagan HS2nd
Westlake High School9/29/18HIGabriella GarciaSaint Mary's Hall3rd
Westlake High School9/29/18INFOAlex IyerGeneva School of Boerne1st
Westlake High School9/29/18INFOLeah G GomezSaint Mary's Hall2nd
Westlake High School9/29/18INFOMallory WilcoxTuloso-Midway HS3rd
Westlake High School9/29/18POINicholas MartinezLake Travis HS1st
Westlake High School9/29/18POIElizabeth BartonLC Anderson HS2nd
Westlake High School9/29/18POIGrace FeatherstonWinston Churchill HS3rd
Westlake High School9/29/18DUETGrace Featherston and Jackson ReichWinston Churchill HS1st
Westlake High School9/29/18DUETEmma Grace Arnold and Kylee NicholsReagan HS2nd
Westlake High School9/29/18DUETChristopher Ke'mond Scott and Caitlyn Juliette WoitenaJ. Frank Dobie HS3rd
Westlake High School9/29/18DUOSpaulding Bingaman and Kiley ThomasReagan HS1st
Westlake High School9/29/18DUOKeishon Groves and Kianna Ta'nae GrovesJ. Frank Dobie HS2nd
Westlake High School9/29/18DUOEthan Parkhurst and Sophie VelezSaint Mary's Hall3rd
Westlake High School9/29/18DUOPablo Labiaga and Sadie Jean StinchfieldReagan HS4th
Westlake High School9/29/18DUOCatherine Porfirio and Merisa Faye Van SchalkwykJack C. Hays HS5th
Westlake High School9/29/18DUOJenna Gargotta and Erica MartinezReagan HS6th
Stephen Stewart9/30/18DUOJulian Sanghvi and Alicia MatsumotoArchbishop Mitty1st
Stephen Stewart9/30/18DUONaman Dandia and Daniel EdmundsArchbishop Mitty2nd
Stephen Stewart9/30/18DUOAneeka Aligireddy and Esha DadbhawalaEvergreen Valley3rd
Stephen Stewart9/30/18DIAneri BhattArchbishop Mitty1st
Stephen Stewart9/30/18HIJulian SanghviArchbishop Mitty1st
Stephen Stewart9/30/18OOKai XiaoMonta Vista1st
Stephen Stewart9/30/18POIConor SherryArchbishop Mitty1st
Stephen Stewart9/30/18INFONaman DandiaArchbishop Mitty1st
Beehive Bonanza (UUtah)10/5-6/18DUOKaia Baron and Diana TranHunter HS1st
Beehive Bonanza (UUtah)10/5-6/18DUOAlondra Arias and Katelynn EwellHunter HS2nd
Beehive Bonanza (UUtah)10/5-6/18DUOTatelyn Clark & Elijah LarsonSky View HS3rd
Beehive Bonanza (UUtah)10/5-6/18DIAly HillClearfield HS1st
Beehive Bonanza (UUtah)10/5-6/18HINami EskandarianCottonwood HS1st
Beehive Bonanza (UUtah)10/5-6/18OOEmi BoreckiGreen Canyon HS1st
Beehive Bonanza (UUtah)10/5-6/18OOCindy PhanSkyline HS2nd
Beehive Bonanza (UUtah)10/5-6/18OOMaggie DraperGreen Canyon HS3rd
Beehive Bonanza (UUtah)10/5-6/18OOOlivia HawkinsWoods Cross HS4th
Beehive Bonanza (UUtah)10/5-6/18OOTrevor SchwabDavis HS5th
Beehive Bonanza (UUtah)10/5-6/18OOElbie SeibertColumbia HS6th
Beehive Bonanza (UUtah)10/5-6/18INFOLeila MujicGranger HS1st
Beehive Bonanza (UUtah)10/5-6/18POIStockton ArchuletaHunter HS1st
Ronald Reagan "Dutch" Invitational10/12-13/18DIElise LittleChaparral Star Academy1st
Ronald Reagan "Dutch" Invitational10/12-13/18DIGrace FeatherstonWinston Churchill HS2nd
Ronald Reagan "Dutch" Invitational10/12-13/18DISarah EckenrothJudson HS3rd
Ronald Reagan "Dutch" Invitational10/12-13/18DIValeria NajeraRoosevelt HS4th
Ronald Reagan "Dutch" Invitational10/12-13/18DIAmelia AguilarSmithson Valley5th
Ronald Reagan "Dutch" Invitational10/12-13/18DIRiley BallayJack C. Hays HS6th
Ronald Reagan "Dutch" Invitational10/12-13/18HIJulianna RendonSaint Mary's Hall1st
Ronald Reagan "Dutch" Invitational10/12-13/18HIJulia CraciunChaparral Star Academy2nd
Ronald Reagan "Dutch" Invitational10/12-13/18HICollette PhillipsSt. Michael's Academy3rd
Ronald Reagan "Dutch" Invitational10/12-13/18INFOJulia BowenJack C. Hays HS1st
Ronald Reagan "Dutch" Invitational10/12-13/18POIGabriella GarciaSaint Mary's Hall1st
Ronald Reagan "Dutch" Invitational10/12-13/18DUETCarter Cabral and Jeremy KohlerWinston Churchill HS1st
Ronald Reagan "Dutch" Invitational10/12-13/18DUETAutumn Johnson and Nathaniel CullorsJudson HS2nd
Ronald Reagan "Dutch" Invitational10/12-13/18DUETLlailan Bennett and Brooklyn EllisJudson HS3rd
Ronald Reagan "Dutch" Invitational10/12-13/18DUETKatherine Ramirez and Leonardo HernandezWinston Churchill HS4th
Ronald Reagan "Dutch" Invitational10/12-13/18DUETAbigail Robertson and Mike GonzalesLa Vernia HS5th
Ronald Reagan "Dutch" Invitational10/12-13/18DUETZachary Berg and Caroline ColeySaint Mary's Hall6th
Ronald Reagan "Dutch" Invitational10/12-13/18DUONathaniel Cullors and Joshuah MayoJudson HS1st
Ronald Reagan "Dutch" Invitational10/12-13/18DUOElise Little and Julia CraciunChaparral Star Academy2nd
Ronald Reagan "Dutch" Invitational10/12-13/18DUOJeremy Kohler and Ally ReynoldsWinston Churchill HS3rd
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DIEsmeralda YzguerraFullertonSemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DIAneri BhattArchbishop MittySemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DICallie LaVanwayValley International PrepSemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DIClaire JudsonClaremontSemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DISamantha TangGabrielinoSemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DIKristin DicksonFullertonSemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DIValeria AguileraLa Costa CanyonSemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DIMelissa Montes-HernandezJames EnochsSemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DIEvan ChiangLACHSASemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DIZachariah JuarezFullertonSemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DIEvelyn Martinez GarciaSanta AnaSemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DIJacob LedgerArchbishop MittySemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DIMarcela HernandezGranada Hills CharterSemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DIGeneva WilliamsNorthwest Career and TechnicalSemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DICamille BlancoWest Ranch7th
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DINam NguyenAlhambra6th
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DIAustin ChanAlhambra5th
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DIAlondra AlvarezLa Costa Canyon4th
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DIJaycob WahinehookaeGabrielino3rd
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DIQueen ChiwangaSchurr2nd
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DIAnishaPresentation1st
Jack Howe9/22-23/18HIEva AndersonHelix Charter7th
Jack Howe9/22-23/18HIAndrew LiNova 426th
Jack Howe9/22-23/18HISean ConleyMission Vista5th
Jack Howe9/22-23/18HIKyra PaytonHelix Charter4th
Jack Howe9/22-23/18HICamille BlancoWest Ranch3rd
Jack Howe9/22-23/18HIMadurya SureshArchbishop Mitty2nd
Jack Howe9/22-23/18HILuke BabbitHelix Charter1st
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DUOAmaya Flores and Anthony AtencioSchurrSemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DUOAneri Bhatt and Anna WymbsArchbishop MittySemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DUOValeria Aguilera and Sabring StringfellowLa Costa CanyonSemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DUOSydney Basham and Lauren WrightFullertonSemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DUOKelvin Torres and Jesus JimenezSchurrSemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DUOCailey Larmore and Nicholas MaranowskiArchbishop MittySemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DUOMadeline Juarez and Madison MartinMission VistaSemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DUONava Tamjidi and Emma SkeetArchbishop Mitty7th
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DUOThomas Kim and Samuel PaceFullerton6th
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DUOJacob Ledger and Shanaya SalesArchbishop Mitty5th
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DUOKyra Payton and Eileen DiazHelix Charter4th
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DUOLuke Antaky and Reilly WadsworthSouth Torrance3rd
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DUOJulian Sanghvi and Alicia MatsumotoArchbishop Mitty2nd
Jack Howe9/22-23/18DUONaman Dandia and Daniel EdmundsArchbishop Mitty1st
Jack Howe9/22-23/18OOAudrey LeeWestridgeSemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18OOMahamed AbdulahiHelix CharterSemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18OOSarah ShapiroGranada Hills CharterSemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18OOSophia ScottGranada Hills CharterSemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18OOJack XiaoClaremontSemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18OOAnne WhiteNorth HollywoodSemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18OOGillian PalaciosSanta AnaSemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18OOKritika YerrapotuArchbishop MittySemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18OOIsabella NelsonValley International PrepSemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18OORoshni SudharasanIrvingtonSemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18OOCourtney SpunginValley International PrepSemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18OOElla RoseNew RoadsSemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18OOChanel BlueAlhambraSemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18OOLilli MorrishAshlandSemis
Jack Howe9/22-23/18OOIsabella JahrmarktValley International Prep7th
Jack Howe9/22-23/18OONavya RaoMonta Vista6th
Jack Howe9/22-23/18OODivya NairNotre Dame5th
Jack Howe9/22-23/18OOMadeleine DenisonHelix Charter4th
Jack Howe9/22-23/18OOAngela ChuMonta Vista3rd
Jack Howe9/22-23/18OOJaime MaFullerton2nd
Jack Howe9/22-23/18OOAksha NarasimhanCoral Academy of Science Las Vegas1st
Jack Howe9/22-23/18INFOKate LandValley International Prep3rd
Jack Howe9/22-23/18INFOKritika YerrapotuArchbishop Mitty2nd
Jack Howe9/22-23/18INFODaniel EdmundsArchbishop Mitty1st
Jack Howe9/22-23/18POISophia RogersHelix Charter7th
Jack Howe9/22-23/18POIShanaya SalesArchbishop Mitty6th
Jack Howe9/22-23/18POILily NelsonWestridge5th
Jack Howe9/22-23/18POIShane RoblesHelix Charter4th
Jack Howe9/22-23/18POIAidan CullenWilliam Howard Taft3rd
Jack Howe9/22-23/18POIConor SherryArchbishop Mitty2nd
Jack Howe9/22-23/18POILuke BabbittHelix Charter1st
PSJA Southwest10/13/18HIJohn DuncanHarlingen South HS1st
PSJA Southwest10/13/18HIAnell McDanielHarlingen South HS2nd
PSJA Southwest10/13/18HIForsythia ClaudioHarlingen HS3rd
PSJA Southwest10/13/18HIJayden PraterMcAllen HS4th
PSJA Southwest10/13/18HIMadison MyersHarlingen HS5th
PSJA Southwest10/13/18HILauren PonceHarlingen South HS6th
PSJA Southwest10/13/18HIJoseph DecilosHarlingen South HS7th
PSJA Southwest10/13/18HIJoe AdamsHarlingen HS8th
PSJA Southwest10/13/18HIKelsey PierceTuloso-Midway HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18HIKathleen FlinnGregory-Portland HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18HIJorge GonzalezHarlingen South HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18HIEthan NewtonHarlingen HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18HIRyan VelasquezHarlingen South HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18HIAlesandra CaceresTuloso-Midway HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18HICesar Palacios Tuloso-Midway HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18HIEmily BergerGregory-Portland HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18HIHailey AlejandroHarlingen South HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18HIBenjamin TrevinoHarlingen HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18HIAdriana RodriguezVela HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18HINatalie PerezHarlingen South HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18HISadie CashHarlingen HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18HIMark ColmenaresHarlingen South HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18HIKole KiblerHarlingen South HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18HIBrandon HayGregory-Portland HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18HIChence HullTuloso-Midway HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18HIAbigail BurtonHarlingen South HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18HISadie JensenVela HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18HIJacquelyn LermaTuloso-Midway HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18HIGabriela GarzaHarlingen HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18HIZoe BellGregory-Portland HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18HICarolina VillanuevaHarlingen HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18HIAaron BlountHarlingen South HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIDago LopezPSJA North HS1st
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DILandon HolubVictoria West HS2nd
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIZoe RobinsonWB Ray HS3rd
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIKelsey PierceTuloso-Midway HS4th
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIJohn DuncanHarlingen South HS5th
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIJordan DeitchVeterans Memorial HS6th
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIBenjamin TrevinoHarlingen HS8th
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DINatalie PalaciosWB Ray HSsemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIGabriella Celine GarzaHarlingen South HSsemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIDaya ButlerWB Ray HSsemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIMatthew SalinasPSJA HSsemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIMelissa LugoPSJA HSsemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIMichael MaganaHarlingen South HSsemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIForsythia ClaudioHarligen HSsemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DINatalie HonlPSJA North HSsemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIDiego SifuentesPSJA North HSQuarters
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIAnell McDanielHarlingen South HSQuarters
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIJoe AdamsHarlingen HSQuarters
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIBrenda Rachel RodriguezBanquete HSQuarters
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DINatalie PerezHarlingen South HSQuarters
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIRose RodriguezGregory-Portland HSQuarters
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIHailey SanchezHarlingen South HSQuarters
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIEthan NewtonHarlingen HSQuarters
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIJorge GonzalezHarlingen South HSQuarters
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIJordan TorresGregory-Portland HSQuarters
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIMarysa LozanoTuloso-Midway HSQuarters
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DILevi InceHarlingen South HSQuarters
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIAndrea MarcosSharyland HSQuarters
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIFatima FloresPSJA North HSQuarters
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DINativity PoeHarlingen HSQuarters
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIMadison MyersHarlingen HSQuarters
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIAndrea MondacaPSJA HSQuarters
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIKole KiblerHarlingen South HSQuarters
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIAlexis MartinezKing HSQuarters
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DINadya GarciaVeterans Memorial HSQuarters
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIMark ColmenaresHarlingen South HSQuarters
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIJakelyn RiosTuloso-Midway HSQuarters
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIBlanca SaavedraHarlingen HSQuarters
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DILauren PonceHarlingen South HSQuarters
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIAlexa StrubhartHarlingen South HSQuarters
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIHailey AlejandroHarlingen South HSQuarters
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIMarco PerezSharyland HSQuarters
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIJoseph DecilosHarlingen South HSQuarters
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DILizeth MorenoPSJA HSQuarters
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DIDanna EliseaHarlingen South HSQuarters
PSJA Southwest10/13/18POINatalie PerezHarlingen South HS1st
PSJA Southwest10/13/18POILauren PonceHarlingen South HS2nd
PSJA Southwest10/13/18POIJohn DuncanHarlingen South HS3rd
PSJA Southwest10/13/18POIDago LopezPSJA North HS4th
PSJA Southwest10/13/18POIAnell McDanielHarlingen South HS5th
PSJA Southwest10/13/18POILandon HolubVictoria West HS6th
PSJA Southwest10/13/18POIMicah WolfeGregory-Portland HS7th
PSJA Southwest10/13/18POIJordan TorresGregory-Portland HS8th
PSJA Southwest10/13/18INFOEvan HsiangWB Ray HS1st
PSJA Southwest10/13/18INFOMallory WilcoxTuloso-Midway HS2nd
PSJA Southwest10/13/18INFORama HamoudahVictoria West HS3rd
PSJA Southwest10/13/18INFOIvin LamTuloso-Midway HS4th
PSJA Southwest10/13/18INFOCamryn O'RileyGregory-Portland HS5th
PSJA Southwest10/13/18INFOJoseph DecilosHarlingen South HS6th
PSJA Southwest10/13/18INFOOlivia RamosTuloso-Midway HS7th
PSJA Southwest10/13/18OOSriya ChekuriVeterans Memorial HS1st
PSJA Southwest10/13/18OOEvan HsiangWB Ray HS2nd
PSJA Southwest10/13/18OOCamryn O'RileyGregory-Portland HS3rd
PSJA Southwest10/13/18OOMelissa LugoPSJA HS4th
PSJA Southwest10/13/18OOMadeline Sebastian PlumbVeterans Memorial HS5th
PSJA Southwest10/13/18OOJoe AdamsHarlingen HS6th
PSJA Southwest10/13/18OOZachary NepoteTuloso-Midway HS7th
PSJA Southwest10/13/18OOAnell McDanielHarlingen South HSsemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18OOOsman MoradelHarlingen School of Health Professionssemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18OOJosiah GarzaHarlingen HSsemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18OOJoseph DecilosHarlingen South HSsemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18OORamiro GonzalezHarlingen South HSsemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18OOSahar HaqueVeterans Memorial HSsemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18OOMarcos GonzalesHarlingen South HSsemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18OOMallory WilcoxTuloso-Midway HSsemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18OOChristina BandaHarlingen School of Health Professionssemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18OOChristian VillarrealHarligen South HSsemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18OOMatthew HeepHarlingen South HSsemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18OOForsythia ClaudioHarlingen HSsemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18OOArianna TrevinoGregory-Portland HSsemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18OORaven ReeseVeterans Memorial HSsemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18OOXander YbarraHarlingen HSsemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18OOJill Lea KimballGregory-Portland HSsemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18OOKole KiblerHarlingen South HSsemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18OOHayley CarbajalBanquete HSsemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DUETTrenton Anthony Colon and Jordan DeitchVeterans Memorial HS1st
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DUETAaron Blount and Levi InceHarlingen South HS2nd
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DUETJohn Duncan and Kole KiblerHarlingen South HS3rd
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DUETGabriela Garza and Madison MyersHarlingen 4th
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DUETLayla Tamez and Luciano GutierrezMcAllen HS5th
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DUETNativity Poe and Benjamin TrevinoHarlingen HS6th
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DUETAlejandra Tamez and Jayden PraterMcAllen HS7th
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DUETNatalie Perez and Alexa StrubhartHarlingen South HS8th
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DUETCamryn O'Riley and Brandon HayGregory-Portland HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DUETAnastasia Lopez - Andrea MondacaPSJA HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DUETForsythia Claudio and Ethan NewtonHarlingen HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DUETCarolina Villanueva and Triston FloresHarlingen HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DUETTanner Schlueter and Emma SegundoVeterans Memorial HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DUOGabriela Garza and Gabriella Celine GarzaHarlingen HS1st
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DUORose Rodriguez and Kathleen FlinnGregory-Portland HS2nd
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DUOGrayson Maples and Sam HowellVictoria West HS3rd
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DUOJoseph Decilos and Alexa StrubhartHarlingen South HS4th
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DUOForsythia Claudio and Sadie CashHarlingen HS6th
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DUOKole Kibler and Levi InceHarlingen South HS7th
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DUOJordan Deitch and Tanner SchlueterVeterans Memorial HS8th
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DUOZoe Bell and Jill Lea KimballGregory-Portland HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DUOAaron Blount and Jorge GonzalezHarlingen South HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DUOAlesandra Caceres and Jacquelyn LermaTuloso-Midway HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DUOMarysa Lozano and Jakelyn RiosTuloso-Midway HSSemis
PSJA Southwest10/13/18DUONativity Poe and Benjamin TrevinoHarlingen HSSemis
Grizzlies Forensics Invitational10/19-20/18DUODjanaya Esiong and Joey RiberaTahoma Senior High1st
Grizzlies Forensics Invitational10/19-20/18DIEvan MallickInterlake1st
Grizzlies Forensics Invitational10/19-20/18INFOGrace UppendahlMount Vernon1st
Grizzlies Forensics Invitational10/19-20/18HIEvan MallickInterlake1st
Grizzlies Forensics Invitational10/19-20/18OOAmanda LiBellevue1st
Grizzlies Forensics Invitational10/19-20/18POIEmma LeventhalSeattle Academy1st
University Of Mississippi10/12-13/18DUETChristopher Houchens & Brandyn LucasOak Grove High School1st
University Of Mississippi10/12-13/18DUETOmar Thiam & Jonathan StewartOak Grove High School2nd
University Of Mississippi10/12-13/18DUETPatricia Bethea & Isabelle ClemensMadison Central High School3rd
University Of Mississippi10/12-13/18DUOJarrell Spight & Ben JohnsonOak Grove High School1st
University Of Mississippi10/12-13/18DUOAbby Farrar & Anna PhilpotOak Grove High School2nd
University Of Mississippi10/12-13/18DUONahla Trotter & Janiya DavisOak Grove High School3rd
University Of Mississippi10/12-13/18HILuke YoungbloodSouth Jones High School1st
University Of Mississippi10/12-13/18OOErin ChoiOak Grove High School1st
University Of Mississippi10/12-13/18OOBen Harvey Starkville High School2nd
University Of Mississippi10/12-13/18OOClaire Douglas Laurel Christian High School3rd
University Of Mississippi10/12-13/18INFOJessica StyresMadison Central High School1st
University Of Mississippi10/12-13/18INFOSam HarveyStarkville High School2nd
University Of Mississippi10/12-13/18INFOKelsey MayhanMadison Central High School3rd
University Of Mississippi10/12-13/18POIBriah HargoveOak Grove High School1st
University Of Mississippi10/12-13/18DIBen JohnsonOak Grove High School1st
Plano West10/19-20/2018HIAhmad AliCentennial High School1st
Plano West10/19-20/2018DI Anzhelika VakserPlano Sr. High School1st
Plano West10/19-20/2018DUOJoyce He and Jessie YuPlano Sr. High School1st
Plano West10/19-20/2018DUOAnzhelika Vakser and Emma RichardsonPlano Sr. High School2nd
Plano West10/19-20/2018DUOHenry Martinez and Kathleen ReadyCreekview High School3rd
Plano West10/19-20/2018INFOAshlyn EllgassLindale High School1st
Plano West10/19-20/2018INFOJennifer SuJasper High School2nd
Plano West10/19-20/2018INFOHaley Bass Lindale High School3rd
Plano West10/19-20/2018POIJoshua TimmonsGreenhill School1st
Plano West10/19-20/2018OOKaleo LeePlano Sr. High School1st
Plano West10/19-20/2018OORehan RupawallaTompkins HS2nd
Plano West10/19-20/2018OOJoyce He Plano Sr. High School3rd
Plano West10/19-20/2018OOVanessa Kjeldsen Chaparral Star Academy4th
Plano West10/19-20/2018OOFatima Kunwer Plano East Senior High School5th
Plano West10/19-20/2018OOUmangi SinghMcMillen HS6th
Plano West10/19-20/2018OOElysia WuTompkins HS7th
Plano West10/19-20/2018OONatasha Banga Coppell 9th 8th
Bob Jones Academy10/20/2018POIChristopher Garrett CoxMorristown West High School1st
Bob Jones Academy10/20/2018INFOJacob Ely SealsMorristown West High School1st
Bob Jones Academy10/20/2018HIJacob Ely Seals Morristown West High School1st
Bob Jones Academy10/20/2018DIDorian HeriotHillcrest High School1st
Bob Jones Academy10/20/2018DIJames McDurmon BrayHillcrest High School2nd
Bob Jones Academy10/20/2018DIHunter Leigh HarrellHillcrest High School3rd
Bob Jones Academy10/20/2018DUOChristopher Garrett Cox and Dalton Anthony MiksaMorristown West High School1st
Bob Jones Academy10/20/2018DUOXavier Conquest and Hunter Leigh HarrellHillcrest High School2nd
Bob Jones Academy10/20/2018DUOEmma Dell Fletcher and Phillip MartinRiverside High School3rd
Bob Jones Academy10/20/2018OOSatya KhuranaNorth Mecklenburg High School1st
Bpb Jones Academy10/20/2018OOLaurel HolleyRiverside High School2nd
Bob Jones Academy10/20/2018OOIan ChiuRiverside High School3rd
Naaman Forest10/19-20/2018DIIsabelle AzmoodehClark HS1st
Naaman Forest10/19-20/2018DIJoseph CapocciGrand Prairie HS2nd
Naaman Forest10/19-20/2018DIKirsten OsbornGarland HS3rd
Naaman Forest10/19-20/2018DUETNicole Mina and Christal MatthewsGrand Prairie HS1st
Naaman Forest10/19-20/2018DUETJoley Gow and Kate SandnesMansfield2nd
Naaman Forest10/19-20/2018DUETElian Torres and Rolando PerezGrand Prairie HS3rd
Naaman Forest10/19-20/2018DUOKirsten DeLoach and Taylor LaredoGarland HS1st
Naaman Forest10/19-20/2018DUOElian Torres and Nicole MinaGrand Prairie HS2nd
Naaman Forest10/19-20/2018DUOHailey Hamilton and Hannah CherryMansfield HS3rd
Naaman Forest10/19-20/2018INFAshley ChapmanRichardson HS1st
Naaman Forest10/19-20/2018OOJulia LinClark HS1st
Naaman Forest10/19-20/2018OOAndrew PhamGarland HS2nd
Naaman Forest10/19-20/2018OOAndrew OrticioGarland HS3rd
Naaman Forest10/19-20/2018OORyan Jingru WangLovejoy HS4th
Naaman Forest10/19-20/2018OOGarrett C BeckmanLovejoy HS5th
Naaman Forest10/19-20/2018OOEloiza DyClark HS6th
Naaman Forest10/19-20/2018HILucas SandersSachse HS1st
Naaman Forest10/19-20/2018HIKoran JacobsGarland HS2nd
Naaman Forest10/19-20/2018HIShivani RadhakrishnanLovejoy HS3rd
Naaman Forest10/19-20/2018POIJoseph Luke WheatleyLovejoy HS1st
Saint Mary's Hall10/26-27/2018DUOAmeena Khan and Raghavi RajeshSeven Lakes HS1st
Saint Mary's Hall10/26-27/2018DUOConnor Snow and Jaden DavisJames Bowie HS2nd
Saint Mary's Hall10/26-27/2018DUOJenna Gargotta and Erica MartinezRonald Reagan HS3rd
Saint Mary's Hall10/26-27/2018DUETAbigail Robertson and Mike GonzalesLa Vernia HS1st
Saint Mary's Hall10/26-27/2018DUETEmma Grace Arnold and Kylee NicholsRonald Reagan HS2nd
Saint Mary's Hall10/26-27/2018DUETAngelina Guglielmo and Stephen WellsWinston Churchill HS3rd
Saint Mary's Hall10/26-27/2018DIDago LopezPSJA North HS1st
Saint Mary's Hall10/26-27/2018DIErica MartinezRonald Reagan HS2nd
Saint Mary's Hall10/26-27/2018DIKylee NicholsRonald Reagan HS3rd
Saint Mary's Hall10/26-27/2018OOAmarachi OkoliSeven Lakes HS1st
Saint Mary's Hall10/26-27/2018OONadiya WhiteDouglas MacArthur HS2nd
Saint Mary's Hall10/26-27/2018OOMatthew MandellRoosevelt HS3rd
Saint Mary's Hall10/26-27/2018HIGrace FeatherstonWinston Churchill HS1st
Saint Mary's Hall10/26-27/2018POIKylee NicholsRonald Reagan HS1st
Saint Mary's Hall10/26-27/2018POIJackson ReichWinston Churchill HS2nd
Saint Mary's Hall10/26-27/2018POIHannah BombergIncarnate Word HS3rd
Saint Mary's Hall10/26-27/2018INFOZoe PuertasJack C. Hays HS1st
Saints Classic (St. Andrew's)10/19-20/2018DITavia KeysOak Grove HS1st
Saints Classic (St. Andrew's)10/19-20/2018DINeeley RobertsonLaurel Christian School2nd
Saints Classic (St. Andrew's)10/19-20/2018DILuke YoungbloodSouth Jones HS3rd
Saints Classic (St. Andrew's)10/19-20/2018HIGabe RobbinsSaint James School1st
Saints Classic (St. Andrew's)10/19-20/2018HILuke YoungbloodSouth Jones HS2nd
Saints Classic (St. Andrew's)10/19-20/2018HIClaire DouglasLaurel Christian School3rd
Saints Classic (St. Andrew's)10/19-20/2018DUETChristopher Houchens and Brandyn LucasOak Grove HS1st
Saints Classic (St. Andrew's)10/19-20/2018DUETKyra Lampley and Grace Irene RobbinsPetal HS2nd
Saints Classic (St. Andrew's)10/19-20/2018DUETCaroline Kubicki and Jackson KennedyOak Grove HS3rd
Saints Classic (St. Andrew's)10/19-20/2018DUOBriah Hargrove and Jackson KennedyOak Grove HS1st
Saints Classic (St. Andrew's)10/19-20/2018DUOStormie Neylon King and Sierra Madison WatkinsBentonville HS2nd
Saints Classic (St. Andrew's)10/19-20/2018DUOFaith Fountain and Trinity FountainHattiesburg HS3rd
Saints Classic (St. Andrew's)10/19-20/2018OOKaleb WebbCabot HS1st
Saints Classic (St. Andrew's)10/19-20/2018OOMia RobertsonStarkville HS2nd
Saints Classic (St. Andrew's)10/19-20/2018OOBen HarveyStarkville HS3rd
Saints Classic (St. Andrew's)10/19-20/2018INFOSam HarveyStarkville HS1st
Saints Classic (St. Andrew's)10/19-20/2018INFOLeilani Michelle MackBentonville HS2nd
Saints Classic (St. Andrew's)10/19-20/2018INFOJessica StyresMadison Central HS3rd
Saints Classic (St. Andrew's)10/19-20/2018POINatalie GaultMadison Central HS1st
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018DITevin ChavezRay Pec1st
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018DIYolanda MartinJefferson City2nd
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018DIAlissa HouseRay Pec3rd
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018DIWeston BrownLiberty HS4th
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018DIMaggie QuinnLiberty HS5th
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018DIRegan MillsLiberty HS6th
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018DUOMaggie Quinn and Lukas HudsonLiberty HS1st
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018DUOGreyson Schaefer and Xander McCourtBlue Springs South2nd
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018DUOJake Kane and Weston BrownLiberty HS3rd
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018DUONathan Heredia and Kyanna HuffLee's Summit North High School4th
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018DUOBritt'Ne Cladwell and Shayla SmithBlue Springs High School5th
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018DUOSpencer Barr and Denton MeehanRay Pec6th
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018HIIan Van HornRay Pec1st
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018HIRegan MillsLiberty HS2nd
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018HIHanna StacenerBlue Springs South3rd
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018HITrey VermillionBlue Springs High School4th
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018HIXander McCourtBlue Springs South5th
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018HIVictoria MorelliLiberty North6th
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018INFOMichael Guerra-YorkRockhurst High School1st
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018INFOJonathan EdensLiberty HS2nd
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018INFOWillem VanAsseltPark Hill South Debate3rd
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018INFOGemma BromGrain Valley High School4th
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018INFOGreyson SchaeferBlue Springs South5th
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018INFOClara ScovillJefferson City6th
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018OOMarion JohnsonNorth Kansas City High School1st
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018OOAssata StarksNorth Kansas City High School2nd
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018OOJake KaneLiberty HS3rd
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018OOAlex JohnsonLiberty HS4th
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018OOMoroni LehnardtLiberty HS5th
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018OOGarrett BurtonTruman6th
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018POIKaitlin JacksonLiberty HS1st
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018POIElla SchnakeRay Pec2nd
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018POIHannah SearsGrain Valley High School3rd
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018POINikela ReedRuskin High School4th
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018POIJose PuenteBlue Springs South5th
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018POIMalak DhkiliJefferson City6th
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018DIMcKenzie GreenwoodLiberty HSSemis
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018DIMorgan NealLiberty NorthSemis
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018DIElijah NashLiberty HSSemis
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018DIHatty MonroeBlue Springs SouthSemis
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018DIOlivia ShermanLiberty HSSemis
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018DISophia BolinLiberty NorthSemis
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018DIAlex LorBlue Springs High SchoolSemis
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018DUODelaney Davis and Katie CortinasPleasant Hill High SchoolSemis
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018DUOQuentin Trull and Malachi SaintJefferson CitySemis
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018DUOBen Henderson and Emery DownsBlue Springs SouthSemis
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018DUOQuin Sanders and Colin RaymondBlue Springs SouthSemis
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018DUOKaty McVay and Alisyn TharpBlue Springs SouthSemis
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018DUOSabrina Madison and Sophia BolinLiberty NorthSemis
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018POINik BaumertLiberty NorthSemis
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018POIAlex LorBlue Springs High SchoolSemis
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018POILucah McculloughJefferson CitySemis
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018POISophia WildePark Hill South DebateSemis
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018POIBelle SchroederLiberty NorthSemis
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018POICharlotte BrookinsLiberty HSSemis
Crabtree Classic10/19-20/2018POIKale MichaelLee's Summit West High SchoolSemis
Thunderbird Invitational11/3/2018INFAleah MillerLincoln East1st
Thunderbird Invitational11/3/2018INFAaryan NaikMillard West2nd
Thunderbird Invitational11/3/2018INFElaine WhetstineMillard North3rd
Thunderbird Invitational11/3/2018INFGrace Klein (ENT)Millard West4th
Thunderbird Invitational11/3/2018INFCassie MorseNorris High School5th
Thunderbird Invitational11/3/2018INFBridget PeterkinMillard North6th
Thunderbird Invitational11/3/2018HIPranay MathurMillard North1st
Thunderbird Invitational11/3/2018HITatum JohnsonLincoln Southwest2nd
Thunderbird Invitational11/3/2018HINoah FordMillard North3rd
Thunderbird Invitational11/3/2018DIJoanna BaiMillard West1st
Thunderbird Invitational11/3/2018DIZoey MoserLincoln Southwest2nd
Thunderbird Invitational11/3/2018DISandra LeyboldLincoln Southeast Speech3rd
Thunderbird Invitational11/3/2018OOZoe KeeseLincoln East1st
Thunderbird Invitational11/3/2018OONoah FordMillard North2nd
Thunderbird Invitational11/3/2018OOEmma CavalierMillard West3rd
Thunderbird Invitational11/3/2018POIAnthony MengChanhassen1st
Thunderbird Invitational11/3/2018DUOTatum Johnson and Zoey MoserLincoln Southwest1st
Spring Woods Tiger Classic11/3/2018HIAddyson Lee ElliottGeorge Ranch 1st
Spring Woods Tiger Classic11/3/2018HICatherine DuongAlief Hastings2nd
Spring Woods Tiger Classic11/3/2018HIKayla Mishelle GuilloryCypress Creek3rd
Spring Woods Tiger Classic11/3/2018POIHuy BuiAlief Hastings1st
Spring Woods Tiger Classic11/3/2018POIReginald Jawan JeffersonJ. Frank Dobie2nd
Spring Woods Tiger Classic11/3/2018POIElizabeth Lopez-AguilarAlief Early College3rd
Spring Woods Tiger Classic11/3/2018OORuby Perry-MizeA&M Consolidated1st
Spring Woods Tiger Classic11/3/2018OOTaylor G GeeHouston Memorial2nd
Spring Woods Tiger Classic11/3/2018OOOlivia ShackletonTomball3rd
Spring Woods Tiger Classic11/3/2018OOIris UngFoster4th
Spring Woods Tiger Classic11/3/2018OOOluwatobi AdebisiAlief Elsik5th
Spring Woods Tiger Classic11/3/2018OOCameron JoinerGeorge Ranch 6th
Spring Woods Tiger Classic11/3/2018DIElizabeth Lopez-AguilarAlief Early College1st
Spring Woods Tiger Classic11/3/2018DIThomas PeekWest Hardin2nd
Spring Woods Tiger Classic11/3/2018DIAmeena KhanSeven Lakes3rd
Spring Woods Tiger Classic11/3/2018DIMakaela Antasia ReedJ. Frank Dobie4th
Spring Woods Tiger Classic11/3/2018DIGayle HavenAlief Hastings5th
Spring Woods Tiger Classic11/3/2018DIReginald Jawan JeffersonJ. Frank Dobie6th
Spring Woods Tiger Classic11/3/2018INFSakshee JainTompkins1st
Spring Woods Tiger Classic11/3/2018INFNicholas David KhamiTompkins2nd
Spring Woods Tiger Classic11/3/2018INFParth MisraHouston Memorial3rd
Spring Woods Tiger Classic11/3/2018DATiffany Hoang and Cade Burr Foster1st
Spring Woods Tiger Classic11/3/2018DAGus Boettdren and Patrick PhamSt. Thomas2nd
Spring Woods Tiger Classic11/3/2018DAJonathan Anaya and Hannah Elizabeth CollazosJ. Frank Dobie3rd
Spring Woods Tiger Classic11/3/2018DUOCarlos Fuentes and Elizabeth Lopez-AguilarAlief Early College1st
Spring Woods Tiger Classic11/3/2018DUOAmeena Khan and Raghavi RajeshSeven Lakes2nd
Spring Woods Tiger Classic11/3/2018DUOGrace Zhang and Annie LiuSeven Lakes3rd
Rocky Mountain Invitational11/3/18DUOIan Hadrick and Rose ThompsonTimberline High School1st
Rocky Mountain Invitational11/3/18DIWesley CappsCapital High School1st
Rocky Mountain Invitational11/3/18POIMaia DickinsonTimberline High School1st
Rocky Mountain Invitational11/3/18OOElbie SiebertColumbia High School1st
Rocky Mountain Invitational11/3/18OOJacob ArakiEagle High School3rd
Rocky Mountain Invitational11/3/18OONoah Fore-BlumePocatello High School4th
Rocky Mountain Invitational11/3/18INFOOam PatelMountain Home 1st
Rocky Mountain Invitational11/3/18HISeth GarwoodEagle High School1st
Gig Harbor Invitational11/3/18DIRebecca BarerCapital High School1st
Gig Harbor Invitational11/3/18DUOJoey Ribera and Djanaya EsiongTahoma High School1st
Gig Harbor Invitational11/3/18HILuke SorensonThomas Jefferson1st
Gig Harbor Invitational11/3/18OratoryNickolas ToneyAuburn Mountainview1st
Gig Harbor Invitational11/3/18InformativeDjanaya EsiongTahoma High School1st
Gig Harbor Invitational11/3/18POIAllen TugadeThomas Jefferson1st
Hattiesburg High School11/2-11/3DINeeley A RobertsonLaurel Christian School3rd
Hattiesburg High School11/2-11/3DIBriah HargroveOak Grove HS2nd
Hattiesburg High School11/2-11/3DIBen JohnsonOak Grove HS1st
Hattiesburg High School11/2-11/3DUETChristopher Houchens and Brandyn LucasOak Grove HS3rd
Hattiesburg High School11/2-11/3DUETDavid Alexander Echols and Nolan Marshall LeePurvis HS2nd
Hattiesburg High School11/2-11/3DUETOmar Thiam and Jonathan StewartOak Grove HS1st
Hattiesburg High School11/2-11/3DUOChristopher Houchens and Caroline KubickiOak Grove HS6th
Hattiesburg High School11/2-11/3DUOAbby Farrar and Anna PhilpotOak Grove HS5th
Hattiesburg High School11/2-11/3DUOGrace McKelvey and Hannah MurphreePrattville HS4th
Hattiesburg High School11/2-11/3DUONahla Trotter and Janiya DavisOak Grove HS3rd
Hattiesburg High School11/2-11/3DUOJarrell Spight and Ben JohnsonOak Grove HS2nd
Hattiesburg High School11/2-11/3DUOJonathan Stewart and Tavia KeysOak Grove HS1st
Hattiesburg High School11/2-11/3HIClaire DouglasLaurel Christian School3rd
Hattiesburg High School11/2-11/3HILuke YoungbloodSouth Jones HS2nd
Hattiesburg High School11/2-11/3HISameer KhanSt. Andrew's Episcopal School1st
Hattiesburg High School11/2-11/3INFLauren HandPascagoula High School1st
Hattiesburg High School11/2-11/3OOJessica StyresMadison Central HS3rd
Hattiesburg High School11/2-11/3OOClaire DouglasLaurel Christian School2nd 1st
Hattiesburg High School11/2-11/3OOChristopher WadeSt. Andrew's Episcopal School1st
Hattiesburg High School11/2-11/3POISameer KhanSt. Andrew's Episcopal School1st
PLHS Monarch Royal Speech Invitational11/10/18DUOColton Arias and Isaiah EnevoldsenRaymond Central1st
PLHS Monarch Royal Speech Invitational11/10/18DUOSandra Leybold and Alex NydahlLincoln Southeast Speech2nd
PLHS Monarch Royal Speech Invitational11/10/18DUOTyson Forbes and Darian DraftBellevue West3rd
PLHS Monarch Royal Speech Invitational11/10/18DILucy TuMillard North1st
PLHS Monarch Royal Speech Invitational11/10/18DIZoey MoserLincoln Southwest2nd
PLHS Monarch Royal Speech Invitational11/10/18DITurner ThompsonLincoln East3rd
PLHS Monarch Royal Speech Invitational11/10/18HIPranay MathurMillard North1st
PLHS Monarch Royal Speech Invitational11/10/18INFOAleah MillerLincoln East1st
PLHS Monarch Royal Speech Invitational11/10/18INFOElaine WhetstineMillard North2nd
PLHS Monarch Royal Speech Invitational11/10/18INFOPalak SinghMillard North3rd
PLHS Monarch Royal Speech Invitational11/10/18INFOArij KhanMarian4th
PLHS Monarch Royal Speech Invitational11/10/18INFOJanana KhattakLincoln Southwest5th
PLHS Monarch Royal Speech Invitational11/10/18INFODarian DraftBellevue West6th
PLHS Monarch Royal Speech Invitational11/10/18OOZoe KeeseLincoln East1st
PLHS Monarch Royal Speech Invitational11/10/18OOShruthi KumarMarian2nd
PLHS Monarch Royal Speech Invitational11/10/18OOBridget NevilleMillard North3rd
Mauldin High School11/10/18DIHunter Leigh HarrellHillcrest HS1st
Mauldin High School11/10/18HIDeepthi PrabhakarRiverside HS1st
Mauldin High School11/10/18OOMiranda LeeHillcrest HS1st
Mauldin High School11/10/18INFOIan ChiuRiverside HS1st
Mauldin High School11/10/18POIShalyn DrakefordRiverside HS1st
Mauldin High School11/10/18DUOXavier Conquest and Hunter Leigh HarrellHillcrest HS1st
Mauldin High School11/10/18DUOWillie Gibson and Ja'Marcus RobinsonHillcrest HS2nd
Mauldin High School11/10/18DUOEmma Dell Fletcher and Phillip MartinRiverside HS3rd
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18OODavid GoriolaGarland HS1st
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18OOAndrew PhamGarland High School2nd
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18OOJoyce HePlano Sr. High School3rd
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18OOLekha NettemPlano West4th
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18OOJulia LinClark HS5th
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18OOOlivia FanJasper High School6th
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18DIMicaela VillarrealSouth Grand Prarire High School1st
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18DIKoran JacobsGarland High School2nd
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18DIReginald DunlapSouth Grand Prarire High School3rd
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18DIAshton RiosPflugerville High School4th
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18DIElian Torres
Pflugerville High School5th
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18DIFejiro OwehSouth Grand Prarire High School6th
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18DIEmily TrueloveSouth Grand Prarire High SchoolSemis
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18DIElijah WilsonSouth Grand Prarire High SchoolSemis
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18DIEmma YoungSouth Grand Prarire High SchoolSemis
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18DISofia GutierezSouth Grand Prarire High SchoolSemis
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18DITanner MobleySouth Grand Prarire High SchoolSemis
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18DIJayla GossettGrand Prairie High SchoolSemis
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18DIYoada YohannesGarland High SchoolSemis
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18DIOghenesuvwe KokorichaLovejoy HIgh SchoolSemis
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18DIHolly ThillJohn PaulSemis
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18DIVaishali Jayaraman SrinivasanCentennial High SchoolSemis
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18HIKaden YowellCreekview High School1st
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18HITimmy HuynhSouth Grand Prarire High School2nd
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18HIAhmad AliCentennial High School3rd
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18HIHaley JohnsonSouth Grand Prarire High School4th
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18HIJoshua NerioSouth Grand Prarire High School5th
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18HIAaron Keese South Grand Prarire High School6th
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18INFOJulia LinClark HS1st
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18INFOEmily RenPlano West2nd
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18INFONoor Al-ShalashCentennial High School3rd
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18POIReginald DunlapSouth Grand Prairie High School1st
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18POIJoshua Ryan TimmonsGreenhill2nd
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18POITayisiya Chernenko Centennial High School3rd
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18DUETElian Torres and Rolando PerezGrand Prairie High School1st
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18DUETTimmy Huynh and Preston SundaraSouth Grand Prairie High School2nd
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18DUETElington Jones and Sarah McIntoshCreekview High School3rd
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18DUOLauren Harrison and Reginald DunlapSouth Grand Prairie High School1st
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18DUOElijah Wilson and Alexander WilsonSouth Grand Prairie High School2nd
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18DUOBethany Mejorado and Emily TrueloveSouth Grand Prairie High School3rd
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18DUOJoyce He and Jessie YuPlano Senior4th
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18DUOEmma Donley and Neerul GuptaCentennial High School5th
The Ed Long Invitational at The Hockaday School11/9-11/18DUOKirsten DeLoach and Taylor LaredoGarland High School6th
Katy Taylor Invitational 11/9-10/18OOHuy BuiAlief Hastings HS1st
Katy Taylor Invitational 11/9-10/18OOSteven MolchanovSeven Lakes HS2nd
Katy Taylor Invitational 11/9-10/18OORehan RupawallaTompkins HS3rd
Katy Taylor Invitational 11/9-10/18OOSaanika Mahesh HalapetiTompkins HS4th
Katy Taylor Invitational 11/9-10/18OOJuan Contreras MoraSeven Lakes HS5th
Katy Taylor Invitational 11/9-10/18OOAmna SiddiquiDulles HS6th
Katy Taylor Invitational 11/9-10/18DIBrelynn MellonMagnolia HS1st
Katy Taylor Invitational 11/9-10/18DICarlos FuentesAlief Early College HS2nd
Katy Taylor Invitational 11/9-10/18DIHuy BuiAlief Hastings HS3rd
Katy Taylor Invitational 11/9-10/18HILuke Michael LysterStratford HS1st
Katy Taylor Invitational 11/9-10/18INFORhea KumarSeven Lakes HS1st
Katy Taylor Invitational 11/9-10/18INFOAshlyn EllgassLindale HS2nd
Katy Taylor Invitational 11/9-10/18INFOFatima RajaKlein HS3rd
Katy Taylor Invitational 11/9-10/18POIThomas PeekWest Hardin HS1st
Katy Taylor Invitational 11/9-10/18DUOCarlos Fuentes and Elizabeth Lopez-AguilarAlief Early College HS1st
Katy Taylor Invitational 11/9-10/18DUOHuy Bui and Catherine DuongAlief Hastings HS2nd
Katy Taylor Invitational 11/9-10/18DUOMiles Turner and Garrin BundrickSpring Woods HS3rd
Pius X Turkey Talk11/17/18DIZoey MoserLincoln Southwest1st
Pius X Turkey Talk11/17/18DILucy TuMillard North2nd
Pius X Turkey Talk11/17/18DISadie PrendaLincoln Southeast Speech3rd
Pius X Turkey Talk11/17/18DUOZoey Moser and Tatum JohnsonLincoln Southwest1st
Pius X Turkey Talk11/17/18HIWilliam NervigMillard North1st
Pius X Turkey Talk11/17/18HIPranay MathurMillard North2nd
Pius X Turkey Talk11/17/18HINoah FordMillard North3rd
Pius X Turkey Talk11/17/18INFOAleah MillerLincoln East1st
Pius X Turkey Talk11/17/18INFOElaine WhetstineMillard North2nd
Pius X Turkey Talk11/17/18INFOPalak SinghMillard North3rd
Pius X Turkey Talk11/17/18INFOCassie MorseNorris High School4th
Pius X Turkey Talk11/17/18INFOAnjali PullabhotlaMillard North5th
Pius X Turkey Talk11/17/18INFOCalleigh OsmeraRaymond Central6th
Pius X Turkey Talk11/17/18OORahul GudaMillard North1st
Pius X Turkey Talk11/17/18OONoah FordMillard North2nd
Pius X Turkey Talk11/17/18OONolan KrauseMillard North3rd
Pius X Turkey Talk11/17/18POIAila GanicLincoln Southwest1st
Villiger 11/17-11/18DIAdrian TejadaDemocracy Prep EnduranceSemis
Villiger 11/17-11/18DIGenesis GomezDemocracy Prep Bronx PrepSemis
Villiger 11/17-11/18DIJordan Hickson Berkeley Carroll Semis
Villiger 11/17-11/18DIKevin LandersHoly Ghost PrepSemis
Villiger 11/17-11/18DIMilthon AmparoDemocracy Prep Bronx PrepSemis
Villiger 11/17-11/18DILeah DeHaemer Shrewsbury Semis
Villiger 11/17-11/18DIChloe SchamissoBronx HS of ScienceSemis
Villiger 11/17-11/18DISimone HernandezNeedhamSemis
Villiger 11/17-11/18DIVictoria OnoBronx HS of ScienceSemis
Villiger 11/17-11/18DITatiana WemusaNewark CentralSemis
Villiger 11/17-11/18DIJacob AzziCatholic MemorialSemis
Villiger 11/17-11/18DIXavier VelozDemocracy Prep Harlem Semis
Villiger 11/17-11/18DIMadeline BrewScarsdaleSemis
Villiger 11/17-11/18DISiddarth SasaneRidge1st
Villiger 11/17-11/18DIZawadi KabazimyaNewark Central2nd
Villiger 11/17-11/18DITyrese AveryDemocracy Prep Endurance 3rd
Villiger 11/17-11/18DIIsiah Briggs Newark Central4th
Villiger 11/17-11/18DIDaniel Tully Regis5th
Villiger 11/17-11/18DIBrendan Julian Catholic Memorial 6th
Villiger 11/17-11/18 OOElizabeth WeiseConvent of the Sacred Heart, NYC 6th
Villiger 11/17-11/18 OORaani OlanlegeAchievement First Brooklyn 5th
Villiger 11/17-11/18 OOPaulina HruskociShrewsbury 4th
Villiger 11/17-11/18 OOAnna LiUnionville 3rd
Villiger 11/17-11/18 OOAnnie Stein Needham 2nd
Villiger 11/17-11/18 OOMosab Hamid Berkeley Carroll 1st
Villiger 11/17-11/18 DUO Becca Segal and Margalit Mermelstein Cary 6th
Villiger 11/17-11/18 DUO Siddarth Sasane and Sonali PaiRidge5th
Villiger 11/17-11/18 DUO Nicholas Piniero and Denzel Rodriguez Democracy Prep Harlem 4th
Villiger 11/17-11/18 DUO Kevin Landers and Kevin Nowicke Holy Ghost Prep3rd
Villiger 11/17-11/18 DUO Nathan LoPinto and Daniel TullyRegis2nd
Villiger 11/17-11/18 DUO Isiah Briggs and Zawadi Kabazimya Newark Central 1st
Villiger 11/17-11/18 POITyrese AveryDemocracy Prep Endurance1st
Villiger 11/17-11/18 INFOLibah FarooqiRidge1st
North Kansas City HS11/18/18DISabrina SmithPark Hill High School1st
North Kansas City HS11/18/18DISoffia HernandezBlue Springs High School2nd
North Kansas City HS11/18/18DIAlissa HouseRay Pec3rd
North Kansas City HS11/18/18DUOKatie Williams and Trey VermillionBlue Springs High School1st
North Kansas City HS11/18/18DUOKaity Johnson and Noah HintonBlue Springs High School2nd
North Kansas City HS11/18/18DUOCaroline O'Shaughnessy and Haley MillerThe Pembroke Hill School3rd
North Kansas City HS11/18/18HIAidan HenryBlue Springs High School1st
North Kansas City HS11/18/18HIFrancis GatdulaBlue Springs High School2nd
North Kansas City HS11/18/18HIMaisie KingBlue Springs South3rd
North Kansas City HS11/18/18OOLauren LeeThe Pembroke Hill School1st
North Kansas City HS11/18/18OOMaya KrumpPark Hill High School2nd
North Kansas City HS11/18/18OOCharlie Doering PowellThe Pembroke Hill School3rd
North Kansas City HS11/18/18OOMegan PetersenJoplin HS4th
North Kansas City HS11/18/18OODevyn HoltLee's Summit North High School5th
North Kansas City HS11/18/18OOCharlotte HenryThe Pembroke Hill School6th
North Kansas City HS11/18/18INFOThomson CorvinThe Pembroke Hill School1st
North Kansas City HS11/18/18INFOAbby HallbergBlue Springs South2nd
North Kansas City HS11/18/18INFOZoe GanterThe Pembroke Hill School3rd
North Kansas City HS11/18/18INFOMaggie JohnstonThe Pembroke Hill School4th
North Kansas City HS11/18/18INFOAbby KellerLiberty North5th
North Kansas City HS11/18/18INFOMaya KrumpPark Hill High School6th
North Kansas City HS11/18/18POINoah HintonBlue Springs High School1st
North Kansas City HS11/18/18POIAidan HenryBlue Springs High School2nd
North Kansas City HS11/18/18POIJose PuenteBlue Springs South3rd
Greeley Central Castle Classic11/17/18DIAugust ToevsDenver East1st (tie)
Greeley Central Castle Classic11/17/18DINatalia OlivasDenver East1st (tie)
Greeley Central Castle Classic11/17/18DIAnali BlueDenver East1st (tie)
Greeley Central Castle Classic11/17/18DUOCasey McCollum & William RobertsDenver East1st
Greeley Central Castle Classic11/17/18DUOKendal Lee & Lola BarishDenver East2nd
Greeley Central Castle Classic11/17/18DUOAbby Roberts & Ben DavisRocky Mountain3rd
Greeley Central Castle Classic11/17/18HIBernard HundLongmont1st
Greeley Central Castle Classic11/17/18HIAbby RobertsRocky Mountain2nd
Greeley Central Castle Classic11/17/18HILauren WaltersGeorge Washington3rd (tie)
Greeley Central Castle Classic11/17/18HICasey McCollumDenver East3rd (tie)
Greeley Central Castle Classic11/17/18HIJoseph Smith IIIDenver East3rd (tie)
Greeley Central Castle Classic11/17/18INFOPeter StammHoly Family1st
Greeley Central Castle Classic11/17/18OOSonia AminAlexander Dawson1st
Greeley Central Castle Classic11/17/18OOMckenna DalyGeorge Washington2nd (tie)
Greeley Central Castle Classic11/17/18OOArabella CritesResurrection Christian2nd (tie)
Greeley Central Castle Classic11/17/18OOKatelyn LamSilver Creek4th
Greeley Central Castle Classic11/17/18OOJillian ElseaHoly Family5th
Greeley Central Castle Classic11/17/18OOQuinn CanovaGeorge Washington6th (tie)
Greeley Central Castle Classic11/17/18OOSimone BonnetDenver East6th (tie)
Greeley Central Castle Classic11/17/18OOAlexia SimontonHoly Family6th (tie)
Greeley Central Castle Classic11/17/18OOMark HaleyHoly Family6th (tie)
Greeley Central Castle Classic11/17/18POIBella OgdenHoly Family1st
Grady High School11/17/18POIJoshwell ThompsonValdosta HS1st
Grady High School11/17/18DILe'Curtis RichardsonCarrollton HS1st
Grady High School11/17/18HIMarvens CherelusValdosta HS1st
Grady High School11/17/18OOJana AminMilton Academy1st
Grady High School11/17/18OOMaya BokhariMilton Academy2nd
Grady High School11/17/18OOLogan ShanksFayette County HS3rd
Grady High School11/17/18INFOAlexis CampbellFayette County HS1st
Grady High School11/17/18DUOSarah Griever & Morgan UnderhillDunwoody HS1st
The 528011/9/18DITanner HemmingsenGeorge Washington1st
The 528011/9/18DIBrett FordDenver East2nd
The 528011/9/18DIColten FrazierCentral3rd
The 528011/9/18DIAugust ToevsDenver East4th
The 528011/9/18DIAnali BlueDenver East5th
The 528011/9/18DIAlice NobleKent Denver School6th
The 528011/9/18DUOCayden McCoy and Gracie FoggCheyenne East1st
The 528011/9/18DUOKenzie Wilson and Colten FrazierCentral2nd
The 528011/9/18DUOJordan Johnson and Victoria MaddenCentral3rd
The 528011/9/18DUOSydney Johnson and Jacob StockLakewood4th
The 528011/9/18DUOWilliam Roberts and Casey McCollumDenver East5th
The 528011/9/18DUOIzzy Micek and May TollDenver East6th
The 528011/9/18DUOGerardo Martinez and Beck WatsonCastle ViewSemis
The 528011/9/18DUOLuis Molina-Saenz and Vanessa MillarStrive Prep RISESemis
The 528011/9/18DUOMaddie French and Mia KeiingDenver EastSemis
The 528011/9/18DUOChristian Wilson and Bobby DanaheyDenver EastSemis
The 528011/9/18DUOJustin Woolsey and Brendan StewartCheyenne EastSemis
The 528011/9/18DUODavid Geldzahler and Ryan Bianucci Denver EastSemis
The 528011/9/18HITanner HemmingsenGeorge Washington1st
The 528011/9/18HICasey McCollumDenver East2nd
The 528011/9/18HIJeremy GartKent Denver School3rd
The 528011/9/18HIJayden RoccaforteCheyenne East4th
The 528011/9/18HIMandy BillupsGeorge Washington5th
The 528011/9/18HIBennett ScottCherry Creek6th
The 528011/9/18INFOColleen CampbellDenver South1st
The 528011/9/18INFOBrigid McNamaraGeorge Washington2nd
The 528011/9/18INFOMax O'HaraCherry Creek3rd
The 528011/9/18OOJorge ReyesStrive Prep SMART1st
The 528011/9/18OOMax O'HaraCherry Creek2nd
The 528011/9/18OOAydia CaplanGeorge Washington3rd
The 528011/9/18OOBiruk DemelashSmoky Hill High School4th
The 528011/9/18OOKylie HowerterChatfield5th
The 528011/9/18OOMcKenna DalyGeorge Washington6th
The 528011/9/18POIVivek ShahKent Denver School1st
The 528011/9/18POILucca RaabeGeorge Washington2nd
The 528011/9/18POIColten FrazierCentral3rd
Charlotte Catholic10/27/18DIHunter HarrellHillcrest1st
Charlotte Catholic10/27/18DIXavier ConquestHillcrest2nd
Charlotte Catholic10/27/18DIJames BrayHillcrest3rd
Charlotte Catholic10/27/18DUOXavier Conquest & Hunter HarrellHillcrest1st
Charlotte Catholic10/27/18DUOPhillip Martin & Emma Dell FletcherRiverside2nd
Charlotte Catholic10/27/18DUOJoseph Earles & Olivia HunterHenry W Grady3rd
Charlotte Catholic10/27/18HIDeepthi PrabhakarRiverside1st
Charlotte Catholic10/27/18OONikhita NanduriArdrey Kell1st
Charlotte Catholic10/27/18OOIan ChiuRiverside2nd
Charlotte Catholic10/27/18OOSatya KhuranaNorth Mecklenburg3rd
Charlotte Catholic10/27/18INFOIan ChiuRiverside1st
Charlotte Catholic10/27/18POIEthan KimArdrey Kell1st
Thomas Jefferson12/1/18HISaanvi MehrotraTahoma1st
Thomas Jefferson12/1/18DILucca VernoySeattle Academy1st
Thomas Jefferson12/1/18POIEmma Sindel-DempcySeattle Academy1st
Thomas Jefferson12/1/18INFODjanaya EsiongTahoma1st
Thomas Jefferson12/1/18OOThad SmithKingston1st
Thomas Jefferson12/1/18OONickolas ToneyAuburn Mountainview2nd
Thomas Jefferson12/1/18OOGrace BurchettPuyallup3rd
Thomas Jefferson12/1/18DUODavid Vitt and Tristan BreedPuyallup1st
Thomas Jefferson12/1/18DUOSara Sprague and Raymond LappinPuyallup2nd
Thomas Jefferson12/1/18DUORyan Milne and Kate MilneSeattle Academy3rd
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DIGeneva WilliamsNorthwest Career And Technical1st
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DIEsra AydogduCoral Academy Of Science Las Vegas2nd
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DIChanel PulidoClark3rd
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DIAbigail SpencerCoronado4th
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DIAlyssa GnoyskiBishop Gorman5th
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DISophia KittellMission Vista6th
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DIAlina LangitNorthwest Career And TechnicalSemis
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DIDelaney WeinrichPalo VerdeSemis
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DISophia JudiceBishop GormanSemis
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DIJameliz SmithPalo VerdeSemis
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DICerena SedanoBishop GormanSemis
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DIMaya EaglesGreen ValleySemis
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DIJasmine CampuzanoCoral Academy Of Science Las VegasSemis
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DIRenae SullivanPalo VerdeSemis
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18HIAbigail SpencerCoronado1st
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18HIRyan KnippelPalo Verde2nd
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18HIAditya SubramaniamGreen Valley3rd
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18HIKaden CallCoronado4th
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18HIKatelyn FennellRancho5th
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18HIJessamina PiazzaGreen Valley6th
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18HIMadelaine AbinalesFoothill7th
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18POIGeneva WilliamsNorthwest Career And Technical1st
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18POIMitzy MunozNorthwest Career And Technical2nd
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18POISean ImAdvanced Technologies Acad3rd
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18POIAbigail SpencerCoronado4th
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18POICharlotte WickertPalo Verde5th
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18POIJourney JonesPalo Verde6th
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18POICaroline Bilbray-KohnClark7th
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18INFOJenna FliesenCoral Academy Of Science Las Vegas1st
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18INFOJordan RanckGreen Valley2nd
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18INFOShria RamanathanGreen Valley3rd
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18INFOAutumn HaikalGreen Valley4th
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18INFOPaola VelascoDesert Oasis5th
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18INFOEmma GrantFoothill6th
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18INFOKimberly HallidayGreen ValleySemis
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18INFOPhoebe CooglePalo VerdeSemis
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18INFOAleem AhmedAdvanced Technologies AcadSemis
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18INFOAlexandra KallaherNorthwest Career And TechnicalSemis
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18INFOTempest AllredAmerican LeadershipSemis
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18INFOKaylynn GrossDesert OasisSemis
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18INFOJulian VelascoDesert OasisSemis
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18INFORehya CorralFoothillSemis
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DUOSean Conley & Cipriana RodriguezMission Vista1st
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DUORehya Corral & Brandon ArnoldFoothill2nd
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DUOBenjamin Khoh & Kevin LeongGreen Valley3rd
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DUOEnzo Allred & Tempest AllredAmerican Leadership4th
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DUOFahim Kamal & Strad SlaterGreen Valley5th
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DUOAlyssa Aragon & Fayth VegaNorthwest Career And Technical6th
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DUOMeghana Veeramachaneni & Katherine Van VoorhisClarkSemis
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DUONik Sharma & Aj MarkerCoral Academy Of Science Las VegasSemis
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DUOSaja Douglas & Jacquelyn DoroshowCoral Academy Of Science Las VegasSemis
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DUORaymond Conner & Jacob TresslerRanchoSemis
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DUODelany Weinrich & Kenney FukunagaPalo VerdeSemis
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DUOJenna Fliesen & Zoubeida FliesenCoral Academy Of Science Las VegasSemis
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DUOZena Hajji & Nezha IdrissiCoral Academy Of Science Las VegasSemis
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DUOHannah Grauso & Mary MouriCoral Academy Of Science Las VegasSemis
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DUOCharisse Lorenzo & Kenya HamonNorthwest Career And TechnicalQF
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DUONiayesh Movahedian attar & Morgan WilliamsCoral Academy Of Science Las VegasQF
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DUODylan Santos & Alexis McGuirePalo VerdeQF
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DUOBraxton Hilton & Samuel SelfAdvanced Technologies AcadQF
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DUOKlara Thys & Peter BennettPalo VerdeQF
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DUOMeLe'a Cooley & Juliana GibsonBasicQF
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DUOTighe Galvin & Mariah NeshkoffGreen ValleyQF
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DUOAbigail Spencer & Dylan BeachCoronadoQF
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18DUOTylo Reyes & Christian HawkinsBasicQF
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18OOAksha NarasimhanCoral Academy Of Science Las Vegas1st
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18OOAmber ChouSpring Valley2nd
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18OOKarina ProvostGreen Valley3rd
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18OOJaylah WilsonFoothill4th
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18OOCaden DenningCoral Academy Of Science Las Vegas5th
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18OOBrandon ArnoldFoothill6th
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18OORadhika ShahGreen ValleySemis
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18OOPaola VelascoDesert OasisSemis
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18OORachel WuesterNorthwest Career And TechnicalSemis
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18OOHaley DiTrapaniDesert OasisSemis
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18OOAshley MartinezNorthwest Career And TechnicalSemis
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18OOSammi LopezGreen ValleySemis
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18OOKanisha HarrellPalo VerdeSemis
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18OOFiona MadsenFoothillSemis
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18OOTempest AllredAmerican LeadershipQF
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18OOAmanda WuPalo VerdeQF
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18OOAlexandra KallaherNorthwest Career And TechnicalQF
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18OOAmeya SinghClarkQF
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18OOJaden NguyenAdvanced Technologies AcadQF
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18OOJaxon SharpDesert PinesQF
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18OOVictoria OppermanCoral Academy Of Science Las VegasQF
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18OOAriana BoorboorAdvanced Technologies AcadQF
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18OOPriya RajuPalo VerdeQF
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18OOKatherine McGrawMission VistaQF
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18OODominick PhippsAdvanced Technologies AcadQF
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18OOVictoria TarangoRanchoQF
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18OOJazmine DemoreDel SolQF
Golden Desert, Foothill HS11/9-10/18OODaisha SistrunkDesert OasisQF
Creekview Winter Extravaganza12/1/18OOAmanda MoonPlano East Senior High School1st
Creekview Winter Extravaganza12/1/18OONeha JayarajanPlano East Senior High School2nd
Creekview Winter Extravaganza12/1/18OOKaty LinCarroll Senior High School3rd
Creekview Winter Extravaganza12/1/18OOAnzhelika VakserPlano Senior High School4th
Creekview Winter Extravaganza12/1/18OOEmily NielsonParish Episcopal School5th
Creekview Winter Extravaganza12/1/18OOEmily Ren Plano West High School 6th
Creekview Winter Extravaganza12/1/18DIAustin TaplerCoppell High School1st
Creekview Winter Extravaganza12/1/18DIKoran JacobsGarland High School2nd
Creekview Winter Extravaganza12/1/18DITess ChristopherGarland High School3rd
Creekview Winter Extravaganza12/1/18HIKylie LavinskyGarland High School1st
Creekview Winter Extravaganza12/1/18HIBenjamin VarnanGarland High School2nd
Creekview Winter Extravaganza12/1/18HIAva BohnertRyan High School3rd
Creekview Winter Extravaganza12/1/18INFONeha JayarajanPlano East Senior High School1st
Creekview Winter Extravaganza12/1/18INFONoor Al-ShalashCentennial High School2nd
Creekview Winter Extravaganza12/1/18INFOKatie Jo KittredgePrestonwood Christian Academy3rd
Creekview Winter Extravaganza12/1/18POIAmanda MoonPlano East Senior High School1st
Creekview Winter Extravaganza12/1/18POIAhmad AliCentennial High School2nd
Creekview Winter Extravaganza12/1/18POIFelisa WelkenerPlano East Senior High School3rd
Creekview Winter Extravaganza12/1/18DUONoor Al-Shalash and Audrika MasudCentennial High School1st
Creekview Winter Extravaganza12/1/18DUOLauren Patton and Mia CurtisRyan High School2nd
Creekview Winter Extravaganza12/1/18DUOAndrew Warren and Gabriel MorganRyan High School3rd
Auburn Riverside Invitational12/7-8/2018DICatie HinsonGig Harbor HS1st
Auburn Riverside Invitational12/7-8/2018DUOSara Sprague Raymond LappinPuyallup HS1st
Auburn Riverside Invitational12/7-8/2018DUOJoey Ribera and Djanaya EsiongTahoma HS2nd
Auburn Riverside Invitational12/7-8/2018DUOAusha Macias-Curry and Jaylin TalmadgeMt. Vernon HS3rd
Auburn Riverside Invitational12/7-8/2018DUOEmma Leventhal and Jad KarjianSeattle Academy4th
Auburn Riverside Invitational12/7-8/2018DUODavid Vitt and Tristan BreedPuyallup HS5th
Auburn Riverside Invitational12/7-8/2018DUONayan Birnbach and Zubin BirnbachSeattle Academy6th
Auburn Riverside Invitational12/7-8/2018HIEvan MallickInterlake HS1st
Auburn Riverside Invitational12/7-8/2018OOVictoria SmithKing's HS1st
Auburn Riverside Invitational12/7-8/2018POIAmanda LiBellevue HS1st
Auburn Riverside Invitational12/7-8/2018INFODjanaya EsiongTahoma HS1st
Holiday Havoc Invitational12/7-8/2018DIWesley CappsCapital HS2nd
Holiday Havoc Invitational12/7-8/2018OOKate Rose JacobsonBorah HS1st
Holiday Havoc Invitational12/7-8/2018OOMyla Elizabeth DenglerBorah HS2nd
Holiday Havoc Invitational12/7-8/2018OOGrace Mae WardEagle HS3rd
Holiday Havoc Invitational12/7-8/2018HIBradley Calvin CollinsMountain View HS1st
Holiday Havoc Invitational12/7-8/2018POIMegan BedellHighland HS1st
Holiday Havoc Invitational12/7-8/2018INFOHeidi AdolphsenBoise HS1st
Holiday Havoc Invitational12/7-8/2018INFOFallon CassidyFiler HS2nd
Holiday Havoc Invitational12/7-8/2018INFOJordyn ParsonsBlackfoot HS3rd
Holiday Havoc Invitational12/7-8/2018INFOJennifer PaulMountain View HS4th
Holiday Havoc Invitational12/7-8/2018INFOSarah Elizabeth ColeMountain View HS5th
Holiday Havoc Invitational12/7-8/2018INFOAnna Mary CaragioEagle HS6th
Holiday Havoc Invitational12/7-8/2018DUOClsaire Grace Martin and Julia Beverly PorterBorah HS1st
Holiday Havoc Invitational12/7-8/2018DUOKate Rose Jacobson and Carter Stephanie NelsonBorah HS2nd
Holiday Havoc Invitational12/7-8/2018DUOMadison Pritchard and Paige SymesCanyon Ridge HS3rd
Holiday Havoc Invitational12/7-8/2018DUOBenjamin Jones and Dylan PopeBlackfoot HS4th
Holiday Havoc Invitational12/7-8/2018DUOIan Hadrick and Rose ThompsonTimberline HS5th
Holiday Havoc Invitational12/7-8/2018DUOSarah Biggers and Madi FortnerWood River HS6th
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DICamiilla MaionicaNSU University SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DIJadyn WashingtonMiramar HSQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DISivan Ben-DavidNSU University SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DIPedro ReyesMorristown WestQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DICameron MelendezLaurel Christian High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DIAlyssa GrantMiramar HSQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DIBrooke HornbergerJefferson CountyQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DIZach DurkinLoyola Blakefield High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DIJoseph FerrariWalt WhitmanQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DIZac JacobsonJacobson IndependentQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DIMakaela ReedJ Frank DobieQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DIMegan StackhouseWaccamaw High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DIKarcyn KowalskiMorristown WestQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DIWarren ForstmannMiramar HSQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DIKathy WeiRidge High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DIMichael KosmasCalvert Hall College High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DISiddarth Rahalkar-SasaneRidge High SchoolS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DIAileen FloresCypress Bay High SchoolS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DISivan Ben-DavidNSU University SchoolS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DIHaleigh HenryMorristown WestS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DINatalie WatsonBattle Ground AcademyS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DIMiah VesotskyRidge High SchoolS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DIKeishon GrovesJ Frank DobieS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DIWill LaMoureLoyola Blakefield High SchoolS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DIPayton PetkusMcQuaid JesuitS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DIKayla TurnerSacred Heart High School1
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DITaegan CollinsMorristown West2
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DILucy TuMillard North3
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DIAuryon AzarUniversity School4
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DINeeley RobertsonLaurel Christian High School5
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DISophia WilliamsMiramar HS6
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DUOMichael Kosmas and Lucas TudorCalvert Hall College High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DUORajvi Shah and Divya KrishnanRidge High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DUONick Casey and James GaoRidge High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DUOHannah Martin and Megan StackhouseWaccamaw High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DUOEmma Reilly and Miah VesotskyRidge High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DUOMargaux Augier and Livi AndersenChagrin FallsQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DUOHaleigh Henry and Cooper CampbellMorristown WestQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DUOKianna Groves and Keishon GrovesJ Frank DobieQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DUOTarun Giridhar and Kelsey ParkRiverside High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DUOPrapti Roy and Laasya GaddipatiRidge High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DUOLance Fischer and Emily WilliamsMartin County High SchoolS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DUOPranay Mathur and Lucy TuMillard NorthS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DUOKarcyn Kowalski and Jacob SealsMorristown WestS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DUOSkylar Davidson and Adelle FernandoNorth Allegheny High SchoolS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DUOTaylor Gilliam and Kaitlyn LaibeDesert VistaS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DUONola Gialanella and Molly BonnerUnion CatholicS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DUOSonali Pai and Siddarth Rahalkar-SasaneRidge High School1
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DUOMarlo Lacson and Zach DurkinLoyola Blakefield High School2
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DUOKevin Landers and Kevin NowickeHoly Ghost preparatory3
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DUOMikey King and Eli ShallChagrin Falls4
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DUOChris Cox and DJ NeedsMorristown West5
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18DUOJake Lester and Nick WhelenJames River-Midlothian6
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18HIAlexia CosmanCypress Bay High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18HILindsay KeiserWalt WhitmanQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18HIDeepthi PrabhakarRiverside High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18HIJacob SealsMorristown WestQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18HIJulian PriceNorth Mecklenburg H.S.Q
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18HIEmma ReillyRidge High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18HIJake LonguilMcQuaid JesuitQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18HIPranay MathurMillard NorthQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18HIMichael BroylesMadison County High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18HIEmily KohnDurham AcademyQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18HIRegan HartMoorheadQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18HIAllison DevolveRiverside High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18HIClaire DouglasLaurel Christian High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18HIJuliette ReyesAmerican Heritage at PlantationS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18HIJV FluehrLa Salle College High SchoolS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18HIRobert SniderChagrin FallsS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18HIRachel SchwartzDreyfoos School of the ArtsS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18HIEmma Dell FletcherRiverside High SchoolS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18HIKevin LandersHoly Ghost PreparatoryS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18HICael FitchDes Moines Roosevelt1
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18HITaylor GilliamDesert Vista2
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18HIDrake SpinaTusky Valley HS3
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18HIJohn TondoraRidge High School4
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18HICameron ChangLake Highland Prep5
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18HIDerek RollinsWaccamaw High School6
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18INFORachana CharlaArdrey Kell High SchoolS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18INFOAleah MillerLincoln EastS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18INFOMadeline KahlDes Moines RooseveltS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18INFONithya GurumurthyArdrey Kell High SchoolS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18INFODaniel ZhangRidge High SchoolS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18INFOJacob SealsMorristown WestS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18INFOZoe KeeseLincoln EastS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18INFOCory WurtenbergerCypress Bay High School1
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18INFOJocelyn MarksDes Moines Roosevelt2
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18INFOTristan WertanzlCypress Bay High School3
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18INFOCharles MshombaHoly Ghost Preparatory4
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18INFOIan ChiuRiverside High School5
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18INFONatalie ClarkLIFT Academy6
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OOPooja KanumallaLake Highland PrepQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OOAvah DickinsonNSU University SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OOIan ChiuRiverside High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OOShaun KeatingUnion CatholicQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OONoah FordMillard NorthQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OOAlissa VuillierTrinity Preparatory SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OONihal KurkiRidge High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OOTristan WertanzlCypress Bay High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OOZoe KeeseLincoln EastQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OOAngelina ZhangMarriotts Ridge High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OORebecca PenevolpeUnion CatholicQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OOErin LeistLaurel Christian High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OOMarlo LacsonLoyola Blakefield High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OOAdam SuggsMyers Park High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OOMargaret DickeyMoorheadQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OODinah WalterChagrin FallsQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OOJonah Docter-LoebGeorgetown Day SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OOCharlize ChenRidge High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OORachel BinaNorth Allegheny High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OOPaulina HruskociShrewsbury High SchoolS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OONatalie WatsonBattle Ground AcademyS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OOClaire DouglasLaurel Christian High SchoolS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OOChristian HeraldThe Potomac SchoolS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OOAudrika ChattarajRidge High SchoolS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OONate ValenciaCalvert Hall College High SchoolS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OODaniel ZhangRidge High SchoolS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OOMichael PincusDreyfoos School of the ArS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OOHenry HurowitzNSU University SchoolS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OOAlbert Johnston-RamirezHoly Ghost Preparatory1
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OOChristopher GalassoHoly Ghost Preparatory2
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OONoah RabinovitchCypress Bay High School3
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OOMaxwell SuRidge High School4
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OOSaatvik KaulAmerican Heritage at Plantation5
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18OOBhrajit ThakurTrinity Preparatory School6
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18POIMarie StengelBattle Ground AcademyQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18POIAileen FloresCypress Bay High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18POIPedro ReyesMorristown WestQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18POIKevin D'AuriaHoly Ghost PreparatoryQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18POIKathy WeiRidge High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18POIJV FluehrLa Salle College High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18POISiddarth Rahalkar-SasaneRidge High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18POIKaylin AmbroseCypress Bay High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18POIGrace WissinkCary AcademyQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18POILogan BrownMcQuaid JesuitQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18POIAlexia CosmanCypress Bay High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18POIElizabeth SanchezRiverside High SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18POILexi GoodTrinity Preparatory SchoolQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18POISamuel SimeonMiramar HSQ
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18POIMakaela ReedJ Frank DobieS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18POIJordan SingerDr. Michael M. Krop Senior High SchoolS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18POIAbigail CanalejoAmerican Heritage at PlantationS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18POIKayla TurnerSacred Heart High SchoolS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18POINeha RazakRidge High SchoolS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18POIKeishon GrovesJ Frank DobieS
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18POIDaliss HicksMiramar HS1
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18POIWarren ForstmannMiramar HS2
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18POITaylor GilliamDesert Vista3
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18POITaegan CollinsMorristown West4
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18POIJared ShapiroHawken School5
GMU Patriot Games Classic11/30/18POIChris CoxMorristown West6
Mile High Invite12/2/18DIAvery Williams George Washington1st
Mile High Invite12/2/18DITanner HemmingsenGeorge Washington2nd
Mile High Invite12/2/18DICharlie WelchGeroge Washington3rd
Mile High Invite12/2/18DUOJacob Stock and Sydney JohnsonLakewood1st
Mile High Invite12/2/18DUOCasey Buisson and Madison CatheyHattiesburg High School2nd
Mile High Invite12/2/18DUOLuis Molina-Saenz and Vanessa MillarSTRIVE Prep RISE3rd
Mile High Invite12/2/18HITanner HemminsenGeorge Washington1st
Mile High Invite12/2/18HIJuliette WatkinsKent Denver2nd
Mile High Invite12/2/18HIJacob Stock Lakewood3rd
Mile High Invite12/2/18INFOCece AlaliWestmoore HS1st
Mile High Invite12/2/18OOSiamyra WilsonWestmoore HS1st
Mile High Invite12/2/18POIAvery WilliamsGeorge Washington1st