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Please search our database to find your qualifying tournament results. Each competitor must have AT LEAST TWO BIDS per event in order to qualify for the national competition using the bid system. Keep in mind that others ways to qualify include automatic, at-large and bonus, with details found here: http://nietoc.com/full-details/

Plano Senior8/26-27/22DXKyle LettererPlano West1
Plano Senior8/26-27/22DXGovind PattathilHebron2
Plano Senior8/26-27/22DXHayden ThomasHebron3
Plano Senior8/26-27/22IXGabrial BoPlano West1
Plano Senior8/26-27/22OOJoshua LiPlano West1
Plano Senior8/26-27/22OOIsabella RoyerSan Angelo Central2
Plano Senior8/26-27/22OOChristopher LordePlano West3
Plano Senior8/26-27/22INFPrisha BhatPlano East1
Plano Senior8/26-27/22INFIsabella SasiFlower Mound2
Plano Senior8/26-27/22INFJasmine JohnGarland3
Plano Senior8/26-27/22HIJack McLaughlinSan Angelo Central1
Plano Senior8/26-27/22DIJack McLaughlinSan Angelo Central1
Plano Senior8/26-27/22DIIsabella RoyerSan Angelo Central2
Plano Senior8/26-27/22DIManha HaquePlano West3
Plano Senior8/26-27/22POIJack McLaughlinSan Angelo Central1
Plano Senior8/26-27/22DUOJack McLaughlin & Isabella RoyerSan Angelo Central1
Plano Senior8/26-27/22DUOMira Chary & Shreya DhananjayanPlano East2
Plano Senior8/26-27/22DUOSigny Ackerman & Davis MorenoGrapevine3
Clark HS8/26-27/22DXSophia WeiJasper1
Clark HS8/26-27/22DXAbhinav ChelluryPlano West2
Clark HS8/26-27/22DXEvelyn DingJasper3
Clark HS8/26-27/22IXRaghav RamkiPlano East1
Clark HS8/26-27/22IXGabriel BoPlano West2
Clark HS8/26-27/22IXAmit KondaPlano West3
Clark HS8/26-27/22POIAdaolisa AgbakwuGarland1
Clark HS8/26-27/22INFOChristopher LordePlano West1
Clark HS8/26-27/22OOJoshua LiPlano West1
Clark HS8/26-27/22HISigny AckermannGrapevine1
Clark HS8/26-27/22DIIsabella RoyerSan Angelo Central1
Clark HS8/26-27/22DUOIsabella Royer & Jack McLaughlinSan Angelo Central1
Clark HS8/26-27/22DUOTristan Laird & Devon MaySan Angelo Central2
Clark HS8/26-27/22DUOMadison Mendoza & Simon RodgersGarland3
Hendrickson HS9/2-3/22HIDanae JacksonJudson1
Hendrickson HS9/2-3/22INFCharlize StoneLake Travis1
Hendrickson HS9/2-3/22OOChristal ChenWestlake1
Hendrickson HS9/2-3/22POIJake BroylesDripping Springs 1
Hendrickson HS9/2-3/22DUODanae Jackson & Ariel GonzalezJudson1
Hendrickson HS9/2-3/22DUOMary Hooper & Andrew MayoJudson2
Hendrickson HS9/2-3/22DUOStevie Anderson & Sallie UrdialezJudson3
Hendrickson HS9/2-3/22DUETJavier Lozano & Nadia PetruJames Bowie1
Hendrickson HS9/2-3/22DUETEmerson Curtis & Karissa RomeroJudson2
Hendrickson HS9/2-3/22DUETReyna Montelongo & Danae JacksonJudson3
Hendrickson HS9/2-3/22DILucas WilcoxJames Bowie1
Hendrickson HS9/2-3/22DIMia WilsonGeneva School of Boerne2
Hendrickson HS9/2-3/22DIMary Hooper Judson3
Hendrickson HS9/2-3/22IXKatherine PeckhamWestwood1
Hendrickson HS9/2-3/22IXSantiago Malpica CallejaVista Ridge2
Hendrickson HS9/2-3/22IXJustin PalazzoloA and M Consolidated3
Hendrickson HS9/2-3/22USXBaden RussellLC Anderson1
Hendrickson HS9/2-3/22USXKatarina RaichLake Travis2
Hendrickson HS9/2-3/22USXCristian AbarcaJames Bowie3
Hendrickson HS9/2-3/22USXLogan MarcumLC Anderson4
Hendrickson HS9/2-3/22USXMelinda LiA and M Consolidated5
Hendrickson HS9/2-3/22USXKendall Meachum LC Anderson6
Hendrickson HS9/2-3/22USXMaya GranoffWestwood7
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22HISallie UrdialezJudson1
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22INFCharlize StoneLake Travis1
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22POIJake BroylesDripping Springs 1
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22OOChristal ChenWestlake1
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22DUOMary Hooper & Andrew MayoJudson1
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22DUOSofia Chavez & Jadon DemetriJames Bowie2
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22DUODanae Jackson & Ariel GonzalezJudson3
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22DUETNadia Petru & Javier LozanoJames Bowie1
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22DUETMary Hooper & Daisy UriarteJudson2
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22DUETEmerson Curtis & Karissa RomeroJudson3
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22DIJavier Lozano James Bowie1
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22DIMary HooperJudson2
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22DIJake BroylesDripping Springs 3
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22IXKatherine PeckhamWestwood1
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22IXWaleed HaiderHendrickson2
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22IXJustin PalazzoloA and M Consolidated3
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22USXKatarina RaichLake Travis1
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22USXBaden RussellLC Anderson2
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22USXKendall Meachum LC Anderson3
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22USXMelinda LiA and M Consolidated4
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22USXCristian AbarcaJames Bowie5
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22USXVince PhamWestwood6
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22USXMaya HayHendrickson7
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22USXLogan MarcumLC Anderson8
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22USXDeval VazirDripping Springs Semis
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22USXHadley WimmerHendricksonSemis
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22USXClaire WangA and M ConsolidatedSemis
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22USXGabby O'DonnellHendricksonSemis
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22USXMackenzie McLeodWestlakeSemis
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22USXMeera MenonLake TravisSemis
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22USXZoe CostanzaDripping Springs Semis
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22USXRadha SreenivasanLake TravisSemis
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22USXSallie UrdialezJudsonSemis
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22USXSophie ChapoDripping Springs Semis
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22USXWaleed Tareen Lake TravisSemis
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22USXGabriel UgaldeJudsonSemis
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22USXJordan ValenzuelaHendricksonSemis
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22USXAva LambertHendricksonSemis
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22USXGabrielle GuytonHendricksonSemis
Pflugerville HS9/2-3/22USXKentaro YamauchiA and M ConsolidatedSemis
Grapevine High School9/10USXGabriel BoPlano West1
Grapevine High School9/10USXMadeline TsaoPlano West2
Grapevine High School9/10USXTyler CrivellaSeven Lakes3
Grapevine High School9/10USXTheodore GerckenCollege Prep4
Grapevine High School9/10USXSofia EstebanSeven Lakes5
Grapevine High School9/10USXKatherine DanielsonSeven Lakes6
Grapevine High School9/10USXSophia WeiJasperSemis
Grapevine High School9/10USXGovind PattathilHebronSemis
Grapevine High School9/10USXIris ChengSeven LakesSemis
Grapevine High School9/10USXRohan KathuriaSeven LakesSemis
Grapevine High School9/10USXAnirudh PrasannaPlano WestSemis
Grapevine High School9/10USXKyle LettererPlano WestSemis
Grapevine High School9/10USXKendall Meachum LC AndersonSemis
Grapevine High School9/10USXAayush MishraSouthlake CarrollSemis
Grapevine High School9/10USXAnanya SinghCentennialSemis
Grapevine High School9/10USXRoshan ShivnaniSheptonSemis
Grapevine High School9/10DIJude RostOak Grove1
Grapevine High School9/10DIAdaolisa AgbakwuGarland2
Grapevine High School9/10DIManha HaquePlano West3
Grapevine High School9/10DuetLily Steinhauser & Lucky CantuLC Anderson1
Grapevine High School9/10DuetVikrant Jeeva & Roshan VajinapalliPlano East2
Grapevine High School9/10DuetReese Aksamit & Mira CharyPlano East3
Grapevine High School9/10DuoIsaiah Liggins & Nadia EsatellSpring Woods1
Grapevine High School9/10DuoSteffan Ardis & Zachary RifkinOak Grove2
Grapevine High School9/10DuoAvery Fedele & Piper StephensonAndrews3
Grapevine High School9/10HILauren BazanEmerson1
Grapevine High School9/10INFOTaylor WhitleySpring Woods1
Grapevine High School9/10INFOKaren CuiJordan2
Grapevine High School9/10INFOJoshua LiPlano West3
Grapevine High School9/10IXDaniel RupawallaTompkins1
Grapevine High School9/10IXPhoena LinPlano West2
Grapevine High School9/10IXNatalie PangSeven Lakes3
Grapevine High School9/10IXJuliana FrancoSeven Lakes4
Grapevine High School9/10IXPranav KalakuntlaPlano West5
Grapevine High School9/10IXKaaviya ShenbaharamanPlano West6
Grapevine High School9/10OOMaxwell HarrisonEdmond Santa Fe1
Grapevine High School9/10OOHaniyyah ZiaPlano West2
Grapevine High School9/10OOMadison O'NealKeller3
Grapevine High School9/10OOPrisha BhatPlano East4
Grapevine High School9/10OOSam HaggertyPlano West5
Grapevine High School9/10OOUma DevarakondaSouthlake Carroll6
Grapevine High School9/10POIJake BroylesDripping Springs 1
J. Frank Dobie9/2-3/2022DXKatherine DanielsonSeven Lakes High School5
J. Frank Dobie9/2-3/2022DXSofia EstebanSeven Lakes High School2
J. Frank Dobie9/2-3/2022DXKate NjeruSeven Lakes High School4
J. Frank Dobie9/2-3/2022DXTyler CrivellaSeven Lakes High School1
J. Frank Dobie9/2-3/2022DXMeghana KunapareddyTompkins High School3
J. Frank Dobie9/2-3/2022DXGaurav VergheseLV Hightower High School6
J. Frank Dobie9/2-3/2022FXLishore KumarTomball High School1
J. Frank Dobie9/2-3/2022FXDaniel RupawallaTompkins High School2
J. Frank Dobie9/2-3/2022FXJanaki SankarTompkins High School3
J. Frank Dobie9/2-3/2022DIVictoria HuSeven Lakes High School1
J. Frank Dobie9/2-3/2022DUETSadlier & Hickman ChowWoodlands High School1
J. Frank Dobie9/2-3/2022DUETCarter & SeetonWoodlands High School2
J. Frank Dobie9/2-3/2022DUETDaughtery & McCleodWoodlands High School3
J. Frank Dobie9/2-3/2022DUOBronsell & PattonFoster High School1
J. Frank Dobie9/2-3/2022DUOGandikota & RajputSeven Lakes High School2
J. Frank Dobie9/2-3/2022DUOCaesar & YoungFulshear High School3
J. Frank Dobie9/2-3/2022HILinda WuSeven Lakes High School1
J. Frank Dobie9/2-3/2022INFOSofia EstebanSeven Lakes High School1
J. Frank Dobie9/2-3/2022OOMeghana KunapareddyTompkins High School1
J. Frank Dobie9/2-3/2022OOGabriel AjaegbuAlief Elsik2
J. Frank Dobie9/2-3/2022OOPrachi RajputSeven Lakes High School3
J. Frank Dobie9/2-3/2022POIVictory OkorojiHastings High School1
Spring High School9/9 - 10/ 2022FXSteve BrownCaney Creek High School1
Spring High School9/9 - 10/ 2022POIKaron PettyKlein Collins High School 1
Spring High School9/9 - 10/ 2022OOAline ZacariasCypress Park 1
Spring High School9/9 - 10/ 2022INFOVivian VuJersey Village 1
Spring High School9/9 - 10/ 2022DUONasim Aleen and Tung VoJersey Village 1
Spring High School9/9 - 10/ 2022DUOEthan Ratcliff and Jayden MedellinJersey Village 2
Spring High School9/9 - 10/ 2022DUODestiny Nguyen & Vivian VuJersey Village 3
Spring High School9/9 - 10/ 2022Duet Rebeca Salazar & Jacob HodgsonCypress Ranch High School1
Spring High School9/9 - 10/ 2022Duet Nasim Aleem & Jayden MedellinJersey Village 2
Spring High School9/9 - 10/ 2022Duet Demmie Tristan & Victoria OrozcoJersey Village 3
Spring High School9/9 - 10/ 2022DXMaribel Garza Incarnate Word Academy1
Spring High School9/9 - 10/ 2022DXTheresa VegaGrand Oaks 2
Spring High School9/9 - 10/ 2022DXAustin ThibodeauxGrand Oaks 3
Spring High School9/9 - 10/ 2022DINicole Lee Cypress PArk 1
Spring High School9/9 - 10/ 2022DINasim AleemJersey Village 2
Spring High School9/9 - 10/ 2022DIAnne-Jolie Wilson Cypress Ranch 3
Spring High School9/9 - 10/ 2022HITung VoJersey Village 1
Dekaney HS9/9 - 10/ 2022DINasim AleemJersey Village1
Dekaney HS9/9 - 10/ 2022DXMaisa AhmadKlein Collins1
Dekaney HS9/9 - 10/ 2022DXJakob GabareeKingwood HS2
Dekaney HS9/9 - 10/ 2022DXSorina SouthernWoodlands College Park 3
Dekaney HS9/9 - 10/ 2022Duet Demmie Tristan & Victoria OrozcoJersey Village 1
Dekaney HS9/9 - 10/ 2022Duet Julia Gilbertson & Aliyah Nora Spring HS2
Dekaney HS9/9 - 10/ 2022Duet Jade McKissic & Kyair ThorntonSpring HS3
Dekaney HS9/9 - 10/ 2022Duo Nasim Aleen and Tung VoJersey Village 1
Dekaney HS9/9 - 10/ 2022DuoBeaux Coleman & Genevive NyaduSpring HS2
Dekaney HS9/9 - 10/ 2022DuoDemmie Tristan & Victoria OrozcoJersey Village HS3
Dekaney HS9/9 - 10/ 2022FXSteven BrownCaney Creek HS1
Dekaney HS9/9 - 10/ 2022HITung VoJersey Village 1
Dekaney HS9/9 - 10/ 2022InfoLea NailGrand Oaks 1
Dekaney HS9/9 - 10/ 2022OOAvanthi ReddyJersey Village 1
Dekaney HS9/9 - 10/ 2022POINasim AleemJersey Village1
NIETOCMAY '22DITristan Flores OA QE SAHarlingen High SchoolAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DIAni Heikkila OB QB SB FRosevilleAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DIMarielle Hinrichs OD QCLincoln Southeast SpeechQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DIManha Haque OE QBPlano West Senior HighQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DISanyu Mwassa OF QA SB FWhite Bear Lake High SchoolAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DIJake Broyles OG QADripping Springs High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DIWalker Blackwell OH QC SB FPlano West Senior HighAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DICailin Mayotte OI QDEastviewQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DIWilliam Holland OJGrapevine High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DILucy Standafer OJ QE SB FApple ValleyAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DIAquilla Dunn OI QC SAApple ValleyAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DIWendy Kanmogne OH QB SBMillard NorthAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DIAmanda Liu OGLiangyi Youth LeadershipOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DIDelaney Craig OF QEMunster High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DIDani Schulz OE QD SACheyenne EastAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DILogan Green OD QC SA FHattiesburg High SchoolAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DIAdaolisa Agbakwu OCGarlandOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DIKate Nidome OB QEArchbishop MittyQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DICallie Peterson OA QA SAWoodbury High SchoolAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DIAdeline Mai OA QEThe Village High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DIAmanda Perez OBJudson High School Theatre ArtsOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DIAdesimbo Hamza OC QCJames LoganQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DIOluwatofunmi Jewesimi ODSeven Lakes HSOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DIMax Apel OELincoln EastOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DIRogelio Raul Noriega Joseph OFBradley TechOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DIDawson Dynek OG QELincoln Southeast SpeechQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DINicole Choi OH QBSunset High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DIOlivia Wang OIFossil Ridge High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DIBriana Newson OJ QAJudson High School Theatre ArtsQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DITimothy Leung OJ QDSaratoga High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DIMia Moore Walker OIFlintridge Preparatory SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DIAva Wells OH QBCanton McKinleyQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DILauren Bender OG QA SBHarlingen High SchoolAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DICameron Coolidge OFLa Salle HSOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DIOluwadara Adebanjo OE QDElsik High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DISantina Juma ODLiberty NorthOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DIMorgan Kittrell OCPlano Sr HS Speech and DebateOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DIKendall Lawless OBCannon FallsOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DIJoyce Chang OAPlano Sr HS Speech and DebateOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DIMadison Ramey OB QDLincoln SouthwestQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DIIlham Yasin OA QBApple ValleyQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DIRachel Laws OC QCLincoln EastQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DIAlexander Bailey ODRosevilleOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DILane Dehnel OE QAApple ValleyQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DIHibaq Hassan OFApple ValleyOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DIWayne Southwell OGApple ValleyOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DIMorgan Oksendahl OHEastviewOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DIJaden Terry OIBlue Springs SouthOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DIJenny Jiang OJSunset High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DIConnor Houston OJWestonka Speech TeamOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DICady Hasan OISt. Thomas Aquinas High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DIGrant Gibson OHArchbishop BerganOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DIAudrey Schwartz OGEaganOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DICarolina Kortan OFHarlingen High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DINatalia Martinez OERichard King High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DITamiah Stocks ODWestmoore HSOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DIWindsor Bissell OCW.B. RayOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DISmriti Datta OBPrior LakeOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DIHannah Jude Rost OAOak Grove High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DABenjamin Trevino and Tristan Flores SB FHarlingen High SchoolAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DADestiny Ryan and Ashley Wood SA FWestmoore HSAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DAAlexander Bailey and Norah Shea SB FRosevilleAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DAWilliam Holland and Signy Ackerman SA FGrapevine High SchoolAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DARachel West and Dani Schulz SA FCheyenne EastAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DATheresa Gygi and Reed Greger SBLourdes Central CatholicAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DAChristian Kahl and Riley Spencer SBGregory-Portland High SchoolAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DASummer Lucio and Lauren Bender SAHarlingen High SchoolAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DAElias Vasquez and Ariel Castellano SAGregory-Portland High SchoolAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DAChloe Fitzgerald and Cristina Welch SBCheyenne EastAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DAHaylee Josoff and Sara Kicak SBElmwood Murdock SchoolsAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DAAaron Anderson and Juli Chapa SA FJudson High School Theatre ArtsAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DUOSomtoo Nkurumeh and Kama Wyatt OA QA SA FWestmoore HSAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DUOEvelyn Gore and Alice Hovendon OB QB SB FEaganAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DUOAaron Anderson and Elijah Walker OC QD SB FJudson High School Theatre ArtsAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DUOGiselle Lipsky and Owen Grossman OD QC SANew West Charter High SchoolAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DUONate Krekeler and Morgan Oksendahl OE QE SA FEastviewAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DUOLily Weaver and Georgia Barge OF QD SALiberty NorthAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DUOLauren Bender and Tristan Flores OG QAHarlingen High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DUOHaleigh Little and Hannah Jude Rost OH QBOak Grove High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DUOInaya Siddiqui and Sindurgouri Hegde OI QDJames LoganQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DUOLianna Morelli and Jami Lewis OJ QALiberty NorthQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DUOKennedy Hack-Juman and Sophie Simon OJ QA SB FAmerican Heritage at BrowardAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DUOLydia Voss and Wayne Southwell OI QC SA FApple ValleyAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DUOEddie Tidball and Ani Heikkila OG QE SBRosevilleAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DUOCarolina Kortan and Audrey Nguyen OH QE SBHarlingen High SchoolAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DUOArjun Dawar and Vikram Dawar OF QBJames LoganQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DUOSophie Todaro and Lane Dehnel OE QAApple ValleyQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DUOLatifah Adesina and Oluwadara Adebanjo OD QEElsik High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DUOCale Breuers and Evelyn Silliman OC QB SAWadsworthAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DUOElijah Goss and Elias Goss OB QCDenver EastQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DUOHibaq Hassan and Fadumo Dolal OA QDApple ValleyQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DUOZoey Meier and Connor Smith OB QBApple ValleyQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DUOAngel Dominguez and Olivia Brothers OA QAEastviewQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DUOEric Matsumoto and Amit Chathoth OCArchbishop MittyOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DUOElla Holland and Signy Ackerman OD QB SBGrapevine High SchoolAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22DUOEmma Maughan and Natalia Martinez OE QCRichard King High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DUOBellamy Brockman and Briggs Maynor OG QCLiberty NorthQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DUOHannah Garinger and Olivia Weaver OF QCShikellamy High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DUOMax Apel and Jack Welstead OH QDLincoln EastQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DUOGrace Alagbo and Mfaz Mohamed Ali OJ QEApple ValleyQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DUOEvyen Castillo and Summer Lucio OIHarlingen High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DUOPeyton Ellis and Sydney Ellis OJChatfieldOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DUOCharis Morasch and Jaden Terry OIBlue Springs SouthOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DUOAudrey Schwartz and James Eiden OH QDEaganQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DUOJacob Nguyen and Lucy Gong OG QEJames LoganQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22DUOFederico Lesmes and Brenna Whitten OFElkhorn South SpeechOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DUONitiya Arun and Sivaani Anandkumar OEShakopeeOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DUOConnor Huffman and Caroline Hsu OCThe Village High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DUOAndrew Mayo and Mary Hooper ODJudson High School Theatre ArtsOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DUOHarper Allen and Korben Ockander OALincoln EastOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DUOEthan Dwyer and Carter Davis OBWestmoore HSOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DUOAva Rasmussen and Matthew Urigles Suarez OCApple ValleyOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DUOMarijka Vernooy and Amy Gruber OBArchbishop MittyOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DUOGracie Schwlam and Reagan Schwalm OALiberty NorthOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DUOCharles Iverson and Michael Casner ODMunster High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DUOTara Gaither and James Ferguson OEMunster High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DUOAsia Anderson and Vignesh Karthik OFOak Grove High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DUOJoanita Mensah and Kenzie Mattox OGLincoln SouthwestOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DUOThailia Schroeder and Morgan Foote OHElkhorn South SpeechOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DUOEmily Middleton and Madeleine Dore OIOronoOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DUOGreta Hall and Jillian Petty OJBenilde-St. MargaretOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DUOCally Ignatius and Hans Elasri OJOak Grove High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DUOJacob Parkinson and Quinn Hendel OITwo Rivers High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DUONiklas Schintgen and Mika Owens OHLansing High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DUOSolemei Scamaroni and Adeline Mai OGThe Village High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DUOSteffan Ardis and Zachary Rifkin OEOak Grove High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DUODominic Moore and Clara Bode OFLawrence HSOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DUOJosh Nguyen and Sonja Hackenmueller ODSartellOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DUOLuke Nash and Nusrat Amin OCLincoln EastOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DUOAva Carlson and James Rende OBWillmar High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22DUOLily Mook and Katie Wieseler OALincoln SouthwestOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22EXTGabriel Bo OA QA SA FPlano West Senior HighAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22EXTGursimrat Dahry OC QD SB FStillwater Area High SchoolAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22EXTKyle Letterer OD QC SB FPlano West Senior HighAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22EXTNate Watts OE QB SBCarlsbad HighAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22EXTGavin Sun OG QAWoodbury High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22EXTVikram Sundaram OH QDSolonQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22EXTGavin Davis OI QE SAMankato EastAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22EXTEmily Lawrence OJ QBEast RidgeQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22EXTThomas Vandenburg OI QD SA FFlintridge Preparatory SchoolAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22EXTNitya Nekkanti OH QCDublin JeromeQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22EXTSwadesh Sistla OG QAModernBrainQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22EXTAidan Marks OE QEBenilde-St. MargaretQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22EXTPhoena Lin OC QDPlano West Senior HighQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22EXTBrennan Lee OB QBPlano West Senior HighQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22EXTVikram Menon OAMillard NorthOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22EXTLeo Goldberg OA QCLincoln EastQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22EXTIesh Gujral OB QC SA FEden PrairieAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22EXTGovind Pattathil OC QE SAHebron High SchoolAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22EXTJulia Duan OE QEPlano West Senior HighQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22EXTRahul Balaji ODWoodbury High SchoolAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22EXTOlivia Wetzel OF QBWhitmerQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22EXTTheodore Gercken OG QBCollege PrepQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22EXTNina Raich OH QCLake Travis High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22EXTArvind Maran OI QDShakopeeQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22EXTAnirudh Prasanna OJPlano West Senior HighOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22EXTTyler Crivella OISeven Lakes HSOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22EXTAjay Inampudi OGShakopeeOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22EXTArmaan Yarlagadda OFPembroke Hill SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22EXTAva Roots OEStillwater Area High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22EXTTaylor Burris ODThe Potomac SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22EXTMeghna Ittycheria OCLake Travis High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22EXTBrynja Lockman OBBenilde-St. MargaretOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22EXTAmelia Schwensen OA QELincoln SouthwestQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22EXTGabriel Nagel OADenver EastOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22EXTVansh Mathur OBCupertino High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22EXTMichael Im OCLansing High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22EXTPranav Gorty ODPlano EastOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22EXTArjun Nair OEMillard NorthOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22EXTEzra Joseph OFLawrence Free State High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22EXTMinkai Li OHWoodbury High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22EXTKevin Li OG QARidge High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22EXTAlana Nahabedian OIAmplus AcademyOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22EXTSydney Carroll OJBattle Ground AcademyOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22EXTKrish Shah OJHebron High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22EXTSamarth Manniker OIPennsburyOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22EXTKaelyn Wellman OHOlathe NorthwestOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22EXTLincoln Borrowman OGSkyview High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22EXTNihilesh Pari OFKaty Jordan High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22EXTSarah Lange OERaymond CentralOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22EXTCash Mendenhall ODWest High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22EXTFrances Martin OCMounds Park AcademyOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22EXTEli Craddock OBDripping Springs High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22EXTHans Elasri OAOak Grove High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22HISrilaasya Nedunoori OA QD SAMillard NorthAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22HISophie Todaro OC QB SA FApple ValleyAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22HISigny Ackerman OD QC SB FGrapevine High SchoolAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22HISritha Bhupatiraju OE QE SBArchbishop MittyAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22HICat-Tam Huynh OG QB SBVelasquez AcademyAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22HIUnnati Seshardri OH QC SB FJames LoganAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22HIZoe Sellner-Keer OG QBEast RidgeQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22HIGrant Gibson OF QE SAArchbishop BerganAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22HIHayden Cone OD QAArchbishop BerganQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22HIKennedy Hack-Juman OC QE SAAmerican Heritage at BrowardAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22HIReed Greger OB QELourdes Central CatholicQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22HIMfaz Mohamed Ali OA QDApple ValleyQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22HIAnmol Bhide OA QE SAJames LoganAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22HILily Pope OBElmwood Murdock SchoolsOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22HIAlek Araguz OC QDHarlingen High School SouthQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22HISasha Greer ODCanton McKinleyOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22HIAnna Raycroft OE QA SB FMunster High SchoolAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22HIOlivia Ledger OF QCArchbishop MittyQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22HIDawson Pape OG QD SA FSt. Cloud TechAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22HIRachel Laws OHLincoln EastOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22HIEmma Maughan OHRichard King High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22HIBenjamin Trevino OG QBHarlingen High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22HIAudrey Nguyen OFHarlingen High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22HISupraja Sudarsan OE QCStrath Haven High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22HIConnor Curran ODCentervilleOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22HIJary Santos Segovia OCWillmar High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22HIJulia Clausen OBMillard NorthOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22HIAdriah Hedrick OAPrior LakeOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22HIGodwin Agbara OB QBEastviewQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22HIOlivia Nelson OC QDLincoln Southeast SpeechQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22HIBhavita Peddi OD QDJames LoganQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22HIWalker Blackwell OEPlano West Senior HighOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22HIEli Craddock OF QCDripping Springs High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22HIMadeleine Dore OGOronoOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22HIKevin Amaro OHLincoln SouthwestOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22HIEmma Biebighauser OH QAGrapevine High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22HIGrace Garfoot OGKent Denver SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22HIWilliam Holland OEGrapevine High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22HIHarper Mays OFWestmoore HSOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22HIKaleah Dorsey OD QETusky Valley HSQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22HIVivek Variar OCPalo Verde High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22HISivaani Anandkumar OB QAShakopeeQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22INFMaria Kolb OA QA SBWoodbury High SchoolAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22INFSophie Green OB QB SA FApple ValleyAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22INFAnneteke Adoga OC QD SB FWoodbury High SchoolAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22INFAurora Lai OD QC SAAmerican Heritage at BrowardAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22INFAustin Yuan OE QA SATrinity Preparatory SchoolAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22INFReese Taylor OF QC SB FTrinity Preparatory SchoolAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22INFGursimrat Dahry OG QE SA FStillwater Area High SchoolAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22INFEllie Stumbo OI QE SBApple ValleyAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22INFMarit Hickey OJ QCStillwater Area High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22INFZuleika Dewan OH QEWoodbury High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22INFAlaina Mupparthi OG QBCupertino High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22INFArif Ansari OF QB SA FWoodbury High SchoolAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22INFKaren Cui OE QDKaty Jordan High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22INFSahithi Polavarapu ODEast RidgeOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22INFAhilan Karuppusami OC QCArchbishop MittyQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22INFAnna Adamson OB QCWoodbury High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22INFHalle Browning OAChaskaOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22INFIsaac Hepper OBEden PrairieOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22INFAnnika Sunkara OC QBDublin JeromeQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22INFHarper Schupbach OD QELincoln EastQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22INFNishita Das OE QAEden PrairieQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22INFSolomon Henderson OFCheyenne EastOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22INFKate Jones OGAuburn High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22INFPranavi Athota OH QAMillard NorthQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22INFMinaal Kauser OI QDRidge High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22INFAmani Al-Hamedi OJ QE SB FLincoln SouthwestAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22INFRohan Tawade OJ QDArchbishop MittyQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22INFIlana Andrev OIWestonka Speech TeamOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22INFJoshua Li OHPlano West Senior HighOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22INFNandini Manepalli OGBASIS ChandlerOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22INFCat-Tam Huynh OFVelasquez AcademyOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22INFOlivia Nelson OE QELincoln Southeast SpeechQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22INFKate Bingham ODLincoln High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22INFIsabella Razdan OCLincoln EastOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22INFizzabella drummer OBTusky Valley HSOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22INFAnnabelle Kalweit OAApple ValleyOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22INFNoah Williamson OAOak Grove High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22INFMarijka Vernooy OB QAArchbishop MittyQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22INFSripradha Manikantan OD QBJames LoganQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22INFDavyn Jones OEDublin JeromeOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22INFAlek Araguz OFHarlingen High School SouthOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22INFRoma Tivare OG QAJames LoganQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22INFManuel Martinez OHRichard King High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22INFNikhill Andrew OIEden PrairieOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22INFAdithi Deeduvanu OJMillard NorthOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22INFSarah Lange OJRaymond CentralOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22INFAnika Veltkamp OICheyenne EastOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22INFEva Gronewold OHLincoln EastOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22INFMay Zhang OGCollege PrepOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22INFAshritha Chiguluri OFMillard NorthOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22INFJack Stutler OELawrence HSOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22INFJacob Parkinson ODTwo Rivers High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22INFJack (John) Hinrichs OCSioux Falls WashingtonOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22INFNate Green OBBlue Springs SouthOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22INFAnnie Chen OAHigh School: The Overlake SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22OOIlham Yasin OA QD SB FApple ValleyAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22OONandini Patel OB QC SAWestmoore HSAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22OOLydia Voss OD QA SA FApple ValleyAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22OOAmara Fernandes OE QCArchbishop MittyQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22OOMinkai Li OF QA SAWoodbury High SchoolAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22OOJeet Patel OG QBMonroe Township high schoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22OOTamyia Bender OH QB SA FBellevue WestAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22OOWhitney Brooks OI QACheyenne CentralQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22OOEsther Oyetunji OJ QE SA FAmerican Heritage at BrowardAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22OOSwadesh Sistla OJ QA SA FModernBrainAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22OOCarly Aikens OI QB SBAmerican Heritage at BrowardAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22OONaomi Ling OHRiver Hill HighOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22OOIvan Levitt OGGeorge WashingtonOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22OOReema Guda OF QC SBMillard NorthAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22OOAsh Koncar OERosevilleOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22OOOwen Grossman OD QANew West Charter High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22OOMythri Sekar OBJames LoganOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22OORohan Tawade OC QDArchbishop MittyQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22OOAnneteke Adoga OA QCWoodbury High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22OOThy Luong OA QD SBNotre Dame San JoseQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22OOAmelia Schwensen OB QELincoln SouthwestQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22OOOlivia Wetzel OC QEWhitmerQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22OONayla Morshed OD QEPlano Sr HS Speech and DebateQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22OONeha Patole OE QEShakopeeQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22OOAlharith Dameh OF QB SBApple ValleyAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22OOCaroline Hsu OHThe Village High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22OOAnakha Ganesh OI QCJames LoganQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22OODestiny Ryan OJWestmoore HSOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22OODanielle Dake OJ QDShakopeeQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22OOKana Park OIFlintridge Sacred Heart AcademyOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22OOVansh Mathur OHCupertino High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22OOKama Wyatt OGWestmoore HSOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22OOMarin Napolitano OFMountain View High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22OOPoojita Balusu OEKaty Jordan High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22OOManushri Malkapurapu ODHebron High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22OOAlex Lee OCHarvard-WestlakeOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22OOJihan Abdi OBApple ValleyOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22OORobyn Boyland OABellevue WestOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22OOJoshua Li OA QCPlano West Senior HighOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22OOHaniyyah Zia OBPlano West Senior HighOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22OOZcherina Villegas OC QBCheyenne EastQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22OOSundiata Enuke ODViewpointOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22OODylan Tessmer OE QADassel-Cokato High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22OOMaya Savory OFOmaha Brownell-TalbotOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22OOAngel Dominguez OG QDEastviewQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22OOHarini Ganapathy OHEast RidgeOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22OOSupraja Sudarsan OI QDStrath Haven High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22OOLillian Guggisberg OJMarshallOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22OODiya Kayaleh OJWayzataOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22OOSaleha Ali OIWoodbury High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22OOEmily Wang OHEleanor Roosevelt High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22OOGabriela Ruiz OGMunster High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22OONirmay Anantha OFSunset High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22OOZuleika Dewan OEWoodbury High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22OOSuhawni Narang ODW.B. RayOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22OODeyab Syed OCCollege PrepOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22OOSolemei Scamaroni OBThe Village High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22OOKate Bingham OALincoln High SchoolOCTA
NIETOCMAY '22POICarly Gelles OA QE SB FScarsdaleAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22POISantina Juma OB QD SA FLiberty NorthAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22POIMelanie Liburd OC QCNova High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22POIEmily Melville OD QBApple ValleyQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22POILilly Nguyen OE QB SB FTrinity Preparatory SchoolAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22POITamyia Bender OF QABellevue WestQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22POIAlek Araguz OG QA SBHarlingen High School SouthAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22POIAbigail Oresanya OH QCSolonQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22POICallie Peterson OH QA SB FWoodbury High SchoolAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22POILatifah Adesina OG QC SA FElsik High SchoolAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22POIAaron Anderson OF QD SAJudson High School Theatre ArtsAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22POINoldine Belizaire OE QA SA FStoneman DouglasAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22POISydney Kwasa OD QE SBMillard NorthAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22POINatalie Roots-Nowakowski OC QB SAThe Potomac SchoolAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22POIErik Rasmussen OB QEEast RidgeQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22POIAkshay Mehta OA QDOmaha Brownell-TalbotQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22POIKate Tucker OB QD SBPlano Sr HS Speech and DebateQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22POIKaylee Flowers OC QDElsik High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22POIRobyn Boyland OD QEBellevue WestQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22POIOwen Grossman OE QBNew West Charter High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22POIGabriella Abaunza OF QC SAApple ValleyAUTO
NIETOCMAY '22POIRachel West OG QCCheyenne EastQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22POICeleste Cruz Rivera OHLincoln EastOCTO
NIETOCMAY '22POIOluwadara Adebanjo OH QEElsik High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22POIAnneteke Adoga OG QBWoodbury High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22POIMotewogbola Awobokun OF QBKaty Jordan High SchoolQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22POIGeorgia Barge OELiberty NorthOCTO
NIETOCMAY '22POIReed Greger OD QCLourdes Central CatholicQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22POIWendy Kanmogne OC QDMillard NorthQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22POIAdeline Mai OBThe Village High SchoolOCTO
NIETOCMAY '22POIMadison Ramey OA QALincoln SouthwestQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22POIMadi Quayle OACentennialOCTO
NIETOCMAY '22POIDani Schulz OB QACheyenne EastQRTR
NIETOCMAY '22POIJakayla Brown OCSumner Academy of Arts & ScienceOCTO
NIETOCMAY '22POIDavin Ro ODCheyenne EastOCTO
NIETOCMAY '22POIAudrey Schwartz OEEaganOCTO
NIETOCMAY '22POIMac Vaverka OFLincoln EastOCTO
NIETOCMAY '22POIHaleigh Little OGOak Grove High SchoolOCTO
NIETOCMAY '22POISaivi Sahijpal OHJames LoganOCTO
NIETOCMAY '22POINate Green OHBlue Springs SouthOCTO
NIETOCMAY '22POIKimberly Medina OGJames LoganOCTO
NIETOCMAY '22POISiyona Sarma OFCupertino High SchoolOCTO
NIETOCMAY '22POIKrishnni Khanna ODModernBrainOCTO
NIETOCMAY '22POIKambrie White OCCheyenne EastOCTO
NIETOCMAY '22POIAlex Yang OBOak Grove High SchoolOCTO
NIETOCMAY '22POIGabriel Ajaegbu OAElsik High SchoolOCTO
Lindale High School9/17/22DIMax BlackwellPlano West Senior High1st
Lindale High School9/17/22DIWalker BlackwellPlano West Senior High2nd
Lindale High School9/17/22DIAdaolisa AgbakwuGarland High School3rd
Lindale High School9/17/22DXKyle LettererPlano West Senior High1st
Lindale High School9/17/22DXAnirudh PrasannaPlano West Senior High2nd
Lindale High School9/17/22DXKatherine LeePlano West Senior High3rd
Lindale High School9/17/22DUOWalker Blackwell & Manha HaquePlano West Senior High1st
Lindale High School9/17/22DUOSimon Rodgers & Madison MendozaGarland High School2nd
Lindale High School9/17/22DUOMira Chary &Shreya DhananjayanPlano East Senior High3rd
Lindale High School9/17/22HITristan RamonPlano East Senior High1st
Lindale High School9/17/22INFOPrisha BhatPlano East Senior High1st
Lindale High School9/17/22IXKaaviya ShenbaharamanPlano West Senior High1st
Lindale High School9/17/22OOVedha VaddarajuPlano West Senior High1st
Lindale High School9/17/22OOMadison O'NealKeller High School2nd
Lindale High School9/17/22OOAnishka AndeFlower Mound High School3rd
Lindale High School9/17/22POIMax BlackwellPlano West Senior High1st
Clear Falls High School9/16-17/22DUETZacaria Washington & Harrison FortsonJersey Village High1st
Clear Falls High School9/16-17/22DUETAndrew Vallejo & Aiyanna SelphJersey Village High2nd
Clear Falls High School9/16-17/22DUETVictoria Orozco & Demmie TristanJersey Village High3rd
Clear Falls High School9/16-17/22DUOVictoria Orozco & Demmie TristanJersey Village High1st
Clear Falls High School9/16-17/22DUOVivian Vu & Destiny NguyenJersey Village High2nd
Clear Falls High School9/16-17/22DUOEmily Clementi & Lily PratClear Creek High3rd
Clear Falls High School9/16-17/22DXJacob SmithFriendswood High1st
Clear Falls High School9/16-17/22DXAriella CaliliClear Brook High2nd
Clear Falls High School9/16-17/22DXKaden FarringtonBarbers Hill High3rd
Clear Falls High School9/16-17/22IXMischa WijesekeraLamar High1st
Clear Falls High School9/16-17/22HIRyan OnJersey Village High1st
Clear Falls High School9/16-17/22DINasim AleemJersey Village High1st
Clear Falls High School9/16-17/22OOMaria FaiCy-Fair High1st
Clear Falls High School9/16-17/22POISanvi KumpatlaCy-Fair High1st
Clear Falls High School9/16-17/22INFMisbah AzizClear Brook High1st
Harlingen High School9/2-9/3DUOEmmanuel Pena & Brennan GarciaMcAllen HS1st
Harlingen High School9/2-9/3DUOEmma Maughan & Hannah ShellRichard King High School2nd
Harlingen High School9/2-9/3DUOAidan Armena & Isabel HinojosaWB Ray HS3rd
Harlingen High School9/2-9/3DUETLogan Stewart & Mia MunozWB Ray HS1st
Harlingen High School9/2-9/3DUETXavier Ruiz & Sydney QuimbyCC Carroll2nd
Harlingen High School9/2-9/3DUETIsabel Hinojosa & Aiden ArmenaWB Ray HS3rd
Harlingen High School9/2-9/3DIXavier RuizCC Carroll1st
Harlingen High School9/2-9/3DICadee VelasquezHarlingen HS South2nd
Harlingen High School9/2-9/3DIWindsor BissellWB Ray HS3rd
Harlingen High School9/2-9/3HIEmma MaughanRichard King High School1st
Harlingen High School9/2-9/3HISydney QuimblyCC Carroll2nd
Harlingen High School9/2-9/3HIAidan ArmenaWB Ray HS3rd
Harlingen High School9/2-9/3INFWindsor BissellWB Ray HS1st
Harlingen High School9/2-9/3DXDabeluchi IsiofiaVeterans Memorial1st
Harlingen High School9/2-9/3FXSuhawni NarangWB Ray HS1st
Harlingen High School9/2-9/3OODabeluchi IsiofiaVeterans Memorial1st
Harlingen High School9/2-9/3POIXavier RuizCC Carroll1st
Harlingen High School South9/2-9/3DXElizabeth GarciaWB Ray HS1st
Harlingen High School South9/2-9/3DIWindsor BissellWB Ray HS1st
Harlingen High School South9/2-9/3DIVivienne WestMcAllen HS2nd
Harlingen High School South9/2-9/3DIJordan GabrielsonMcAllen HS3rd
Harlingen High School South9/2-9/3DUETIsabel Hinojosa & Aiden ArmenaWB Ray HS1st
Harlingen High School South9/2-9/3DUETXavier Ruiz & Sydney QuimbyCC Carroll2nd
Harlingen High School South9/2-9/3DUETEmma Maughan & Hannah ShellRichard King High School3rd
Harlingen High School South9/2-9/3DUOEmma Maughan & Hannah ShellRichard King High School1st
Harlingen High School South9/2-9/3DUOMia Munoz & Windsor BissellWB Ray HS2nd
Harlingen High School South9/2-9/3DUOJaden Hernandez & Chelsea TrejoMcAllen HS3rd
Harlingen High School South9/2-9/3FXSuhawni NarangWB Ray HS1st
Harlingen High School South9/2-9/3HIEmma MaughanRichard King High School1st
Harlingen High School South9/2-9/3HISydney QuimbeyCC Caroll2nd
Harlingen High School South9/2-9/3HIXavier RuizCC Caroll3rd
Harlingen High School South9/2-9/3INFOEmma MaughanRichard King High School1st
Harlingen High School South9/2-9/3OODabeluchi IsiofiaVeterans Memorial1st
Harlingen High School South9/2-9/3POIXavier RuizCC Caroll1st
Lake Travis High School9/17/2022POIJake BroylesDripping Springs1st
Lake Travis High School9/17/2022DUOAvery Hayward & Lily StuartGregory Portland1st
Lake Travis High School9/17/2022DUOSofia Chavez & Jadon DemetriJames Bowie2nd
Lake Travis High School9/17/2022DUOHaley Gregory & Samantha GregoryGregory Portland3rd
Lake Travis High School9/17/2022DUETBritain Hebert & Jack McLaughlinSan Angelo Central1st
Lake Travis High School9/17/2022DUETSophia Scott & Katherine TempletonSan Angelo Central2nd
Lake Travis High School9/17/2022DUETThailia Fernandez & Matthew MartinezSan Angelo Central3rd
Lake Travis High School9/17/2022HIBella BarkkumeJames Bowie1st
Lake Travis High School9/17/2022HIJack McLaughlinSan Angelo Central2nd
Lake Travis High School9/17/2022HIHaley GregoryGregory Portland3rd
Lake Travis High School9/17/2022DIJack McLaughlinSan Angelo Central1st
Lake Travis High School9/17/2022DIJavier LozanoJames Bowie2nd
Lake Travis High School9/17/2022DIThailia FernandezSan Angelo Central3rd
Lake Travis High School9/17/2022INFOEcaterina SurJames Bowie1st
Lake Travis High School9/17/2022INFOBrianna WilliamsHendrickson2nd
Lake Travis High School9/17/2022INFOHadley WenkWestlake3rd
Lake Travis High School9/17/2022DXCristian AbarcaJames Bowie1st
Lake Travis High School9/17/2022DXLogan MarcumAnderson2nd
Lake Travis High School9/17/2022DXVince PhamWestwood3rd
Lake Travis High School9/17/2022DXOlivia DrewLC Anderson4th
Lake Travis High School9/17/2022DXAnna DusekSan Angelo Central5th
Lake Travis High School9/17/2022DXBaden RussellLC Anderson6th
Lake Travis High School9/17/2022FXWaleed HaiderHendrickson1st
Lake Travis High School9/17/2022FXAnna IrmetovaWestwood2nd
Lake Travis High School9/17/2022FXAnushka YadavRound Rock3rd
Lake Travis High School9/17/2022FXShavano Mariska KhalikovBASIS San Antonio4th
Lake Travis High School9/17/2022FXLucas FloresHendrickson5th
Lake Travis High School9/17/2022FXDeval VazirDripping Springs6th
Lake Travis High School9/17/2022OOJack McLaughlinSan Angelo Central1st
Reagan High School10/01/2022DUOMary Hooper & Andrew MayoJudson1st
Reagan High School10/01/2022DUOCampbell Cage & Sophie HolderSaint Mary's Hall2nd
Reagan High School10/01/2022DUOAriel Gonzalez & Danae JacksonJudson3rd
Reagan High School10/01/2022DUETAndrew Mayo & Samantha SimpsonJudson1st
Reagan High School10/01/2022DUETMary Hooper & Daisy UriarteJudson2nd
Reagan High School10/01/2022DUETRaina Roberts & Ariel GonzalezJudson3rd
Reagan High School10/01/2022DIAzula Hunter-ThiamWimberley1st
Reagan High School10/01/2022DIMia WilsonGeneva School of Boerne2nd
Reagan High School10/01/2022DIMary HooperJudson3rd
Reagan High School10/01/2022DXJohn TaftLa Vernia1st
Reagan High School10/01/2022DXZoe CostanzaDripping Springs2nd
Reagan High School10/01/2022DXMichael WeinerTom C. Clark3rd
Reagan High School10/01/2022FXMariska KhalikovBASIS San Antonio Shavano1st
Reagan High School10/01/2022FXWyatt HallLa Vernia2nd
Reagan High School10/01/2022FXNoah Chao-detiveauxChurchill3rd
Reagan High School10/01/2022POIJake BroylesDripping Springs1st
Reagan High School10/01/2022HINoor ShamiehSaint Mary's Hall1st
Reagan High School10/01/2022INFOAngus McGoonSaint Mary's Hall1st
Reagan High School10/01/2022OORia MehtaSaint Mary's Hall1st
Spring Woods High School9/23-24/2022DUOGabriel Ajaegbu & Abigail EgbujorAlief Elisk1st
Spring Woods High School9/23-24/2022DUOKirsten Wilson & Kymberlee KramerMontgomery2nd
Spring Woods High School9/23-24/2022DUOKaden Shute & Luis GonzalezCypress Creek3rd
Spring Woods High School9/23-24/2022DIEmma AbbottWinston Churchill1st
Spring Woods High School9/23-24/2022DIAnne-Jolie WilsonCypress Ranch2nd
Spring Woods High School9/23-24/2022DINicole LeeCypress Park3rd
Spring Woods High School9/23-24/2022HINatalie CreacyCypress Ranch1st
Spring Woods High School9/23-24/2022OOAline ZacariasCypress Park1st
Spring Woods High School9/23-24/2022OOMandy HuangTompkins2nd
Spring Woods High School9/23-24/2022OOSofia EstebanSeven Lakes3rd
Spring Woods High School9/23-24/2022INFOKaren CuiJordan1st
Spring Woods High School9/23-24/2022INFOMaya QuirozA & M Consolidated2nd
Spring Woods High School9/23-24/2022INFOSofia EstebanSeven Lakes3rd
Spring Woods High School9/23-24/2022POIMotewogbola AwobokunJordan1st
Spring Woods High School9/23-24/2022POIGabriel AjaegbuAlief Elisk2nd
Spring Woods High School9/23-24/2022POIEmma AbbottWinston Churchill3rd
Spring Woods High School9/23-24/2022DXTyler Crivella Seven Lakes1st
Spring Woods High School9/23-24/2022DXSofia EstebanSeven Lakes2nd
Spring Woods High School9/23-24/2022DXNihilesh PariJordan3rd
Spring Woods High School9/23-24/2022FXJustin PalazzoloA & M Consolidated1st
Spring Woods High School9/23-24/2022FXAbhinav KothaJordan2nd
Spring Woods High School9/23-24/2022FXCamille DowneyNorthland Christian3rd
CSULB9/24-9/26DUOSidney Abramson & Annie BernsteinValley International Prep1st
CSULB9/24-9/26DISebastine ChunVelasquez1st
CSULB9/24-9/26HICallum RanganLa Salle College Prep1st
CSULB9/24-9/26HIMinji ChoNova 422nd
CSULB9/24-9/26HIEvan GuyerFlintridge Prep3rd
CSULB9/24-9/26OOArnav DhingraBellarmine College Prep1st
CSULB9/24-9/26OOSaketh DasaradhiBellarmine College Prep2nd
CSULB9/24-9/26OONicholas LuuSan Marino3rd
CSULB9/24-9/26OOAudrey MaModernBrain4th
CSULB9/24-9/26OOZachary BenitezLos Gatos5th
CSULB9/24-9/26OOMadelyn PieronekNotre Dame Academy of Los Angeles6th
CSULB9/24-9/26OOSilvia GibilaroFlintridge Prep7th
CSULB9/24-9/26INFOAngela JiArchbishop Riordan1st
CSULB9/24-9/26EXTEMPNilufer Mistry SheasbyHarvard-Westlake1st
CSULB9/24-9/26EXTEMPRohit VakkalagaddaBellarmine College Prep2nd
CSULB9/24-9/26EXTEMPLauren KimFlintridge Prep3rd
CSULB9/24-9/26EXTEMPFrancis OlakangilBellarmine College Prep4th
CSULB9/24-9/26EXTEMPKashish PriyamHarker5th
CSULB9/24-9/26EXTEMPTheodore GerckenCollege Prep6th
CSULB9/24-9/26EXTEMPGeoffrey FoongSan Marino7th
CSULB9/24-9/26POIEliza GunterFlintridge Prep1st
Riverside9/24/22DUOCharles Gates & Eleanor ForrestWaccamaw High School1st
Riverside9/24/22DIMcKenzie ActonAsheville High School1st
Riverside9/24/22HISofia NicastroWaccamaw High School1st
Riverside9/24/22OOEmily AllisonGreenville Senior Academy1st
Riverside9/24/22INFOLyvia MillerBob Jones Academy1st
Riverside9/24/22POIMary MooreWaccamaw High School1st
Riverside9/24/22EXTEMPEvan LawtonMauldin High School1st
University of Utah10/7-8/22EXTCash MendenhallWest High School SLC1
University of Utah10/7-8/22EXTKeilah Van HeesSummit Academy High School2
University of Utah10/7-8/22EXTNatalia LopezGreen Canyon High School3
University of Utah10/7-8/22EXTGideon MartinLogan High School4
University of Utah10/7-8/22EXTSavanna HipwellClearfield High5
University of Utah10/7-8/22OOGrey AndersonPalo Verde High School1
University of Utah10/7-8/22OODiya OommenWest High School SLC2
University of Utah10/7-8/22OOAlex CarlyleBrighton High School3
University of Utah10/7-8/22DIGabriela Pacheco-MartinezSky View1
University of Utah10/7-8/22HIBreanna McDadeMountain Home HS1
University of Utah10/7-8/22DUOAbigail Bennett & Hannah HafenFarmington High School1
University of Utah10/7-8/22POIBhavya MakkarBASIS Scottsdale High School1
University of Utah10/7-8/22INFOMegan TandarWest High School SLC1
Bob Jones Academy10/15/22DIKai TuckerRiverside High School1st
Bob Jones Academy10/15/22DUOValeria De la Llave & Mathieu SleimanRiverside High School1st
Bob Jones Academy10/15/22HIValeria De la LlaveRiverside High School1st
Bob Jones Academy10/15/22INFODominic AbrahamRiverside High School1st
Bob Jones Academy10/15/22OO Alexa NoblittEastside High School1st
Bob Jones Academy10/15/22EXTEMPKrteyu RamanathanRiverside High School1st
Bob Jones Academy10/15/22POIMary MooreWaccamaw High School1st
Oak Grove High School10/1/22DIHannah MooreSt. Andrew's Episcopal School1st
Oak Grove High School10/1/22DACarol Rappai & Sehej GosainSt. Andrew's Episcopal School1st
Oak Grove High School10/1/22DUOKara Mattingly & Alex McDouglasMadison Central High School1st
Oak Grove High School10/1/22HIKara MattinglyMadison Central High School1st
Oak Grove High School10/1/22INFOSofia ElenkovMadison Central High School1st
Oak Grove High School10/1/22OOEmily SmithPetal High School1st
Oak Grove High School10/1/22POINina GaultMadison Central High School1st
Oak Grove High School10/1/22EXTEdward WilsonJackson Preparatory School1st
Oak Grove High School10/1/22EXTAdam MaatallahMadison Central High School2nd
Oak Grove High School10/1/22EXTJason TuMadison Central High School3rd
Milpitas9/30/22DuoKatie Hughes & Kriti VamshidharArchbishop Mitty1st
Milpitas9/30/22DIKate NidomeArchbishop Mitty1st
Milpitas9/30/22HITyler ChinBellarmine College Prep1st
Milpitas9/30/22OOShae McInnisBellarmine College Prep1st
Milpitas9/30/22OOAswin SuryaBellarmine College Prep2nd
Milpitas9/30/22OOArnav DhingraBellarmine College Prep3rd
Milpitas9/30/22OOChidubem NwosuArchbishop Mitty4th
Milpitas9/30/22OOHrishikesh AnkireddiBellarmine College Prep5th
Milpitas9/30/22OOSaketh DasaradhiBellarmine College Prep6th
Milpitas9/30/22OOAndrew HuangBellarmine College Prep7th
Milpitas9/30/22InfOwen BotkinBellarmine College Prep1st
Milpitas9/30/22POIIris FuHarker1st
Milpitas9/30/22DXArnav AggarwalBellarmine College Prep1st
Milpitas9/30/22DXSamarjit DeshmukhBellarmine College Prep2nd
Milpitas9/30/22DXJoy HuHarker3rd
Milpitas9/30/22IXGordy SunHarker1st
Atascocita High School10/14 - 10/15DXBreshad RobinsonCaney Creek High School1st
Atascocita High School10/14 - 10/16DXSavannah HardwickNorthland Christian2nd
Atascocita High School10/14 - 10/17DXKaden FarringtonBarbers Hill High School3rd
Atascocita High School10/14 - 10/18DIFinn CammackClear Falls High School1st
Atascocita High School10/14 - 10/19DUOAva Goodman & Makenzie KetchumGrand Oaks High School1st
Atascocita High School10/14 - 10/20HIColton ReeseConcordia Lutheran High School1st
Atascocita High School10/14 - 10/21INFOJasmine TranClear Brook High School1st
Atascocita High School10/14 - 10/22IXEmily WangClear Creek High School3rd
Atascocita High School10/14 - 10/23IXLogan WellsWest Hardin High School2nd
Atascocita High School10/14 - 10/24IXCamille DowneyNorthland Christian School1st
Atascocita High School10/14 - 10/25OOAqsa BabarClear Brook High School3rd
Atascocita High School10/14 - 10/26OONatalie RochaGrand Oaks High School2nd
Atascocita High School10/14 - 10/27OOKellen WilsonCypress Park High School1st
Atascocita High School10/14 - 10/28POICaleb AdamsHastings High School1st
Bear Creek10/22/22OOAneesha NeedamangalaThe Overlake School1st
Bear Creek10/22/22INFOPayton GergenThe Bear Creek School1st
Bear Creek10/22/22HIKaiya ReynosoMount Vernon HS1st
Bear Creek10/22/22EXTEMPTaite KirkpatrickMount Vernon HS1st
Bear Creek10/22/22DUOJingyi Zhao and Oscar MoeThe Bear Creek School1st
Bear Creek10/22/22DIJingyi ZhaoThe Bear Creek School1st
Sioux Falls Washington High School10/21/22DILaina JuergensRoosevelt High School1st
Sioux Falls Washington High School10/21/22DISarai GraciaRoosevelt High School2nd
Sioux Falls Washington High School10/21/22DIHaylee BohnetSioux Valley High School3rd
Sioux Falls Washington High School10/21/22DINora DahleO'Gorman High School4th
Sioux Falls Washington High School10/21/22DIKaylee WillardBrandon Valley High School5th
Sioux Falls Washington High School10/21/22DIBella ReifBrandon Valley High School6th
Sioux Falls Washington High School10/21/22DuoJonah Astrup and Aiden GeiverO'Gorman High School1st
Sioux Falls Washington High School10/21/22HIBella PuetzO'Gorman High School1st
Sioux Falls Washington High School10/21/22HIIan CandyBrandon Valley High School2nd
Sioux Falls Washington High School10/21/22HIJonah Astrup O'Gorman High School3rd
Bargain Belt - Claremont HS10/16/22DIVienna PanossianCrescenta Valley1
Bargain Belt - Claremont HS10/16/22DuoSidney Abramson & Annie BernsteinValley International Prep1
Bargain Belt - Claremont HS10/16/22ExtempIsaiah SohnRedlands1
Bargain Belt - Claremont HS10/16/22ExtempChase WaldheimFlintridge Prep2
Bargain Belt - Claremont HS10/16/22ExtempGeoffrey FoongSan Marino3
Bargain Belt - Claremont HS10/16/22HIKat NorthropWestridge1
Bargain Belt - Claremont HS10/16/22InfoEthan LeeSpeech and Debate Institute1
Bargain Belt - Claremont HS10/16/22OONicholas LuuSan Marino1
Bargain Belt - Claremont HS10/16/22OOAudrey VinciPomona Catholic2
Bargain Belt - Claremont HS10/16/22OOBrayden PapeHelix Charter3
Bargain Belt - Claremont HS10/16/22POIKat NorthropWestridge1
California State University, Fullerton10/16/22ExtempTej PatelVelasquez1
California State University, Fullerton10/16/22ExtempVansh MathurLynbrook2
California State University, Fullerton10/16/22ExtempWayne LuVelasquez3
California State University, Fullerton10/16/22OratoryAngela JiaGolden State1
California State University, Fullerton10/16/22DIStephanie LiNova 421
California State University, Fullerton10/16/22HIMinji ChoNova 421
California State University, Fullerton10/16/22DUOArman Ghasemi & Enoch YiNorth Hollywood1
California State University, Fullerton10/16/22POIMolly CooperFullerton Union1
California State University, Fullerton10/16/22InformativeAngela JiaGolden State1
New Tech @ Coppell10/15/22DXAnshul KhandekarPlano Jasper1
New Tech @ Coppell10/15/22FXAbraham ZhangPlano Jasper1
New Tech @ Coppell10/15/22POIAdaolisa AgbakwuGarland1
New Tech @ Coppell10/15/22DIAdaolisa AgbakwuGarland1
New Tech @ Coppell10/15/22OOUma DevarakondaSouthlake Carroll1
New Tech @ Coppell10/15/22INFOJasmine JohnGarland1
PSJA Southwest10/15/22DIEliezer PintorDonna North HS1st
PSJA Southwest10/15/22DISadie JensenHarlingen HS South2nd
PSJA Southwest10/15/22DIAdrianna RodriguezHarlingen HS South3rd
PSJA Southwest10/15/22DIKayla AcostaHarlingen HS4th
PSJA Southwest10/15/22DIEduardo GallardoHarlingen HS5th
PSJA Southwest10/15/22DIChristopher RoblesDonna North HS6th
PSJA Southwest10/15/22DIAzeneth CorralesHarlingen HS7th
PSJA Southwest10/15/22DIAudrey NguyenHarlingen HS8th
PSJA Southwest10/15/22HIClaire KnechtMcAllen HS1st
PSJA Southwest10/15/22HIGeorge Matthew GutierrezHarlingen HS South2nd
PSJA Southwest10/15/22HIMadelynn ForcierMcAllen HS3rd
PSJA Southwest10/15/22DXGonzalo DelgadoRobert Vela 1st
PSJA Southwest10/15/22FXAbigail FuentesMcAllen HS1st
PSJA Southwest10/15/22INFOVera HsiangWB Ray HS1st
PSJA Southwest10/15/22OOVera HsiangWB Ray HS1st
PSJA Southwest10/15/22DUETAlek Araguz & Sadie JensenHarlingen HS South1st
PSJA Southwest10/15/22DUETChristopher James Heiskell & Devin ClaudioHarlingen HS South2nd
PSJA Southwest10/15/22DUETCadee Velasquez & Adrianna RodriguezHarlingen HS South3rd
PSJA Southwest10/15/22DUETLux Garcia & Claire KnechtMcAllen HS4th
PSJA Southwest10/15/22DUETDeanna Hyppolite & Kallista SprawlsRobert Vela 5th
PSJA Southwest10/15/22DUETKarla Rivera & Johanna PimentelHarlingen HS South6th
PSJA Southwest10/15/22DUETJordan Gabrielson & Arlene SaldanaMcAllen HS7th
PSJA Southwest10/15/22DUETXimena Fuentes & Katherine GonzalezBL Gray8th
PSJA Southwest10/15/22DUOChristopher James Heiskell & Adrianna RodriguezHarlingen HS South1st
PSJA Southwest10/15/22DUOEmmanuel Pena & Brennan GarciaMcAllen HS2nd
PSJA Southwest10/15/22DUOJaden Hernandez & Chelsea TrejoMcAllen HS3rd
Gregory Portland HS10/29/22DXSuhawni NarangW B Ray1
Gregory Portland HS10/29/22DIWindsor BissellW B Ray1
Gregory Portland HS10/29/22DUETMary Jeanne Blencoe & Lily MoralesRichard King HS1
Gregory Portland HS10/29/22DUETAidan Armena & Isabel HinojosaW B Ray2
Gregory Portland HS10/29/22DUETCleofas Lopez & Nathaniel ChavezPharr San Juan Alamo North3
Gregory Portland HS10/29/22DUOEmma Maughan & Hannah ShellRichard King HS1
Gregory Portland HS10/29/22DUOAidan Armena & Isabel HinojosaW B Ray2
Gregory Portland HS10/29/22DUOWindsor Bissell & Mia MunozW B Ray3
Gregory Portland HS10/29/22HIEmma MaughanRichard King HS1
Gregory Portland HS10/29/22HIAidan ArmenaW B Ray2
Gregory Portland HS10/29/22HIJodie PerezTuloso Midway HS3
Gregory Portland HS10/29/22INFOWindsor BissellW B Ray1
Gregory Portland HS10/29/22FXSharmada PalakurthiW B Ray1
Gregory Portland HS10/29/22OOAnabelle JanakTuloso Midway HS1
Gregory Portland HS10/29/22POIAnneliese BrashearsVeterans Memorial1
The University of Mississippi10/28 - 10/29/22POIAlex FosterSt. Andrew's Episcopal School1
The University of Mississippi10/28 - 10/29/22DIAsia AndersonOak Grove1
The University of Mississippi10/28 - 10/29/22OOAsia AndersonOak Grove1
The University of Mississippi10/28-10/29/22DUETIsabella Le & Samantha RuizPetal High School1
The University of Mississippi10/28-10/29/22HIZachary RifkinOak Grove1
The University of Mississippi10/28-10/29/22EXTHart JeffersonMurrah3
The University of Mississippi10/28-10/29/22EXTTommy NicholOxford2
The University of Mississippi10/28-10/29/22EXTJude RostOak Grove1
The University of Mississippi10/28-10/29/22INFORyder HebertSt. Andrew's Episcopal School1
The University of Mississippi10/28-10/29/22DUOAsia Anderson & Haileigh GreenOak Grove3
The University of Mississippi10/28-10/29/22DUOSteffan Ardis & Zachary RifkinOak Grove2
The University of Mississippi10/28-10/29/22DUOLauryn Chambers & Kara PickettSt. Andrew's Episcopal School1
Grand Oaks10/28&29/22DIKaiden CrismonMontgomery1
Grand Oaks10/28&29/22DIBrayden HavardMontgomery2
Grand Oaks10/28&29/22DIChloe TraynorWoodlands3
Grand Oaks10/28&29/22DXChloe CrewFriendswood High School1
Grand Oaks10/28&29/22DXMaribel GarzaIncarnate Word Academy2
Grand Oaks10/28&29/22DXKaden ShuteCypress Creek HS3
Grand Oaks10/28&29/22DXMaisa AhmadKlein Collins4
Grand Oaks10/28&29/22DXAudrey NguyenWoodlands College Park5
Grand Oaks10/28&29/22DXShreyas ReddyWoodlands College Park6
Grand Oaks10/28&29/22DUETBrayden Havard & Kaiden CrismonMontgomery1
Grand Oaks10/28&29/22DUETShea McCleod & Claire DaughertyWoodlands2
Grand Oaks10/28&29/22DUETJamie Schofield & Jaxen HamerWoodlands3
Grand Oaks10/28&29/22DUOTaylor Williams & Alyssa BrockSpring High School1
Grand Oaks10/28&29/22DUOLuis Gonzalez & Kaden ShuteCypress Creek HS2
Grand Oaks10/28&29/22DUOTelya Kelly & Kyair ThorntonSpring High School3
Grand Oaks10/28&29/22HIHenry MaynardThe Woodlands High School1
Grand Oaks10/28&29/22INFODarian FloresAndy DeKaney High School1
Grand Oaks10/28&29/22FXKien TranSeven Lakes High School1
Grand Oaks10/28&29/22FXMaryam FaisalFriendswood High School2
Grand Oaks10/28&29/22FXLana LindsayWoodlands3
Grand Oaks10/28&29/22OOTyler CrivellaSeven Lakes High School1
Grand Oaks10/28&29/22OOKaden ShuteCypress Creek HS2
Grand Oaks10/28&29/22OOMariana De la GarzaSeven Lakes3
Grand Oaks10/28&29/22POIKaron PettyKlein Collins High School1
Bellevue West11/5/22ExtempVikram MenonMillard North1
Bellevue West11/5/22ExtempHannah TangLincoln East2
Bellevue West11/5/22ExtempLeo GoldbergLincoln East3
Bellevue West11/5/22InfoHannah TangLincoln East1
Bellevue West11/5/22InfoAshritha ChiguluriMillard North2
Bellevue West11/5/22InfoHarper SchupbachLincoln East3
Bellevue West11/5/22HIOlivia NelsonLincoln Southeast Speech1
Bellevue West11/5/22HILyla BognerMillard North2
Bellevue West11/5/22HIJack WelsteadLincoln East3
Bellevue West11/5/22DIMac VaverkaLincoln East1
Bellevue West11/5/22DIRachel LawsLincoln East2
Bellevue West11/5/22DICeleste Cruz RiveraLincoln East3
Bellevue West11/5/22OOLeo GoldbergLincoln East1
Bellevue West11/5/22OONivriti VaranasiMillard North2
Bellevue West11/5/22OORimi BhoopalamLincoln East3
Bellevue West11/5/22POILewis NguyenMillard North1
Bellevue West11/5/22DuoJack Welstead and Max ApelLincoln East1
STRIVE Prep-RISE11/5/22DIJoyuse AvilaSTRIVE Prep-SMART Academy1
STRIVE Prep-RISE11/5/22DUOElijah Goss & Elias GossDenver East 1
STRIVE Prep-RISE11/5/22DUOAlexander Hernandez-Gonzalez & Ariana Nungaray-AriasSTRIVE Prep-RISE2
STRIVE Prep-RISE11/5/22DUOAbigail Conner & Tagan GarciaDenver East3
STRIVE Prep-RISE11/5/22ExtempConner HiseDenver East1
STRIVE Prep-RISE11/5/22HIJulian CrowderDenver East1
STRIVE Prep-RISE11/5/22INFOTram NguyenSTRIVE Prep-SMART Academy1
STRIVE Prep-RISE11/5/22OOTram NguyenSTRIVE Prep-SMART Academy1
STRIVE Prep-RISE11/5/22OOAlexander Hernandez-GonzalezSTRIVE Prep-RISE2
STRIVE Prep-RISE11/5/22OOEllie GoldsteinDenver East3
STRIVE Prep-RISE11/5/22POIAlexander Hernandez-GonzalezSTRIVE Prep-RISE1
Canyon High School11/4/22DXBrennan WoodSan Angelo Central1
Canyon High School11/4/22DXBrockett McNeelTrinity School of Midland2
Canyon High School11/4/22DXMira RamirezLubbock3
Canyon High School11/4/22FXHadley WhytlawTrinity School of Midland1
Canyon High School11/4/22FXVivianna CastillejaSan Angelo Central2
Canyon High School11/4/22FXJustin BlaylockTrinity School of Midland3
Canyon High School11/4/22OOLandree AllsSan Angelo Central1
Canyon High School11/4/22OOAnna DusekSan Angelo Central2
Canyon High School11/4/22OOHadley WhytlawTrinity School of Midland3
Canyon High School11/4/22OOLillyan LetoSan Angelo Central4
Canyon High School11/4/22OOIsabelle ValdezSan Angelo Central5
Canyon High School11/4/22OOSoumya NaguboinaGrapevine6
Canyon High School11/4/22INFOLuke BrownRandall1
Canyon High School11/4/22INFOLucas KimTrinity School of Midland2
Canyon High School11/4/22INFOMira RamirezLubbock3
Canyon High School11/4/22DIZaylee CarsonRandall1
Canyon High School11/4/22DIMason WittieLubbock2
Canyon High School11/4/22DIJack McLaughlinSan Angelo Central3
Canyon High School11/4/22DISyndey GoveRandall4
Canyon High School11/4/22DILevi OliverSan Angelo Central5
Canyon High School11/4/22DIEmma AdamsRandall6
Canyon High School11/4/22HISophia ScottSan Angelo Central1
Canyon High School11/4/22HIJack McLaughlinSan Angelo Central2
Canyon High School11/4/22HILevi OliverSan Angelo Central3
Canyon High School11/4/22POISydney TatomRandall1
Canyon High School11/4/22DUOJenna Sales & Joseph RezacSeminole1
Canyon High School11/4/22DUOIsabella Royer & Jack McLaughlinSan Angelo Central2
Canyon High School11/4/22DUOChase Caswell & Drew LockhartSudan3
Canyon High School11/4/22DUETJace Jackson & Isabella RoyerSan Angelo Central1
Canyon High School11/4/22DUETSydney Gove & Zaylee CarsonRandall2
Canyon High School11/4/22DUETBritain Hebert & Jack McLaughlinSan Angelo Central3
Tascosa High School11/5/22DXLuke BrownRandall1
Tascosa High School11/5/22DXMira RamirezLubbock2
Tascosa High School11/5/22DXThailia FernandezSan Angelo Central3
Tascosa High School11/5/22FXBrockett McNeelTrinity School of Midland1
Tascosa High School11/5/22FXSamuel KuykendallSan Angelo Central2
Tascosa High School11/5/22FXGraham RobertsonGrapevine3
Tascosa High School11/5/22FXEzekiel Bajomo Trinity School of Midland4
Tascosa High School11/5/22FXJon PlummerLubbock5
Tascosa High School11/5/22FXLillyan LetoSan Angelo Central6
Tascosa High School11/5/22OOAnna DusekSan Angelo Central1
Tascosa High School11/5/22OOLuke BrownRandall2
Tascosa High School11/5/22OOGrace HowardSeminole3
Tascosa High School11/5/22INFOLuke BrownRandall1
Tascosa High School11/5/22INFOLucas KimTrinity School of Midland2
Tascosa High School11/5/22INFOAnna DusekSan Angelo Central3
Tascosa High School11/5/22DIJack McLaughlinSan Angelo Central1
Tascosa High School11/5/22DIIsabella RoyerSan Angelo Central2
Tascosa High School11/5/22DIThailia FernandezSan Angelo Central3
Tascosa High School11/5/22DIBritain HebertSan Angelo Central4
Tascosa High School11/5/22DIEmma AdamsRandall5
Tascosa High School11/5/22DISydney GoveRandall6
Tascosa High School11/5/22HIKobe CabelloSeminole1
Tascosa High School11/5/22HIThailia FernandezSan Angelo Central2
Tascosa High School11/5/22HIJack McLaughlinSan Angelo Central3
Tascosa High School11/5/22POIEmma AdamsRandall1
Tascosa High School11/5/22DUOJack McLaughlin & Isabella RoyerSan Angelo Central1
Tascosa High School11/5/22DUOJenna Sales & Joseph RezacSan Angelo Central2
Tascosa High School11/5/22DUODaniel Lapusan & Kobe CabelloSeminole3
Tascosa High School11/5/22DUETJace Jackson & Isabella RoyerSan Angelo Central1
Tascosa High School11/5/22DUETDariyen Dale & Landree AllsSan Angelo Central2
Tascosa High School11/5/22DUETBritain Hebert & Jack McLaughlinSan Angelo Central3
Skyview High School11/4/22InformativeJamison EllisMountain Crest HS (Utah)1
Skyview High School11/4/22InformativeLauren DavisTwin Falls HS2
Skyview High School11/4/22InformativeAvery JessenIdaho Arts Charter HS3
Skyview High School11/4/22ExtemporneousLincoln BorrowmanSkyview HS1
Skyview High School11/4/22ExtemporneousCooper AdamsMountain Crest HS (Utah)2
Skyview High School11/4/22ExtemporneousJames GudmunsonPocatello HS3
Skyview High School11/4/22OratoryLucy GlynnBishop Kelly HS1
Skyview High School11/4/22OratoryJocelyn MaxwellKimberly HS2
Skyview High School11/4/22OratoryGenesis MendozaTwin Falls HS3
Skyview High School11/4/22Dramatic InterpJustice SirotekElko HS (Nevada)1
Skyview High School11/4/22Humorous InterpIan NhokMountain Home HS1
Skyview High School11/4/22Duo InterpLoralei Nichols & Avery McClymondsTwin Falls HS1
Skyview High School11/4/22POIMegan DwyerElko HS (Nevada)1
William Tennent High School11/5/22Duo InterpCourtney Brennan & Vedha MasurahaUnionville HS1
William Tennent High School11/5/22OratorySupraja SudarsanStrath Haven HS1
William Tennent High School11/5/22POIAditi HalpeStrath Haven HS1
William Tennent High School11/5/22InformativeJack GrbicDelbarton1
William Tennent High School11/5/22Dramatic InterpMeredith SeidmanStrath Haven HS1
University of the Pacific10/28/22DUOAriel Huang & Tanisha MehtaBASIS Independent Silicon Valley1
University of the Pacific10/28/22DIRocio Sanchez MartinezOrosi High School1
University of the Pacific10/28/22DIMargaret KalashianOrosi High School2
University of the Pacific10/28/22DIJacob NguyenJames Logan3
University of the Pacific10/28/22HIUnnati SeshadriJames Logan1
University of the Pacific10/28/22OOZachary BenitezLos Gatos High School1
University of the Pacific10/28/22INFOJulia SchweitzerEl Cerrito High School1
University of the Pacific10/28/22POIAruthra RanjithprabhuClovis North High School1
University of the Pacific10/28/22EXTTyler LuuJames Logan1
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DuetJenna Sales & Leah MartinSeminole1
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DuetDaniel Lapusan & Aubrey BrownSeminole2
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DuetAlex Davenport & Azula Hunter-ThiamWimberley3
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DuoJenna Sales & Joseph RezacSeminole1
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DuoDaniel Lapusan & Kobe CabelloSeminole2
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DuoMirabai Munton & Mizuki NelsonPlano Senior3
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DIAzula Hunter-ThiamWimberley1
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DIArya AjithEpiscopal School of Dallas2
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DIJoyce ChangPlano Senior3
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22HIKobe CabelloSeminole1
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22OOVinathi BeeramPlano Senior1
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22OOJazmine SinghPlano Senior2
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22OOZimo ChenPlano Senior3
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22INFOMadhalasa IyerPlano Senior1
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22POIKate TuckerPlano Senior1
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22FXLindsey ZhaoClark1
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22FXManhua KimPlano Senior2
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22FXOlivia KuffelPlano Senior3
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22FXRavi PittaPlano Senior4
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22FXAlex JenzJack C. Hays5
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22FXBrendan HurtAbilene Wylie6
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DXJosh BoberWimberley1
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DXRyan FaidleyPlano Senior2
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DXTej GuntukuLake Travis3
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DXKalea GrantLake Travis4
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DXAyan SharmaPlano Senior5
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DXJack Beery Plano Senior6
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DXLarkspur ShullTascosa7
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DXVinathi BeeramPlano Senior8
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DXGrace HowardSeminoleSemis
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DXKatie MorrisonGranburySemis
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DXBryan HongPlano SeniorSemis
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DXPerry QuillenGranburySemis
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DXTobias SlatkenTrinity School of MidlandSemis
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DXWill HeumanOdessa PermianSemis
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DXAva VincentMcMillenSemis
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DXDarian ShekhanyPlano SeniorSemis
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DXAlexandre MorelClarkSemis
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DXLina RamosJack C. HaysSemis
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DXScarlett FarnerGranburySemis
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DXValeria TrejoLake TravisSemis
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DXMason ColemanJack C. HaysSemis
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DXDerek DelauneyAbilene WylieSemis
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DXAsh CraneJack C. HaysSemis
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DXMeera Menon Lake TravisSemis
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DXWaleed TareenLake TravisSemis
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DXJakob ZertucheJack C. HaysSemis
San Angelo Central High School11/11/22DXAbby PickensEpiscopal School of DallasSemis
San Angelo Central Freshman11/12/22DuetAlex Davenport & Azula Hunter-ThiamWimberley1
San Angelo Central Freshman11/12/22DuetKamryn Leblanc & Kobe CabellaSeminole2
San Angelo Central Freshman11/12/22DuetJaven Guiterrez & Slade HarveySeminole3
San Angelo Central Freshman11/12/22DUODaniel Lapusan & Kobe CabelloSeminole1
San Angelo Central Freshman11/12/22DUOJenna Sales & Joseph RezacSeminole2
San Angelo Central Freshman11/12/22DUOKate Tucker & Janelia AgborPlano Senior3
San Angelo Central Freshman11/12/22HIDaniel LapusanSeminole1
San Angelo Central Freshman11/12/22POIArya AjithEpiscopal School of Dallas1
San Angelo Central Freshman11/12/22DIAzula Hunter-ThiamWimberley1
San Angelo Central Freshman11/12/22DIJoyce ChangPlano Senior2
San Angelo Central Freshman11/12/22DIJanelia AgborPlano Senior3
San Angelo Central Freshman11/12/22OOCharlize StoneLake Travis1
San Angelo Central Freshman11/12/22OOVinathi BeeramPlano Senior2
San Angelo Central Freshman11/12/22OOMeg SiewartAbilene Wylie3
San Angelo Central Freshman11/12/22INFOMadhalasa IyerPlano Senior1
San Angelo Central Freshman11/12/22FXManhua KimPlano Senior1
San Angelo Central Freshman11/12/22FXBrendan HurtAbilene Wylie2
San Angelo Central Freshman11/12/22FXBraeden TydemanLubbock3
San Angelo Central Freshman11/12/22FXShaurya DhondiClark4
San Angelo Central Freshman11/12/22FXRavi PittaPlano Senior5
San Angelo Central Freshman11/12/22FXGage TrudeauWimberley6
San Angelo Central Freshman11/12/22DXJakob ZertucheJack C. Hays1
San Angelo Central Freshman11/12/22DXRyan FaidleyPlano Senior2
San Angelo Central Freshman11/12/22DXMeera Menon Lake Travis3
San Angelo Central Freshman11/12/22DXAyan SharmaPlano Senior4
San Angelo Central Freshman11/12/22DXDarian ShekhanyPlano Senior5
San Angelo Central Freshman11/12/22DXTobias SlatkenTrinity School of Midland6
San Angelo Central Freshman11/12/22DXVinathi BeeramPlano Senior7
San Angelo Central Freshman11/12/22DXJack Beery Plano Senior8
Papillion LaVista11/12/22DUOJack Welstead and Max ApelLincoln East1
Papillion LaVista11/12/22DIRachel LawsLincoln East3
Papillion LaVista11/12/22DIMax ApelLincoln East2
Papillion LaVista11/12/22DICeleste Cruz RiveraLincoln East1
Papillion LaVista11/12/22EXTAnuj SinghMillard North3
Papillion LaVista11/12/22EXTNoah KammeyerMillard West2
Papillion LaVista11/12/22EXTVikram MenonMillard North1
Papillion LaVista11/12/22HIJack WelsteadLincoln East3
Papillion LaVista11/12/22HIMax ApelLincoln East2
Papillion LaVista11/12/22HIJulia ClausenMillard North1
Papillion LaVista11/12/22INFOLawson MartinezLincoln East3
Papillion LaVista11/12/22INFOAdithi DeeduvanuMillard North2
Papillion LaVista11/12/22INFOLila MockMillard North1
Papillion LaVista11/12/22OOReema GudaMillard North3
Papillion LaVista11/12/22OOCarter HamblinBellvue West2
Papillion LaVista11/12/22OOAnuj SinghMillard North1
Papillion LaVista11/12/22POILewis NguyenMillard North1
Katy Taylor High School11/12/22DXMeghana KunapareddyTompkins HS1
Katy Taylor High School11/12/22DXJesus SilvaSpring Woods HS2
Katy Taylor High School11/12/22DXRohan KathuriaSeven Lakes HS3
Katy Taylor High School11/12/22IXShriman ThandraSeven Lakes HS1
Katy Taylor High School11/12/22IXSai VithalaJordan HS2
Katy Taylor High School11/12/22IXErica AdlerAwty International School3
Katy Taylor High School11/12/22DIAdrianna RodriguezHarlingen South HS1
Katy Taylor High School11/12/22DIDevin ClaudioHarlingen South HS2
Katy Taylor High School11/12/22DICharlotte HughesHarlingen HS3
Katy Taylor High School11/12/22DICarolina KortanHarlingen HS4
Katy Taylor High School11/12/22DIAzeneth CorralesHarlingen HS5
Katy Taylor High School11/12/22DIAngelina CabreraHarlingen HS6
Katy Taylor High School11/12/22DuetChristopher Heiskell & Devin ClaudioHarlingen South HS1
Katy Taylor High School11/12/22DuetAzeneth Corrales & Eduardo GallardoHarlingen HS2
Katy Taylor High School11/12/22DuetAudrey Nguyen & Maven HardwichHarlingen HS3
Katy Taylor High School11/12/22DuoCharlotte Hughes & Eduardo GallardoHarlingen HS1
Katy Taylor High School11/12/22DuoAiden Casarez & Azeneth CorralesHarlingen HS2
Katy Taylor High School11/12/22DuoSolemei Scamaroni & Adeline MaiVillage School3
Katy Taylor High School11/12/22HIAdrianna RodriguezHarlingen HS1
Katy Taylor High School11/12/22HIAlek Zabel AraguzHarlingen HS2
Katy Taylor High School11/12/22HIManaswi PanthiMemorial HS3
Katy Taylor High School11/12/22INFOTaylor WhitleySpring Woods HS1
Katy Taylor High School11/12/22INFOKaren CuiJordan HS2
Katy Taylor High School11/12/22INFOZahra BakrinJordan HS3
Katy Taylor High School11/12/22OOKate NjeruSeven Lakes HS1
Katy Taylor High School11/12/22OOMeghana KunapareddyTompkins HS2
Katy Taylor High School11/12/22OORifa MominClear Lake HS3
Katy Taylor High School11/12/22POIRozelle Mary TulalianJordan HS1
The Hockaday School11/12/22DUOWalker Blackwell & Manha HaquePlano West1
The Hockaday School11/12/22DUOSimon Rodgers & Madison MendozaGarland2
The Hockaday School11/12/22DUOAnu De & Ayush SikdarCoppell3
The Hockaday School11/12/22DIWalker BlackwellPlano West1
The Hockaday School11/12/22DIMax BlackwellPlano West2
The Hockaday School11/12/22DIMaimuna IlyasJasper3
The Hockaday School11/12/22HIJiaxi Jesse HePlano West1
The Hockaday School11/12/22OOJoshua EnejiGarland1
The Hockaday School11/12/22OOUma DevarakondaSouthlake Carroll2
The Hockaday School11/12/22OOJoshua LiPlano West3
The Hockaday School11/12/22INFOHannah GanPlano West1
The Hockaday School11/12/22POIMax BlackwellPlano West1
The Hockaday School11/12/22DXGabriel BoPlano West1
The Hockaday School11/12/22DXMadeline TsaoPlano West2
The Hockaday School11/12/22DXAbraham ZhangJasper3
The Hockaday School11/12/22IXKyle LettererPlano West1
The Hockaday School11/12/22IXPranav KalakuntlaPlano West2
The Hockaday School11/12/22IXAnirudh PrasannaPlano West3
Mountain View High School11/12/22Dramatic InterpGwyneth DoebbelingDesert Vista HS1
Mountain View High School11/12/22Dramatic InterpHope SmithBrophy College Preparatory2
Mountain View High School11/12/22Dramatic InterpAniyah JudkinsMcClintock3
Mountain View High School11/12/22Duo InterpIan Mitofsky & Zackary GozarBASIS Peoria3
Mountain View High School11/12/22Duo InterpTalia Keen & Miranda RumseyArizona2
Mountain View High School11/12/22Duo InterpCandice Estrada & Cayla YoungerBASIS Scottsdale6
Mountain View High School11/12/22Duo InterpJad Cehajic & Kinan CehajicBASIS Peoria1
Mountain View High School11/12/22Duo InterpSai Ganta & Andrew YakymenkoBASIS Peoria5
Mountain View High School11/12/22Duo InterpAaryan Wadwekar & Siddharth VadnerkarPhoenix Country Day4
Mountain View High School11/12/22Duo InterpSarah Hamm & Olivia Markos
Mountain View High School11/12/22Duo InterpMadeline Pabst & Avery SchwabMcClintockSemis
Mountain View High School11/12/22Duo InterpAdeline Carder & Makenna Sandlin
Arizona College PrepSemis
Mountain View High School11/12/22Duo InterpKailani Higgins & Sai PatroArizona College PrepSemis
Mountain View High School11/12/22Duo InterpNishka Bhoite & Divya NatarajanArizona College PrepSemis
Mountain View High School11/12/22Duo InterpAiden Bryson & Manthan MadanBASIS PeoriaSemis
Mountain View High School11/12/22Duo InterpJuliana Hernandez-Betancur & Sanskruti Shiwale
Arizona College PrepSemis
Mountain View High School11/12/22Duo InterpCharles Judd & Evan RiveraBrophySemis
Mountain View High School11/12/22ExtempSumedh SeetharamScottsdale Prep1
Mountain View High School11/12/22ExtempCharly BissonMcClintock2
Mountain View High School11/12/22ExtempAkshay VenkatachalamMcClintock3
Mountain View High School11/12/22ExtempMark BenkertMcClintock4
Mountain View High School11/12/22ExtempShria AjayBASIS Scottsdale5
Mountain View High School11/12/22ExtempGauri MurkothArizona6
Mountain View High School11/12/22ExtempNathan CaiBrophySemis
Mountain View High School11/12/22ExtempSofia PirainoMcClintockSemis
Mountain View High School11/12/22ExtempFallon SullivanMountain RidgeSemis
Mountain View High School11/12/22ExtempEashani GhoshMcClintockSemis
Mountain View High School11/12/22ExtempAjay TaduriBASIS PeoriaSemis
Mountain View High School11/12/22ExtempHaris KurspahicBASIS PeoriaSemis
Mountain View High School11/12/22ExtempIsabel MatosMcClintockSemis
Mountain View High School11/12/22ExtempAshley ClarkDesert VistaSemis
Mountain View High School11/12/22ExtempSuryatej VakkalankaArizonaSemis
Mountain View High School11/12/22ExtempAbhinav SrinivasanBASIS AhwatukeeSemis
Mountain View High School11/12/22ExtempSantiago PaulBrophySemis
Mountain View High School11/12/22ExtempTimothy JiangBrophySemis
Mountain View High School11/12/22HIMikhaelah KounouhoBASIS Peoria1
Mountain View High School11/12/22HIGwyneth DoebbelingDesert Vista2
Mountain View High School11/12/22HIAnanya KumarBASIS Peoria3
Mountain View High School11/12/22OORiti SinghBASIS Peoria1
Mountain View High School11/12/22OOShraddha DwivediBASIS Peoria2
Mountain View High School11/12/22OOSophia LinBASIS Scottsdale3
Mountain View High School11/12/22OOJackson SpanglerDesert Vista4
Mountain View High School11/12/22OOAashna RamaniDesert Vista5
Mountain View High School11/12/22OOAarna DhariaBASIS Chandler6
Mountain View High School11/12/22INFOLily FoxMcClintock1
Mountain View High School11/12/22INFOJiya MutyalaPhoenix Country Day2
Mountain View High School11/12/22INFOLupe VaioletiBASIS Peoria3
Mountain View High School11/12/22INFOYehansa HettiwatteDesert Vista4
Mountain View High School11/12/22INFOAllison YuanBASIS Phoenix5
Mountain View High School11/12/22INFOJulia JuveraDesert Vista6
Mountain View High School11/12/22POICharles JuddBrophy College Preparatory1
Silicon Valley Urban Debate League11/19-20/22DIRocio Sanchez MartinezOrosi High School1
Silicon Valley Urban Debate League11/19-20/22HIKinnera PotluriSaratoga High School1
Silicon Valley Urban Debate League11/19-20/22DUOAditi Chowdhary & Molly DaleyLeland High School1
Silicon Valley Urban Debate League11/19-20/22DUOAriel Huang & Tanisha MehtaBASIS Independent Silicon Valley2
Silicon Valley Urban Debate League11/19-20/22DUOJuhi Jadav & Shivani VenkataramananLeland High School3
Silicon Valley Urban Debate League11/19-20/22OOOliver ChenBellarmine College Prep1
Silicon Valley Urban Debate League11/19-20/22OOAswin SuryaBellarmine College Prep2
Silicon Valley Urban Debate League11/19-20/22OORiddhi ShedgeMonta Vista High School3
Silicon Valley Urban Debate League11/19-20/22OOZachary BenitezLos Gatos High School4
Silicon Valley Urban Debate League11/19-20/22OOAngela JiaGolden State Academy5
Silicon Valley Urban Debate League11/19-20/22OOAllison ZhangBASIS Independent Silicon Valley6
Silicon Valley Urban Debate League11/19-20/22OOHarshil DalalMonta Vista High School7
Silicon Valley Urban Debate League11/19-20/22INFOAngela JiaGolden State Academy1
Silicon Valley Urban Debate League11/19-20/22POIJacob SandovalOrosi High School1
Silicon Valley Urban Debate League11/19-20/22EXTArnav AggarwalBellarmine College Prep1
Silicon Valley Urban Debate League11/19-20/22EXTGordy SunHarker2
Silicon Valley Urban Debate League11/19-20/22EXTKeith MabenWilcox High School3
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22POINaima GarciaFoothill HS1
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22HIMelodi BrookeAmplus3
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22HIPaola SanjinesAmplus2
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22HIAustin ParralesPalo Verde HS1
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22DINola ZeppenfeldPalo Verde HS3
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22DILaura-Jean Mankowski-De VeauxClark2
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22DIAustin ParralesPalo Verde HS1
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22DuoKaylee Tsai & Suebin HurClark HS6
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22DuoBritney Johnston & Aaron YooCoronado HS5
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22DuoNicole Hodrosky & Diva SaxenaClark HS4
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22DuoAurora Bonvicin & Aliana MuellerNorthwest Career And Technical Academy3
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22DuoMaranata Gebre & Alexis EleRancho HS2
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22DuoJonathan Van De Mark-Wolfe & Thomas TranRancho HS1
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22IXManvir SinghBishop Gorman HSSemis
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22IXRebecca GilchristPalo Verde HSSemis
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22IXEmilio Rodriguez-HollowayCoronado HSSemis
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22IXBritney JohnstonCoronado HSSemis
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22IXAlahna BurnsGreen Valley HSSemis
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22IXJoshua McLaughlinCoronado HSSemis
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22IXGabriella DetrickPalo Verde HSSemis
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22IXKaleabe AndualemAmplusSemis
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22IXMelodi BrookeAmplus6
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22IXSarah ParkClark HS5
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22IXBrandon AndersonGreen Valley HS4
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22IXTyler BreedenCanyon Springs HS3
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22IXAlana NahabedianAmplus2
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22IXEvelyn TsoiVelásquez Academy1
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22USXKaren WuClark HSSemis
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22USXNola ZeppenfeldPalo Verde HSSemis
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22USXDaniela TrajtmanPalo Verde HSSemis
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22USXJonathan AdlerCoral Academy of Science Las VegasSemis
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22USXBen VinocurThe Meadows SchoolSemis
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22USXAlana NahabedianAmplusSemis
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22USXKevin CisnerosPalo Verde HSSemis
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22USXAmy LiuGreen Valley HSSemis
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22USXMelodi BrookeAmplus6
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22USXAidan EntsmingerWest Career and Technical Academy5
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22USXBrandon AndersonGreen Valley HS4
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22USXKaleabe AndualemAmplus3
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22USXTyler BreedenCanyon Springs HS2
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22USXEvelyn TsoiVelásquez Academy1
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22InfoJonathan LinSouthwest CTASF
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22InfoAnthony LeonRancho HSSF
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22InfoSophia ManuelPalo Verde HSSF
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22InfoAlejandra JaimesDesert PinesSF
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22InfoRohitha PandiyammalPalo Verde HSSF
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22InfoOlivia YorkLas Vegas HSSF
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22InfoAlana NahabedianAmplusSF
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22InfoAnanya SubramaniamGreen Valley HS6
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22InfoElizabeth VargasonCoronado HS5
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22InfoPacie Hadama-DepariniFoothill HS4
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22InfoAliana MuellerNorthwest Career And Technical Academy3
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22InfoKristal WalkerAdvanced Technologies Academy2
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22InfoKevin CisnerosPalo Verde HS1
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22OOThai MurrayDesert OasisQF
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22OOColin ArcusGreen Valley HSQF
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22OOAleena KhalidSouthwest CTAQF
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22OOJonathan TesfayeAmplusQF
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22OOEdie KillpackPalo Verde HSQF
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22OOCoco ZhangWest Career and Technical AcademyQF
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22OOLoralei Smith-XiongSouthwest CTAQF
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22OOKaitlyn KalinaNorthwest Career And Technical AcademyQF
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22OOJessica ChangSouthwest CTAQF
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22OOAleena KhanRancho HSQF
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22OORohitha PandiyammalPalo Verde HSQF
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22OOShakzoda MukhutdinovaNorthwest Career And Technical AcademyQF
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22OOArmida Hannah BarrettoPalo Verde HSQF
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22OORebecca GilchristPalo Verde HSQF
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22OOAli FasihuddinWest Career and Technical AcademyQF
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22OOLilly AhrabifardGreen Valley HSSF
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22OOKaci RohrerGreen Valley HSSF
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22OOChris ChakryanPalo Verde HSSF
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22OOBritney JohnstonCoronado HSSF
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22OOAshritha KalakuntlaClark HSSF
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22OOYashesvi SharmaClark HSSF
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22OOUnnatee KumarClark HSSF
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22OOAngeline RoldanSouthwest CTA5
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22OOAliya OjuadeRancho HS4
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22OOAmy ChoiThe Meadows School3
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22OOGrey AndresonPalo Verde HS2
GDSDA NIETOC Qualifier @ Rancho HS11/18-19/22OOGabriella DetrickPalo Verde HS1
North Kansas City High School\11/18/22Dramatic InterpCole WheelerLiberty HS1
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022Dramatic InterpSophia RamosPembroke Hill School2
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022Dramatic InterpJohnasia CarterLee's Summit North High School3
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022Dramatic InterpTaylee ParmenterLafayette HS St. Joseph4
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022Dramatic InterpDinah HodgsonRaymore-Peculiar5
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022Dramatic InterpLainey BeatyLiberty North6
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022DuoElinor Dow and Bennett ChapmanLiberty HS1
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022DuoClaire Russell and Hailee SchickBlue Springs High School2
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022DuoWyatt Rust and Audrey ShepardRaymore-Peculiar3
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022DuoMolly Kretzer and Reayez CastroLafayette HS St. Joseph4
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022DuoAlissa Kean and Jeana ComptonJoplin HS5
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022DuoAiden Clayton and Gage GuilliamsWilliam Chrisman High6
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022Humorous InterpCorbin WilliamsRaymore-Peculiar1
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022Humorous InterpHailee SchickBlue Springs High School2
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022Humorous InterpDanielle MyersBlue Springs South3
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022Program Oral InterpAmaya BarnesLee's Summit West High School1
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022Program Oral InterpBennett ChapmanLiberty HS2
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022Program Oral InterpElinor DowLiberty HS3
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022Informative SpeakingGraham HenryPembroke Hill School1
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022Informative SpeakingNala ChandramohanPembroke Hill School2
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022Informative SpeakingMilly BertschPembroke Hill School3
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022Informative SpeakingMireya AgeePark Hill High School4
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022Informative SpeakingJeana ComptonJoplin HS5
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022Informative SpeakingEllie ThornLiberty North6
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022Original OratorySelina TahirkheliPembroke Hill School1
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022Original OratorySav JordanRaymore-Peculiar2
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022Original OratoryEliza WysongPembroke Hill School3
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022Original OratoryDane TriplettJoplin HS4
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022Original OratoryPorter SchoenPlatte County High School5
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022Original OratoryCarmen MyersGrain Valley High School6
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022US ExtempMaya BurtonPembroke Hill School1
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022US ExtempEllie ThornLiberty North2
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022US ExtempVera FosnowLee's Summit West High School3
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022US ExtempAva WischnewskiLee's Summit West High School4
North Kansas City High School\11/18/2022US ExtempAllison CooperBlue Springs South5
North Kansas City High School\11/18/22US ExtempLiv LinzyLiberty HS6
North Kansas City High School\11/18/22International ExtempPhillip ParkPembroke Hill School1
North Kansas City High School\11/18/22International ExtempAddie KimmerleLiberty North2
North Kansas City High School\11/18/22International ExtempWazi AsjadPembroke Hill School3
Saint Mary's Hall10/28 - 10/29DIMia WilsonGeneva School of Boerne1
Saint Mary's Hall10/28 - 10/29INFOChristal ChenWestlake1
Saint Mary's Hall10/28 - 10/29OOEmma AbbottWinston Churchill1
Saint Mary's Hall10/28 - 10/29ExtempWaleed HaiderHendrickson1
Saint Mary's Hall10/28 - 10/29Extemp Rin MooreHendrickson2
Saint Mary's Hall10/28 - 10/29ExtempEliana ArriagaLouis D. Brandeis3
Saint Mary's Hall10/28 - 10/29Extemp Ethan WilkesJohn Paul Stevens1
Saint Mary's Hall10/28 - 10/29ExtempYash Shaboo BASIS San Antonio Shavano2
Saint Mary's Hall10/28 - 10/29ExtempKaitlyn NashHendrickson3
Pius X High School11/19/22Dramatic InterpCeleste Cruz RiveraLincoln East1
Pius X High School11/19/22Dramatic InterpRook JacobsenMillard North2
Pius X High School11/19/22Dramatic InterpDawson DynekLincoln Southeast Speech3
Pius X High School11/19/22DuoJack Anderson and Rhea PodaLincoln Southwest1
Pius X High School11/19/22DuoAndrew Hedin and Lexie DinvernoBellevue West2
Pius X High School11/19/22DuoKilee Wilkinson and Tristan TysonBellevue West3
Pius X High School11/19/22ExtLeo GoldbergLincoln East1
Pius X High School11/19/22ExtHannah TangLincoln East2
Pius X High School11/19/22ExtAnuj SinghMillard North3
Pius X High School11/19/22Humorous InterpOlivia NelsonLincoln Southeast Speech1
Pius X High School11/19/22Humorous InterpJulia ClausenMillard North2
Pius X High School11/19/22Humorous InterpSrilaasya NedunooriMillard North3
Pius X High School11/19/22InfoSarah SharpMillard North1
Pius X High School11/19/22InfoAdithi DeeduvanuMillard North2
Pius X High School11/19/22InfoHannah TangLincoln East3
Pius X High School11/19/22OOReema GudaMillard North1
Pius X High School11/19/22OORimi BhoopalamLincoln East2
Pius X High School11/19/22OOCarter HamblinBellevue West3
Pius X High School11/19/22POIDawson DynekLincoln Southeast Speech1
Pius X High School11/19/22POICeleste Cruz RiveraLincoln East2
Pius X High School11/19/2022POIKilee Wilkinson Bellevue West3
Millard South11/18/2022DUOTristan Tyson and Kilee WilkinsonBellevue West1
Millard South11/18/2022OOPrisha SabherwalMillard North6
Millard South11/18/2022OONat ThomasBellevue West5
Millard South11/18/2022OOArchanaa SrinivasMillard North4
Millard South11/18/2022OOCarter HamblinBellevue West3
Millard South11/18/2022OOReema GudaMillard North2
Millard South11/18/2022OONivriti VaranasiMillard North1
Millard South11/18/2022EXTReema GudaMillard North3
Millard South11/18/2022EXTAnsh MishraMillard North2
Millard South11/18/2022EXTVishaal ArunprasadMillard North1
Millard South11/18/2022DIRylie SchwarzMillard North1
Millard South11/18/2022HIEd WatsonCreighton Prep3
Millard South11/18/2022HILyla BognerMillard North2
Millard South11/18/2022HIElijah StandevenLincoln North Star1
Millard South11/18/2022INFSumanas MaramMillard North3
Millard South11/18/2022INFAdithi DeeduvanuMillard North2
Millard South11/18/2022INFAshritha ChiguluriMillard North1
Millard South11/18/2022POILewis NguyenMillard North1
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20DIVictoria HuSeven Lakes2
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20DIMeg RobinsonPlymouth5
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20DIIsaiah LigginsSpring Woods3
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20DICailin MayotteEastview1
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20DIAlex DeJarnattPlymouth6
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20DIAva FeffermanMunster4
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20DILane DehnelApple Valley7
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20DIJake BroylesDripping Springs7
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20DIJoie WilloughbyLittle Rock Central7
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20DIAwesta AmiriJames Logan7
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20DIKeith JohnsonRoseville Area7
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20DIFernanda MezaSanta Ana7
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20DuoFadumo Dolal & Aquilla DunnApple Valley1
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20DuoTara Gaither & James FergusonMunster2
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20DuoJacob Nguyen & Emily FortunakJames Logan3
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20DuoGarrett Bicknell & Claire LewandowskiPlymouth4
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20DuoWitt Wellons & Ethan DickinsonBrentwood5
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20DuoAaryan Wadwekar & Siddharth VadnerkarPhoenix Country Day6
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20DuoMiguel Carretero & Anna FierroSanta AnaSF
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20DuoDariel Herrera & Jonathan VelasquezPlymouthSF
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20DuoEllie Sohn & Isabel KimFlintridge PrepSF
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20DuoGuhan Karthik & Olivia LedgerArchbishop MittySF
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20DuoKatie Hughes & Kriti VamshidharArchbishop MittySF
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20DuoBryan Juarez & Grace TinajeroSanta AnaSF
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20ExtempSruti PeddiBASIS Scottsdale2
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20ExtempGrant KilloranMarquette4
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20ExtempMcKinley PaltzikPhoenix Country Day1
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20ExtempPierce McDadeUniversity5
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20ExtempTyler CrivellaSeven Lakes3
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20ExtempCharlotte ReitmanNSU6
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20ExtempFiona YanHarker7
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20ExtempAnastasia KochEagan7
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20ExtempRohit VakkalagaddaBellarmine College Prep7
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20ExtempFrancis OlakangilBellarmine College Prep7
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20ExtempClaire HanMunster7
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20ExtempSofia EstebanSeven Lakes7
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20Humorous InterpKennedy Hack-JumanAmerican Heritage Broward1
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20Humorous InterpEmily FortunakJames Logan2
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20Humorous InterpSophie TodaroApple Valley3
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20Humorous InterpSritha BhupatirajuArchbishop Mitty4
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20Humorous InterpAnushka KalyanGranite Bay5
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20Humorous InterpMfaz Mohamed AliApple Valley6
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20Informative SpeakingRebeca Lopez-AnzuresAmerican Heritage Palm Beach1
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20Informative SpeakingAllison NgArchbishop Mitty2
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20Informative SpeakingSophie GreenApple Valley3
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20Informative SpeakingMadelyn StreisfeldWestern4
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20Informative SpeakingAadya PandeyEden Prairie5
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20Informative SpeakingHayden DyllaApple Valley6
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20Original OratoryEsther OyetunjiAmerican Heritage Broward1
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20Original OratoryMfaz Mohamed AliApple Valley3
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20Original OratoryJason FolkStow-Munroe Falls4
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20Original OratoryGabi VargaFlintridge Prep5
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20Original OratoryLydia VossApple Valley6
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20Original OratoryKaren CuiJordan2
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20Original OratoryChidubem NwosuArchbishop Mitty7
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20Original OratoryMikayla SimpsonJames Logan7
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20Original OratoryArnav DhingraBellarmine College Prep7
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20Original OratoryAhilan KaruppusamiArchbishop Mitty7
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20Original OratorySilvia GibilaroFlintridge Prep7
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20Original OratoryMadelyn StreisfeldWestern7
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20Program Oral InterpJake BroylesDripping Springs1
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20Program Oral InterpSamuel DalachinskyWestern2
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20Program Oral InterpKat NorthropWestridge3
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20Program Oral InterpRuby OrtegaMiddle4
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20Program Oral InterpSritha BhupatirajuArchbishop Mitty5
Glenbrook South High School11/19-11/20Program Oral InterpEllie SohnFlintridge Prep6
Greeley Central High School11/19Dramatic InterpIchigo WilsonFort Collins 1
Greeley Central High School11/19DuoEliud Jimenez & Juan Hernandez-GonzalezSTRIVE Prep - RISE1
Greeley Central High School11/19DuoJenna Bryant & Kate ParsonsGeorge Washington2
Greeley Central High School11/19DuoAbby Conner & Tagan GarciaUniversity3
Greeley Central High School11/19International ExtempReece ChristianGeorge Washington1
Greeley Central High School11/19International ExtempSophia FabianGeorge Washington2
Greeley Central High School11/19International ExtempMatthew AbrahmsGeorge Washington3
Greeley Central High School11/19Humorous InterpPreston RoundyLoveland1
Greeley Central High School11/19Informative SpeakingJaden FitzpatrickThompson Valley1
Greeley Central High School11/19Informative SpeakingLindsay SiejaGeorge Washington2
Greeley Central High School11/19Informative SpeakingDenisse Gonzalez-MarquezSTRIVE Prep - RISE3
Greeley Central High School11/19National ExtempMatthew AbrahmsGeorge Washington1
Greeley Central High School11/19National ExtempCarder SquirrellFairview2
Greeley Central High School11/19National ExtempSophia GerransGeorge Washington3
Greeley Central High School11/19Original OratoryAlexander Hernandez-GonzalezSTRIVE Prep - RISE1
Greeley Central High School11/19Original OratoryAlden VieriaRocky Mountain2
Greeley Central High School11/19Original OratoryEllyott SiffringResurrection Christian3
Greeley Central High School11/19Program Oral InterpAlexander Hernandez-GonzalezSTRIVE Prep - RISE1
University of Houston10/29International ExtempJulia ApudaWoodlands High School1
University of Houston10/29DXBrandon SandlinCypress Woods1
Cheyenne Central High School (Live)12/2Dramatic InterpRachel WestCheyenne East1
Cheyenne Central High School (Live)12/2Dramatic InterpDavin RoCheyenne East2
Cheyenne Central High School (Live)12/2Dramatic InterpDani SchulzCheyenne East3
Cheyenne Central High School (Live)12/2DuoCody Rounds/Katie SulzbachSturgis Brown1
Cheyenne Central High School (Live)12/2ExtempRodrigo Salgado VallarinoCherry Creek 1
Cheyenne Central High School (Live)12/2ExtempBono BuchtelSturgis Brown2
Cheyenne Central High School (Live)12/2ExtempRiya KakkarCherry Creek 2
Cheyenne Central High School (Live)12/2Humorous InterpBenjamin WoolseyCheyenne East1
Cheyenne Central High School (Live)12/2Humorous InterpDavin RoCheyenne East2
Cheyenne Central High School (Live)12/2Humorous InterpAlyvia HardyCheyenne East3
Cheyenne Central High School (Live)12/2Informative SpeakingDavin RoCheyenne East1
Cheyenne Central High School (Live)12/2Informative SpeakingRosalie ZubrodCheyenne East2
Cheyenne Central High School (Live)12/2Informative SpeakingElla GoodmanCheyenne East3
Cheyenne Central High School (Live)12/2Original OratoryDani SchulzCheyenne East1
Cheyenne Central High School (Live)12/2Original OratoryMartin MataCheyenne East2
Cheyenne Central High School (Live)12/2Original OratorySophia CozzensCheyenne East3
Cheyenne Central High School (Live)12/2POIDavin RoCheyenne East1
Norris High School12/3DIMac VaverkaLincoln East1
Norris High School12/3DICeleste Cruz RiveraLincoln East2
Norris High School12/3DIRachel LawsLincoln East3
Norris High School12/3DIRook JacobsenMillard North4
Norris High School12/3DIJulia JohnsonLincoln Southeast Speech5
Norris High School12/3DIAvery UsherLincoln North Star Speech6
Norris High School12/3DuoJack Welstead and Max ApelLincoln East1
Norris High School12/3ExtLeo GoldbergLincoln East1
Norris High School12/3ExtVikram MenonMillard North2
Norris High School12/3ExtAnuj SinghMillard North3
Norris High School12/3HISrilaasya NedunooriMillard North1
Norris High School12/3HIJulia ClausenMillard North2
Norris High School12/3HIMax ApelMillard North3
Norris High School12/3InfLila MockMillard North1
Norris High School12/3InfHannah TangLincoln East2
Norris High School12/3InfLillias McKillipLincoln Southeast Speech3
Norris High School12/3OONivriti VaranasiMillard North1
Norris High School12/3OOLeo GoldbergLincoln East2
Norris High School12/3OOAarohi LamichhaneLincoln East3
Norris High School12/3OOCarlee WolfeRaymond Central4
Norris High School12/3OOAnish AminMillard North5
Norris High School12/3OOAnuj SinghMillard North6
Norris High School12/3POIKorben OckanderLincoln East1
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Dramatic InterpCooper ReedPerry3
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Dramatic InterpAva WadleyHoover2
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Dramatic InterpJJ LantzGlenOak1
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Duo InterpSteven Bossler & Garrett LaubacherPerry3
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Duo InterpCade Kuhlins & Jonathan KesslerPerry2
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Duo InterpJoelle Morgan & Kyle FitzpatrickHoover1
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Duo InterpClare Fitzpatrick & Cam VanNattaHooverF
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Duo InterpMolly Mead & Olivia PedoneHooverF
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Duo InterpKianna McEwen & Zachary RandlesWadsworthF
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Humorous InterpNiko PitiniiHoover6
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Humorous InterpKaleah DorseyTusky Valley HS5
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Humorous InterpBryce ShepardHighland4
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Humorous InterpJames WelshWadsworth3
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Humorous InterpZach LeshonTusky Valley HS2
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Humorous InterpSasha GreerCanton McKinley1
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Informative SpeakingAbigail ThomasNorthwest High School6
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Informative SpeakingAnanya SharmaOur Lady of the Elms5
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Informative SpeakingIsabella DrummerTusky Valley HS4
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Informative SpeakingOlivia WangDublin Jerome3
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Informative SpeakingKorren CullomNorton2
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Informative SpeakingSemise NyestePerry1
Tuscarawas Valley12/3International ExtempBobby BakerHoover3
Tuscarawas Valley12/3International ExtempIsha NagajothiJackson H.S.2
Tuscarawas Valley12/3International ExtempIshan TripathyJackson H.S.1
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Original OratoryJason FolkStow6
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Original OratoryAnya ZhangDublin Jerome5
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Original OratoryJane WeisburnHoover4
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Original OratoryKaylee KleinhenzPerry3
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Original OratoryNevaiah MayleCanton McKinley2
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Original OratoryJessie StewartLouisville1
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Program Oral InterpViolet ThomasStrasburg6
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Program Oral InterpChloe MillardLouisville5
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Program Oral InterpIshaan GireeshWooster4
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Program Oral InterpLeia Gonzales-BanaagWadsworth3
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Program Oral InterpGabby MichalidesHoover2
Tuscarawas Valley12/3Program Oral InterpTamia AkersNorthwest High School1
Tuscarawas Valley12/3United States ExtempJade HooperJackson H.S.3
Tuscarawas Valley12/3United States ExtempJoe BackusPerry2
Tuscarawas Valley12/3United States ExtempSumedha KethiniDublin Jerome1
Columbia High School12/4Combined ExtempBridger BensonSkyview HS1
Columbia High School12/4Informative SpeakingLauren DavisTwin Falls HS1
Columbia High School12/4Informative SpeakingKyleigh RohrsMountain Home HS2
Columbia High School12/4Informative SpeakingElla HessingRenaissance HS3
Columbia High School12/4POISeddi MomenpourSkyview HS1
Columbia High School12/4Dramatic InterpMcKenzie VoganBlackfoot HS1
Columbia High School12/4Humorous InterpIan NhokMountain Home HS1
Columbia High School12/4Original OratoryJocelyn MaxwellKimberly HS1
Columbia High School12/4Original OratoryAni RiceTimberline HS2
Columbia High School12/4Original OratoryAlexa BenitezBlackfoot HS3
Columbia High School12/4Duo InterpKayle Maloney/Kynan MaloneyFiler HS1
Columbia High School12/4Duo InterpLorelei Nichols/Avery McClymondsTwin Falls HS2
Columbia High School12/4Duo InterpEbunoluwa Ogunrinola/Madelyn PendergrassRidgevue HS3
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DIJavier LozanoJames Bowie1st
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DISadie JensenHarlingen HS South2nd
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DIXavier RuizCorpus Christi Carroll3rd
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DIAdrianna RodriguezHarlingen HS South4th
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DICharlotte HughesHarlingen5th
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DIWalker BlackwellPlano West6th
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DIAdele DavidsonSt Mary's HallSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DICady HasanSt Thomas AquinasSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DIAngelina CabreraHarlingenSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DIJake BroylesDripping SpringsSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DIAmelia CookJames BowieSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DIAna CruzSt Mary's HallSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DIEmma AbbottWinston ChurchillQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DIJoyce ChangPlano SeniorQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DIManha HaquePlano WestQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DIJames GarciaTuloso MidwayQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DIAlyssa SpalekTuloso MidwayQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DICampbell CageSt Mary's HallQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DICarter DavisWestmooreQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DIAlyssa TrejoCorpus Christi CarrollQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DIKate Van ZandtSt Mary's HallQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DIKatie EanesReaganQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DIBraxton CollettNorman NorthQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DIJack RykertSt Mary's HallQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DIEmma BarnesTulsa WashingtonQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DIAidan ArmenaW B RayQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DIHaley SturgeonRichard KingQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DUOSolemei Scamaroni & Adeline MaiVillage1st
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DUOCadee Velasquez & Devin ClaudioHarlingen HS South2nd
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DUOChristopher Heiskell & Adrianna RodriguezHarlingen HS South3rd
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DUOWalker Blackwell & Manha HaquePlano West4th
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DUOHannah Henderson & Marc MillerTuloso Midway5th
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DUOAzeneth Corrales & Aiden CasarezHarlingen6th
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DUOCharlotte Hughes & Eduardo GallardoHarlingenSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DUOMia Munoz & Windsor BissellW B RaySemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DUOCarolina Kortan & Audrey NguyenHarlingenSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DUOEmma Maughan & Hannah ShellRichard KingSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DUOSara Caballero & Lucas WilcoxJames BowieSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DUOKayla Acosta & Aiden RiosHarlingenSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DUOMichaela Adkins & Micah MurphyBrentwoodQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DUOAdele Davidson & Jack RykertSt Mary's HallQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DUOCampbell Cage & Sophie HolderSt Mary's HallQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DUOJade Capella & Laura MarbergerAmerican Heritage BrowardQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DUOJadon Demetri & Sofia ChavezJames BowieQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DUOAidan Armena & Isabel HinojosaW B RayQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DUOWitt Wellons & Ethan DickinsonBrentwoodQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DUOJordan Leahman & Jocelyn FloydJ. Frank DobieQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DUOEmily Ton & San OnoSt Mary's HallQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DUOLucky Cantu & Lily SteinhauserL C AndersonQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DUOSamantha Gregory & Haley GregoryGregory PortlandQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022DUOSimon Rodgers & Madison MendozaGarlandQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022FXKyle LettererPlano West1st
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022FXSruti PeddiBASIS Scottsdale2nd
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022FXGabriel BoPlano West3rd
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022FXBrandon ChengFlintridge Prep4th
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022FXLance BrightmireTulsa Washington5th
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022FXSuhawni NarangW B Ray6th
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022FXWaleed HaiderHendricksonSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022FXTheodore GerckenCollege PrepSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022FXNathan CaiBrophySemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022FXPhoena LinPlano WestSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022FXPranav KalakuntlaPlano WestSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022FXKaaviya ShenbaharamanPlano WestSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022FXCharlotte ReitmanNSUQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022FXKatherine PeckhamWestwoodQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022FXMadeline TsaoPlano WestQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022FXAnirudh PrasannaPlano WestQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022FXSOUMIL GOYALLamarQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022FXAnabelle JanakTuloso MidwayQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022FXSamra KhanPlano EastQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022FXKatarina RaichLake TravisQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022FXEsther ZhuTulsa WashingtonQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022FXMark ScripsickAll Saints EpiscopalQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022FXAbraham ZhangJasperQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022FXTanmay RaiVillageQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022FXKrish ShahHebronQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022FXJohn CooperTuloso MidwayQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022HIKennedy Hack-JumanAmerican Heritage Broward1st
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022HIJaimee CanalejoAmerican Heritage Broward2nd
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022HIWalker BlackwellPlano West3rd
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022HIAdrianna RodriguezHarlingen HS South4th
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022HIEmma MaughanRichard King5th
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022HICarter DavisWestmoore6th
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022HIChristopher HeiskellHarlingen HS SouthSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022HISadie JensenHarlingen HS SouthSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022HIAiden RiosHarlingenSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022HIBen CruzSt Mary's HallSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022HIMax BlackwellPlano WestSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022HIGeorge Matthew GutierrezHarlingen HS SouthSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022INFOJocelyn FloydJ. Frank Dobie1st
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022INFOGrace OgdenSt Mary's Hall2nd
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022INFOJack RykertSt Mary's Hall3rd
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022INFOJade CapellaAmerican Heritage Broward4th
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022INFOChristal ChenWestlake5th
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022INFOWindsor BissellW B Ray6th
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022INFOHadley WenkWestlakeSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022INFOJoshua LiPlano WestSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022INFOCatherine CovarrubiazTuloso MidwaySemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022INFOSloane PriceWestlakeSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022INFOAshwin AnandTrinity PrepSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022INFOPrisha BhatPlano EastSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022INFOSofia EstebanSeven LakesQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022INFOAngus McGoonSt Mary's HallQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022INFOTaylor WhitleySpring WoodsQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022INFOJasmine JohnGarlandQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022INFOSwathi ParameshwarPlano EastQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022INFOVeer RoyAmerican Heritage BrowardQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022INFOMatthew RippinPlano SeniorQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022INFOHannah GanPlano WestQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022INFOIzzy CrimHendricksonQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022INFOKate NjeruSeven LakesQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022INFOCharlotte ReitmanNSUQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022INFORachel WeissmannSt Mary's HallQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022INFOAvani GunugantiSt Mary's HallQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022INFOAavni KuppusamyWestlakeQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022INFOKelsey LindL C AndersonQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022INFOAnagha IyerAmerican Heritage BrowardQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022INFOHenry NathansonAmerican Heritage BrowardQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022INFOMagnus De La PenaHarlingenQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022INFOJoy ZhouLake TravisQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022INFOCecilia AcostaHendricksonQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022OOEsther OyetunjiAmerican Heritage Broward1st
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022OOHaniyyah ZiaPlano West2nd
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022OOPrisha BhatPlano East3rd
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022OOHayley GregoryAtascocita4th
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022OOSofia EstebanSeven Lakes5th
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022OOEmma AbbottWinston Churchill6th
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022OOJohnny NguyenVeterans MemorialSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022OOLance BrightmireTulsa WashingtonSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022OOEsther ZhuTulsa WashingtonSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022OOAnabelle JanakTuloso MidwaySemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022OOParker De DekerNeenahSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022OODabeluchi IsiofiaVeterans MemorialSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022OOGrace OgdenSt Mary's HallQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022OOSwathi ParameshwarPlano EastQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022OOSam HaggertyPlano WestQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022OOSolemei ScamaroniVillageQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022OONandini PatelWestmooreQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022OOMolly HigginsStratfordQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022OOAngela VuWestmooreQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022OOSophie MyersStratfordQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022OOCarly AikensAmerican Heritage BrowardQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022OOSarah CurrieTrinity PrepQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022OOIzzy CrimHendricksonQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022OOJoshua LiPlano WestQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022OOSharley KieferPlano EastQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022OOTyler CrivellaSeven LakesQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022OOAvani GunugantiSt Mary's HallQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022OOKate NjeruSeven LakesQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022OOJohnpaul BuwuleHendricksonQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022OOBrianna WilliamsHendricksonQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022OOVaishnuv ThiagarajanWestwoodQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022OOChristal ChenWestlakeQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022POIJake BroylesDripping Springs1st
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022POIJames GarciaTuloso Midway2nd
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022POIManha HaquePlano West3rd
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022POIXavier RuizCorpus Christi Carroll4th
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022POIAbigail EgbujorAlief Elsik5th
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022POIKate TuckerPlano Senior6th
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022POIAlyssa TrejoCorpus Christi CarrollSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022POIEmma MaughanRichard KingSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022POICharles JuddBrophySemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022POIWalker BlackwellPlano WestSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022POIRonaq ShaikhVeterans MemorialSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022POIAdaolisa AgbakwuGarlandSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022USXGabriel BoPlano West1st
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022USXSruti PeddiBASIS Scottsdale2nd
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022USXTheodore GerckenCollege Prep3rd
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022USXPhoena LinPlano West4th
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022USXAbraham ZhangJasper5th
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022USXKatherine LeePlano West6th
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022USXBrandon ChengFlintridge PrepSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022USXAnna LindstromWestmooreSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022USXLance BrightmireTulsa WashingtonSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022USXKatarina RaichLake TravisSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022USXSamra KhanPlano EastSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022USXSophia WeiJasperSemis
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022USXCharlie HuiWestwoodQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022USXAndy QinPlano WestQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022USXTyler CrivellaSeven LakesQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022USXAnirudh PrasannaPlano WestQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022USXAngela VuWestmooreQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022USXSuhawni NarangW B RayQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022USXKatherine PeckhamWestwoodQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022USXKate NjeruSeven LakesQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022USXArjun RajagopalPlano EastQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022USXIshya JainPlano EastQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022USXJohn CooperTuloso MidwayQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022USXKendall MeachumL C AndersonQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022USXDabeluchi IsiofiaVeterans MemorialQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022USXIris CastruitaLake TravisQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022USXCharlotte ReitmanNSUQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022USXNoah Chao-detiveauxWinston ChurchillQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022USXWaleed HaiderHendricksonQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022USXCecilia AcostaHendricksonQrtr
University of Texas at Austin12/2-4/2022USXGriffin WoodsonWestmooreQrtr
George Mason University12/3/2022Dramatic InterpretationKai TuckerRiverside High School1
George Mason University12/3/2022Dramatic InterpretationEleanor ForrestWaccamaw High School2
George Mason University12/3/2022Dramatic InterpretationAndrew LimCary Academy3
George Mason University12/3/2022Duo InterpretationAna De la Llave and Shanik MiedreichRiverside High School1
George Mason University12/3/2022Duo InterpretationAvi Bhatia and Fox VickeryRiverside High School2
George Mason University12/3/2022Duo InterpretationJesus Bonilla and Rosa TroncosoDemocracy Prep Bronx3
George Mason University12/3/2022Extemporaneous SpeakingTaylor BurrisThe Potomac School1
George Mason University12/3/2022Extemporaneous SpeakingSydney CarrollBattle Ground Academy2
George Mason University12/3/2022Extemporaneous SpeakingPierce McDadeNormal University3
George Mason University12/3/2022Extemporaneous SpeakingZane HolleyRiverside High School4
George Mason University12/3/2022Extemporaneous SpeakingLily WaehnerJames River-Midlothian5
George Mason University12/3/2022Extemporaneous SpeakingBen ZajcAmerican Heritage Palm Beach6
George Mason University12/3/2022Humorous InterpretationDaniel KimThomas Jefferson HS for Science & Tech.1
George Mason University12/3/2022Humorous InterpretationNatalie Roots-NowakowskiThe Potomac School2
George Mason University12/3/2022Humorous InterpretationValeria de la LlaveRiverside High School3
George Mason University12/3/2022Informative SpeakingRebeca Lopez-AnzuresAmerican Heritage Palm Beach1
George Mason University12/3/2022Informative SpeakingKai TuckerRiverside High School2
George Mason University12/3/2022Informative SpeakingSydney CarrollBattle Ground Academy3
George Mason University12/3/2022Original OratoryKayli HarrisAmerican Heritage Palm Beach1
George Mason University12/3/2022Original OratoryStephanie HuRiverside High School2
George Mason University12/3/2022Original OratoryArchi KamathNorth Allegheny High3
George Mason University12/3/2022Original OratoryLauren HwangNorth Allegheny High4
George Mason University12/3/22Original OratoryTherese KimMarriotts Ridge High School5
George Mason University12/3/22Original OratoryCebastian BlotCosby High School6
George Mason University12/3/22Program Oral InterpretationKaden JonesUniversity School1
Strive Prep - SMART12/3/22Dramatic InterpretationAnna PaciniDenver East1
Strive Prep - SMART12/3/22DuoAriana Nungaray-Arias and Alexander Hernandez-GonzalezSTRIVE Prep RISE3
Strive Prep - SMART12/3/22DuoJulio Olmos-Sanchez and Nevaeh Reyes-AcevedoSTRIVE Prep RISE2
Strive Prep - SMART12/3/22DuoElijah Goss and Elias GossDenver East1
Strive Prep - SMART12/3/22Humorous InterpretationYasmin MohamudCherokee Trail1
Strive Prep - SMART12/3/22Informative SpeakingSam KangDSST Byers High School3
Strive Prep - SMART12/3/22Informative SpeakingDenisse Gonzalez-MarquezSTRIVE Prep RISE2
Strive Prep - SMART12/3/22Informative SpeakingFinn EganDenver East1
Strive Prep - SMART12/3/22International ExtempOwen DuffyGeorge Washington3
Strive Prep - SMART12/3/22International ExtempMathew AbramsGeorge Washington2
Strive Prep - SMART12/3/22International ExtempCarter McDonaldRock Canyon High School1
Strive Prep - SMART12/3/22Original OratoryDaniel ZhouCherry Creek6
Strive Prep - SMART12/3/22Original OratoryShikha SoniCherokee Trail5
Strive Prep - SMART12/3/22Original OratoryKate ToddDenver East4
Strive Prep - SMART12/3/22Original OratoryEllie GoldsteinDener East3
Strive Prep - SMART12/3/22Original OratoryIvan LevittGeorge Washington2
Strive Prep - SMART12/3/22Original OratoryMitchell DavisCastle View1
Strive Prep - SMART12/3/22POIAriana Nungaray-Arias STRIVE Prep RISE1
Strive Prep - SMART12/3/22Domestic ExtempRae TatelDenver East3
Strive Prep - SMART12/3/22Domestic ExtempCelia MorinDenver East2
Strive Prep - SMART12/3/22Domestic ExtempMezihab AhmedSmokey Hill1
Cheyenne Central High School (Asynch)12/2/22DuoCristina Welch/Chloe FtizgeraldCheyenne East1
Cheyenne Central High School (Asynch)12/2/22Dramatic InterpretationAlyvia HardyCheyenne East1
Cheyenne Central High School (Asynch)12/2/22POIDani SchulzCheyenne East1
Cheyenne Central High School (Asynch)12/2/22Humorous InterpretationDani SchulzCheyenne East1
Cheyenne Central High School (Asynch)12/2/22Informative SpeakingElla GoodmanCheyenne East1
Cheyenne Central High School (Asynch)12/2/22Original OratoryRuhi KulkarniMonroe Township1
Cheyenne Central High School (Asynch)12/2/22Original OratoryDani SchulzCheyenne East2
Cheyenne Central High School (Asynch)12/2/22Original OratoryOakley SimonsCheyenne East3
Papillion La Vista South High School12/3/22Dramatic InterpretationLexie DinvernoBellevue West1
Papillion La Vista South High School12/3/22Duo InterpretationKilee Wilkinson and Tristan TysonBellevue West1
Papillion La Vista South High School12/3/22Extemporaneous SpeakingLogan FrostBennington1
Papillion La Vista South High School12/3/22Humorous InterpretationCaden WhelanMillard North1
Papillion La Vista South High School12/3/22Informative SpeakingSarah Breaux Bellevue West1
Papillion La Vista South High School12/3/22Informative SpeakingNicole LiuMillard North2
Papillion La Vista South High School12/3/22Informative SpeakingAyden TruongMillard South3
Papillion La Vista South High School12/3/22Original OratoryEme StarbuckBellevue West1
Papillion La Vista South High School12/3/22Original OratoryMackenzie ReidyMarian2
Papillion La Vista South High School12/3/22Original OratoryChloe FisicarioBellevue East3
Papillion La Vista South High School12/3/22Program Oral InterpretationEtta Mae MurphyMillard North1
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22DIAudrey LeggBlue Springs South5
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22DIJohnasia CarterLee's Summit North 4
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22DIErin VaughnLee's Summit North 2
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22DICole WheelerLiberty3
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22DICora PriceLiberty 6
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22DISantina JumaLiberty North 1
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22HIHailee ShickBlue Springs 1
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22HIBenjamin HaroldRaymore Peculiar 2
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22HIAndrew HandLiberty 3
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22IXGarrett FlackBlue Springs South2
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22IXPheonix GreshamGlendale 5
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22IXCarmen MyersGrain Valley 1
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22IXPaxton TillmanLee's Summit North 3
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22IXAddie KimmerleLiberty North 4
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22IXAndrew PuthumanaRockhurst6
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22USXAllison CooperBlue Springs South1
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22USXAnotida MafuvadzeBlue Springs South5
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22USXAndrew GottmanGrain Valley 4
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22USXMorgan ReadLee's Summit West6
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22USXLiv LinzyLiberty 2
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22USXEllie ThornLiberty North 3
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22POISanitna JumaLiberty North 1
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22POINatalie KiesRaymore Peculiar 2
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22POISophia SolaLiberty 3
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22OO Andrew SmithBlue Springs 1
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22OO Cole WheelerLiberty 6
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22OO Grace FisherLiberty 5
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22OO Addie VallierLiberty 3
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22OO Timmy TaslerPark Hill South 4
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22OO Natalie KiesRaymore Peculiar 2
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22DUOWyatt Rust & Audrey ShepardRaymore Peculiar 1
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22DUOLilly Seward & Mason RewRaymore Peculiar 2
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22DUOSamantha Hyatt & Diane CollinsBlue Springs South4
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22DUOAndrew Hand & Bennett ChapmanLiberty 6
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22DUOGrace Fisher & Elinor DowLiberty 5
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22DUOMeg Rieger & Sophia FergusonLiberty 3
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22INFOMolly HaynesGlendale 3
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22INFOJake JohnsonLee's Summit North 2
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22INFOMary BatesLiberty 6
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22INFOJaeda RothNorth Kansas City 5
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22INFOEllie McRillRaymore Peculiar 4
The University of Central Missouri 2/2-2/3/22INFODeTrevion WallaceRaytown South 1
Veterans Memorial High School12/10/2022DXAnabelle JanakTuloso Midway1
Veterans Memorial High School12/10/2022DXWyatt HallLa Vernia2
Veterans Memorial High School12/10/2022DXKaty ThorpeW B Ray3
Veterans Memorial High School12/10/2022FXJohn CooperTuloso Midway1
Veterans Memorial High School12/10/2022DUOCadee Velasquez & Devin ClaudioHarlingen HS South1
Veterans Memorial High School12/10/2022DUOEmmanuel Peña & Brennan GarciaMcAllen2
Veterans Memorial High School12/10/2022DUOEmma Maughan & Hanna ShellRichard King3
Veterans Memorial High School12/10/2022DUETXavier Ruiz & Sydney QuimbyCorpus Christi Carroll1
Veterans Memorial High School12/10/2022DUETVivienne West & Brennan GarciaMcAllen2
Veterans Memorial High School12/10/2022DUETCadee Velasquez & Adrianna RodriguezHarlingen HS South3
Veterans Memorial High School12/10/2022HIAlek Zabel AraguzHarlingen HS South1
Veterans Memorial High School12/10/2022HIGeorge Matthew GutierrezHarlingen HS South2
Veterans Memorial High School12/10/2022HISadie JensenHarlingen HS South3
Veterans Memorial High School12/10/2022HIXavier RuizCorpus Christi Carroll4
Veterans Memorial High School12/10/2022HIEmma MaughanRichard King5
Veterans Memorial High School12/10/2022HIAiden RiosHarlingen 1/5
Veterans Memorial High School12/10/2022DIDevin ClaudioHarlingen HS South12/31
Veterans Memorial High School12/10/2022DIEduardo GallardoHarlingen2
Veterans Memorial High School12/10/2022DIAlyssa SpalekTuloso Midway3
Veterans Memorial High School12/10/2022DIGeorge Matthew GutierrezHarlingen HS South4
Veterans Memorial High School12/10/2022DISamantha GamezHarlingen 5
Veterans Memorial High School12/10/2022DIMary Jeanne BlencoeCorpus Christi Carroll6
Veterans Memorial High School12/10/2022INFOCatherine CovarrubiazTuloso Midway1
Veterans Memorial High School12/10/2022OOAnabelle JanakTuloso Midway1
Veterans Memorial High School12/10/2022POIJames GarciaTuloso Midway1
Dripping Springs High School12/10/2022DIAmelia CookJames Bowie1
Dripping Springs High School12/10/2022DUETAlex Davenport & Azula Hunter-ThiamWimberley1
Dripping Springs High School12/10/2022DUETSofia Chavez & Lucas WilcoxJames Bowie2
Dripping Springs High School12/10/2022DUETSara Caballero & Rosalie LisaJames Bowie3
Dripping Springs High School12/10/2022DUOSofia Colaluca & Josy StevensJames Bowie1
Dripping Springs High School12/10/2022DUOJavier Lozano & Jackson FlemingJames Bowie2
Dripping Springs High School12/10/2022DUOAudrey Cullinane & Audrey NixonJames Bowie3
Dripping Springs High School12/10/2022HISofia ChavezJames Bowie1
Dripping Springs High School12/10/2022INFOCharlize StoneLake Travis1
Dripping Springs High School12/10/2022IXWaleed HaiderHendrickson1
Dripping Springs High School12/10/2022IXCristian AbarcaJames Bowie2
Dripping Springs High School12/10/2022IXYash SabooBASIS Shavano3
Dripping Springs High School12/10/2022IXAnnika AnandWestwood4
Dripping Springs High School12/10/2022IXIris CastruitaLake Travis5
Dripping Springs High School12/10/2022IXMadeline MitchellSandra Day O'Connor6
Dripping Springs High School12/10/2022OOSiri BorraBASIS Shavano1
Dripping Springs High School12/10/2022OOCharlize StoneLake Travis2
Dripping Springs High School12/10/2022OOSloane PriceWestlake3
Dripping Springs High School12/10/2022USXAidan CheelyHendrickson1
Dripping Springs High School12/10/2022USXJudi AlyLake Travis2
Dripping Springs High School12/10/2022USXRadha SreenivasanLake Travis3
Dripping Springs High School12/10/2022USXJulia LowJames Bowie4
Dripping Springs High School12/10/2022USXJosh BoberWimberley5
Dripping Springs High School12/10/2022USXKalea GrantLake Travis6
La Salle College HS12/10/2022DIMeredith SeidmanStrath Haven1
La Salle College HS12/10/2022DuoJennifer Wang & Sarah HuangState College1
La Salle College HS12/10/2022DuoMary Murry & Gabriella Sky ErdmanDelone Catholic2
La Salle College HS12/10/2022DuoJacob Fleming & Rowan DorseyDelone Catholic3
La Salle College HS12/10/2022ExtempJack SaboPittsburgh Central Catholic1
La Salle College HS12/10/2022ExtempNathan ThomasLa Salle2
La Salle College HS12/10/2022ExtempSebastian BarnesLa Salle3
La Salle College HS12/10/2022HISupraja SudarsanStrath Haven1
La Salle College HS12/10/2022InfoAmanda QuPennsbury1
La Salle College HS12/10/2022OOSupraja SudarsanStrath Haven1
La Salle College HS12/10/2022OOAce HarvestGwynedd Mercy2
La Salle College HS12/10/2022OOAmanda QuPennsbury3
La Salle College HS12/10/2022POIAce HarvestGwynedd Mercy1
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DXCristopher MelendezSpring Woods1
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DXRoseliane CoronaCy-Fair2
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DXJanaki SankarTompkins3
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DXAadya SinghSeven Lakes4
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DXJakob GabareeKingwood5
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DXDariia ChuguevaAwty International6
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DXKannaa ChockalingamTompkins7
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DXKenadie PughClear Springs8
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DXKaden ShuteCypress CreekSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DXNikolas (Niko) MIzranyBridgelandSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DXAyesha MalikMemorialSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DXAnnika CoyleCypress WoodsSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DXCassidy ChildressCy-FairSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DXChrishem BernardCypress Park Semis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DXPeyton TegederTomballSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DXLillianna ReeceLake CreekSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DXAriv MondalJordanSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DXElaine PhamSeven LakesSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DXDaniel BookJordanSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DXHolden BeardCy-FairSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DXJames SwankKaty TaylorSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DXDaniel ChenCypress CreekSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DXRitisha DasSeven LakesSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DXNihilesh PariJordanSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DIBrayden HavardMontgomery1
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DIKaiden CrismonMontgomery2
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DITaylor WhitleySpring Woods3
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DIKaron PettyKlein Collins4
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DIDelilah RomeroSpring5
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DIAlyssa BrockSpring6
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DAKelyn Deal & Joseph CortezGrand Oaks1
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DAJulian Gilbertson & Aliyah NoraSpring2
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DAJade McKissic & Kyair ThorntonSpring3
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DAWynter Brooks & Corin DennisSpring4
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DAMadisyn DeBord & Austynn DroddyGrank Oaks5
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DAKirsten Wilson & Kymberlee Kramer Montgomery6
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DAJanyiah Woodley & Jade HarrisCypress CreekSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DAIvanna Rueda & Violet HardyJordanSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DANoah Salazar & Makayla AlexanderCypress Park Semis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DARaylynn Balli & Toni PipesSpringSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DADionne Jerrois & Mikayla ZepedaSpringSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DAReagan Schneck & Finn CollinsConcordia LutheranSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DUOSahil Lalani & Neha SurendarJordan1
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DUOReece Grochett & Brayden HavardMontgomery2
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DUOJordan Leahman & Jocelyn FloydJ. Frank Dobie3
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DUOKirsten Wilson & Kymberlee Kramer Montgomery4
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DUOYaretzi Martinez & Valerie SalinasJ. Frank Dobie5
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DUOIvanna Rueda & Violet HardyJordan6
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DUOTelya Kelly & Kyair ThorntonSpringSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DUOBeaux Coleman & Genevieve NyaduSpringSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DUOCorin Dennis & Aliyah NoraSpringSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DUOIsaiah Liggins & Nadia EsatellSpring WoodsSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DUOAlyssa Brock & Taylor Williams ElSpringSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DUOKaden Shute & Luis GonzalezCypress CreekSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DUOJulia Gilbertson & Onis LazoSpringSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DUOCesar Quintanilla & Emily HernandezCypress Park Semis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022DUOValery Amaya & Angel SimiyuCypress Park Semis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022FXNatalie PangSeven Lakes1
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022FXPranav KothurTompkins2
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022FXParth NikumbhSeven Lakes3
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022HISahil LalaniJora1
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022HIColton ReeseConcordia Lutheran2
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022HILuke SpellerClear Falls3
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022INFORachel SmithClear Falls1
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022INFODiya PatelClear Falls2
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022INFOManushree ChilukooriTompkins3
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022INFOEshal MaknojiaClear Falls4
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022INFOMichael ReynardAndy DeKaney5
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022INFOAshna MaknojiaClear Falls6
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022OOCassidy ChildressCy-Fair1
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022OOHaleema BawanyJordan2
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022OOHolley RussellSpring Woods3
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022OOAadya SinghSeven Lakes4
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022OOMaria FaiCy-Fair5
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022OONatalie RochaGrand Oaks6
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022OOAseoluwa AdewunmiKlein Collins7
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022OOKellen WilsonCypress Park 8
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022OOKevin MejiaJ. Frank DobieSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022OOAsma'A MostafaKlein CollinsSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022OOMilo ShrevePearlandSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022OOKannaa ChockalingamTompkinsSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022OOMariana De la GarzaSeven LakesSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022OOKaden ShuteCypress CreekSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022OOOlivia HernandezJ. Frank DobieSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022OOHaider Al-AliJordanSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022OOToluwalase ShobogunAlief ElsikSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022OOAviveer KaisthaJordanSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022OOManushree ChilukooriTompkinsSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022OOLuke SpellerClear FallsSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022OOMiranda MonteroStratfordSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022OONina SkaeStratfordSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022OOLoryn SiebenkittelJordanSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022OOJoel EgbujorAlief ElsikSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022OOAlli DevillierClear FallsSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022OOJaylon MaTompkinsSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022OONick RomanoConcordia LutheranSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022OOErin BaumelConcordia LutheranSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022OOFaariz KhanSeven LakesSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022OOKirsten DavisCypress FallsSemis
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022POIAbigail EgbujorAlief Elsik1
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022POIKaron PettyKlein Collins2
Jersey Village High School12/9/2022POIAvery McSwainCy-Fair3
Dowling Catholic12/9-10/2022DISarai GraciaSF Roosevelt1
Dowling Catholic12/9-10/2022DIDawson PapeSt Cloud Tech2
Dowling Catholic12/9-10/2022DICeleste Cruz RiveraLincoln East3
Dowling Catholic12/9-10/2022DUOAiden Geiver & Jonah AstrupO'Gorman1
Dowling Catholic12/9-10/2022DUOAnisah LaPlante & Raeya AllenO'Gorman2
Dowling Catholic12/9-10/2022DUOJulia Clausen & Rook JacobsenMillard North3
Dowling Catholic12/9-10/2022ExtempVikram MenonMillard North1
Dowling Catholic12/9-10/2022ExtempMina BhargavaEdina2
Dowling Catholic12/9-10/2022ExtempAnish AminMillard North3
Dowling Catholic12/9-10/2022HISrilaasya NedunooriMillard North1
Dowling Catholic12/9-10/2022HIDawson PapeSt Cloud Tech2
Dowling Catholic12/9-10/2022HIAiden ClayburnLakeville North3
Dowling Catholic12/9-10/2022INFOSarah SharpMillard North1
Dowling Catholic12/9-10/2022OOKatelyn CaulderLakeville North1
Dowling Catholic12/9-10/2022OOEllie HiserLincoln East2
Dowling Catholic12/9-10/2022OOFrantzEden Prairie3
Dowling Catholic12/9-10/2022POIAnisah LaPlanteO'Gorman1
Lincoln High School12.9.22POITamyia Bender Bellevue West1
Lincoln High School12.9.22OOAarohi LamichhaneLincoln East1
Lincoln High School12.9.22OOYazeed AbayazidMillard North2
Lincoln High School12.9.22OOVanshikha SabbiMillard North3
Lincoln High School12.9.22INFOHannah TangLincoln East1
Lincoln High School12.9.22INFORyan HoffschneiderPius X2
Lincoln High School12.9.22INFOLaura Recker Omaha Brownell-Talbot3
Lincoln High School12.9.22HIOlivia NelsonLincoln Southeast 1
Lincoln High School12.9.22ExtempLeo GoldbergLincoln East 1
Lincoln High School12.9.22ExtempHannah TangLincoln East 2
Lincoln High School12.9.22ExtempIsabella RazdanLincoln East 3
Lincoln High School12.9.22DUOAndrew Hedin & Lexie DinvernoBellevue West1
Lincoln High School12.9.22DUOEmma Stacy & Emily GlinsmannNorris2
Lincoln High School12.9.22DUOIzzy Lewis & Hays Gorham Norris3
Lincoln High School12.9.22DI Dawson DynekLincoln Southeast 1
Lincoln High School12.9.22DIJulia JohnsonLincoln Southeast 2
Lincoln High School12.9.22DILexie Dinverno Bellevue West3
Denver East High School11/18/22DIAurora DunningCheyenne Central1
Denver East High School11/18/22DUOAustin Winstead and Lillian LemanCheyenne Central1
Denver East High School11/18/22DUOAriana Nungaray-Arias and Alexander Hernandez-GonzalezSTRIVE Prep - RISE2
Denver East High School11/18/22DUONeveah Reyes Acevedo and Julio Olmos-SanchezSTRIVE Prep - RISE3
Denver East High School11/18/22ExtempCarter McDonaldRock Canyon1
Denver East High School11/18/22ExtempCaleb ChungPine Creek2
Denver East High School11/18/22ExtempRodrigo Salgado VallarinoCherry Creek3
Denver East High School11/18/22ExtempEstella HagemanHoly Family4
Denver East High School11/18/22ExtempMatthew AbrahmsGeorge Washington5
Denver East High School11/18/22ExtempReece ChristianGeorge Washington6
Denver East High School11/18/22HIAustin WinsteadCheyenne Central1
Denver East High School11/18/22POIAriana Nungaray-AriasSTRIVE Prep - RISE1
Denver East High School11/18/22OOShikha SoniCherokee Trail1
Denver East High School11/18/22OORowan HillhouseDenver East2
Denver East High School11/18/22OOIvan LevittGeorge Washington3
Denver East High School11/18/22OONorah KrauseDenver East4
Denver East High School11/18/22OOLillian LemanCheyenne Central5
Denver East High School11/18/22OOEllyott SiffringResurrection Christian6
Denver East High School11/18/22INFOMackenzie KimCherokee Trail1
Denver East High School11/18/22INFODenisse Gonzalez-MarquezSTRIVE Prep - RISE2
Denver East High School11/18/22INFOPeter JedlickaGeorge Washington3
Auburn Riverside12/10POIAilene VallesMount Vernon1
Auburn Riverside 12/10OOCarmen SpoonemoreSeattle Academy1
Auburn Riverside12/10INFOAlexa HayesSammamish1
Auburn Riverside12/10/22HIRichard LiBellevue1
Auburn Riverside12/10/22DIAutumn CoovertGig Harbor1
Auburn Riverside12/10/22DuoHenglond Dang and Cassie CastroNewport High1
Auburn Riverside12/10/22ExtempTaite KirkpatrickMount Vernon1
Auburn Riverside12/10/22ExtempHezhen QuNewport High2
Auburn Riverside12/10/22ExtempVarshinee VenkatesanNewport High3
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Dramatic InterpretationCeleste Cruz RiveraLincoln East1
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Dramatic InterpretationMax ApelLincoln East2
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Dramatic InterpretationHarper AllenLincoln East3
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Dramatic InterpretationClaire RooneyLincoln East4
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Dramatic InterpretationBrooklyn BruggemanLincoln Southwest5
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Dramatic InterpretationAbena BonsuLincoln East6
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Dramatic InterpretationLexie DinvernoBellevue WestS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Dramatic InterpretationCate DolezalPius XS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Dramatic InterpretationAva MillerPius XS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Dramatic InterpretationLuke NashLincoln EastS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Dramatic InterpretationRachel LawsLincoln EastS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Dramatic InterpretationJack McCormickLincoln SouthwestS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Dramatic InterpretationRook JacobsenMillard NorthS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Dramatic InterpretationStephanie HeimbrechtPius XS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Dramatic InterpretationBrayden SpilkerNorris High SchoolS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Dramatic InterpretationMaggie LammieLincoln EastS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Dramatic InterpretationMac VaverkaLincoln EastS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Dramatic InterpretationJoanita MensahLincoln SouthwestS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Dramatic InterpretationAvery UsherLincoln North Star SpeechQ
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Dramatic InterpretationIzzy LewisNorris High SchoolQ
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Dramatic InterpretationGrace JeffersLincoln SouthwestQ
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Dramatic InterpretationKatie TimmerLincoln SouthwestQ
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Dramatic InterpretationJack AndersonLincoln SouthwestQ
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Dramatic InterpretationHarmony BanwoMillard NorthQ
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Duo InterpretationMax Apel and Jack WelsteadLincoln East1
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Duo InterpretationAndrew Hedin and Lexie DinvernoBellevue West2
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Duo InterpretationNusrat Amin and Luke NashLincoln East3
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Duo InterpretationRook Jacobsen and Julia ClausenMillard North4
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Duo InterpretationTristan Tyson and Kilee WilkinsonBellevue West5
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Duo InterpretationJenna Larsen and Ayva DarmentoFremont High School6
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Extemporaneous SpeakingLeo GoldbergLincoln East1
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Extemporaneous SpeakingSarah LangeRaymond Central2
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Extemporaneous SpeakingHannah TangLincoln East3
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Extemporaneous SpeakingAnuj SinghMillard North4
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Extemporaneous SpeakingIsabella RazdanLincoln East5
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Extemporaneous SpeakingKane MalyLincoln East6
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Extemporaneous SpeakingCarter HamblinBellevue WestS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Extemporaneous SpeakingNoah KammeyerMillard WestS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Extemporaneous SpeakingKalen CullanLincoln EastS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Extemporaneous SpeakingVikram MenonMillard NorthS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Extemporaneous SpeakingVishaal ArunprasadMillard NorthS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Extemporaneous SpeakingAnish AminMillard NorthS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Extemporaneous SpeakingMiles PantosMillard NorthS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Humorous InterpretationMax ApelLincoln East1
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Humorous InterpretationLyla BognerMillard North2
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Humorous InterpretationJulia ClausenMillard North3
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Humorous InterpretationJack WelsteadLincoln East4
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Humorous InterpretationMac VaverkaLincoln East5
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Humorous InterpretationRook JacobsenMillard North6
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Humorous InterpretationEli GaiterBellevue WestS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Humorous InterpretationKorben OckanderLincoln EastS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Humorous InterpretationNusrat AminLincoln EastS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Humorous InterpretationCaden WhelanMillard NorthS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Humorous InterpretationSrilaasya NedunooriMillard NorthS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Humorous InterpretationDevin NevilleMillard NorthS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Informative SpeakingAdithi DeeduvanuMillard North1
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Informative SpeakingLila MockMillard North2
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Informative SpeakingHarper SchupbachLincoln East3
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Informative SpeakingSarah SharpMillard North4
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Informative SpeakingAshritha ChiguluriMillard North5
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Informative SpeakingLawson MartinezLincoln East6
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Informative SpeakingShahd KhourshedLincoln EastS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Informative SpeakingArjun AnugoleMillard NorthS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Informative SpeakingAva HoffschneiderPius XS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Informative SpeakingSumanas MaramMillard NorthS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Informative SpeakingLinh HaLincoln SouthwestS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Informative SpeakingAyden TruongMillard SouthS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Informative SpeakingSarah BreauxBellevue WestS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Informative SpeakingReazin BaumanLincoln EastS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Informative SpeakingRohan YalamanchiliMillard NorthS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Informative SpeakingHannah TangLincoln EastS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Informative SpeakingJordyn DavisLincoln SouthwestS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Informative SpeakingBraelyn BoutonMillard SouthS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Informative SpeakingSarah LangeRaymond CentralQ
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Informative SpeakingVesta AndersonLincoln EastQ
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Informative SpeakingRyan HoffschneiderPius XQ
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Informative SpeakingEmily GlinsmannNorris High SchoolQ
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Informative SpeakingCate DoeringLincoln EastQ
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Informative SpeakingMick TaborCreighton PrepQ
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22OOReema GudaMillard North1
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22OOLeo GoldbergLincoln East2
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22OOAnuj SinghMillard North3
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22OOIsabella RazdanLincoln East4
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22OOEllie HiserLincoln East5
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22OOChloe FiscaroBellevue East6
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22OOMahika KanchanamMillard NorthS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22OOAnish AminMillard NorthS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22OOPrisha SabherwalMillard NorthS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22OORimi BhoopalamLincoln EastS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22OOYazeed AbayazidMillard NorthS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22OOLily KorpasLincoln EastS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22OOCarter HamblinBellevue WestS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22OOAnnabeth SchubertLincoln EastS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22OOAarohi LamichhaneLincoln EastS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22OOVikram MenonMillard NorthS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22OOJulia HallerLincoln SouthwestS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22OOArjun AnugoleMillard NorthS
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22OOSarah LangeRaymond CentralQ
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22OONoah KammeyerMillard WestQ
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22OOShalom ManyaraMillard NorthQ
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22OOMeghna AdduriMillard NorthQ
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22OOVanshikha SabbiMillard NorthQ
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22OOKeerthna NairMillard NorthQ
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Program Oral InterpretationCeleste Cruz RiveraLincoln East1
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Program Oral InterpretationLewis NguyenMillard North2
Lincoln Southeast HS12/16/22Program Oral InterpretationTamyia BenderBellevue West3
Canton McKinley12/17/2022Dramatic InterpretationAda WagnerWadsworth1
Canton McKinley12/17/2022Dramatic InterpretationLeslie DragerWooster2
Canton McKinley12/17/2022Dramatic InterpretationMaria PriceStow3
Canton McKinley12/17/2022DuoNathan Hill & Ryan HillChagrin Falls1
Canton McKinley12/17/2022DuoEvelyn Sillman & Cale BreuersWadsworth2
Canton McKinley12/17/2022DuoAllison Snyder & Layne NelsonWooster3
Canton McKinley12/17/2022Humorous InterpretatioSasha GreerCanton McKinley1
Canton McKinley12/17/2022Humorous InterpKaleah DorseyTuscarawas Valley2
Canton McKinley12/17/2022Humorous InterpConnor CurranCenterville3
Canton McKinley12/17/2022Humorous InterpZach LeshonTuscarawas Valley4
Canton McKinley12/17/2022Humorous InterpKatie GeorgeLouisville5
Canton McKinley12/17/2022Humorous InterpNolan MillerStow6
Canton McKinley12/17/2022Humorous InterpRyder KehresStow7
Canton McKinley12/17/2022Informative SpeakingOlivia WangDublin jerome1
Canton McKinley12/17/2022Informative SpeakingPrisha PatelDublin Jerome2
Canton McKinley12/17/2022Informative SpeakingIsabella DrummerTuscarawas Valley3
Canton McKinley12/17/2022Informative SpeakingParv SharmaMason4
Canton McKinley12/17/2022Informative SpeakingAnanya SharmaOur Lady of the Elms5
Canton McKinley12/17/2022Informative SpeakingPrabhat MajjiMason6
Canton McKinley12/17/2022Informative SpeakingDaud MalikMason7
Canton McKinley12/17/2022International ExtempIshan TripathyJackson1
Canton McKinley12/17/2022International ExtempTess RoslerHoover2
Canton McKinley12/17/2022International ExtempIsha NagajothiJacksn3
Canton McKinley12/17/2022International ExtempDylan JonesHighland4
Canton McKinley12/17/2022International ExtempPrathamesh BhaveMason5
Canton McKinley12/17/2022International ExtempAlex YehBrecksville Broadview Heights6
Canton McKinley12/17/2022International ExtempShalin PatelDublin Jerome7
Canton McKinley12/17/2022OOJason FolkStow1
Canton McKinley12/17/2022OOHamsika TotapallyBrecksville Broadview Heights2
Canton McKinley12/17/2022OOLucy ShafferGlenOak3
Canton McKinley12/17/2022OOAnya ZhangDublin Jerome4
Canton McKinley12/17/2022OOKenna GnesLouisville5
Canton McKinley12/17/2022OOAnanyaa KarthikevanMason6
Canton McKinley12/17/2022OOJessie StewartLouisville7
Canton McKinley12/17/2022POITamia AkersNorthwest1
Canton McKinley12/17/2022POIIshan GireeshWooster2
Canton McKinley12/17/2022POIAlex MohrLouisville3
Canton McKinley12/17/2022POIKenna DunlapLouisville4
Canton McKinley12/17/2022POIElianna GamboaBrecksville Broadview Heights5
Canton McKinley12/17/2022POIDajeun DickersonCanton McKinley6
Canton McKinley12/17/2022POIJulia DuongLaurel School7
Canton McKinley12/17/2022United States ExtempJacob HannanWooster1
Canton McKinley12/17/2022United States ExtempShiv NagajothiJackson2
Canton McKinley12/17/2022United States ExtempLahari DonepudiDublin Jerome3
Canton McKinley12/17/2922United States ExtempElla WitalecLaurel School4
Canton McKinley12/17/2022United States ExtempZoe DavalaPerry5
Canton McKinley12/17/2022United States ExtempJade HooperJackson6
Canton McKinley12/17/2022United States ExtempDaniel JeonWooster7
James Bowie High School11/11/2022DuoAdele Davidson & Jack RykertSt. Mary's Hall1
James Bowie High School11/11/2022DuoLily Steinhauser & Lucky CantuLC Anderson2
James Bowie High School11/11/2022DuoEmily Ton & San OnoSt. Mary's Hall3
James Bowie High School11/11/2022DIJack RykertSt. Mary's Hall1
James Bowie High School11/11/2022HIBen CruzSt. Mary's Hall1
James Bowie High School11/11/2022OORia MehtaSt. Mary's Hall1
James Bowie High School11/11/2022OOMysha TeekayVista Ridge2
James Bowie High School11/11/2022OONadia TurnerFlower Mound3
James Bowie High School11/11/2022INFOSloane PriceWestlake1
James Bowie High School11/11/2022INFOChristal ChenWestlake2
James Bowie High School11/11/2022INFOJack RykertSt. Mary's Hall3
James Bowie High School11/11/2022POIKatie EanesReagan1
James Bowie High School11/11/2022DXWaleed HaiderHendrickson1
James Bowie High School11/11/2022DXMaya HayHendrickson2
James Bowie High School11/11/2022DXAnushka YadavRound Rock3
James Bowie High School11/11/2022DXMedha PulluruVista Ridge4
James Bowie High School11/11/2022DXSantiago Malpica CallejaVista Ridge5
James Bowie High School11/11/2022DXBen HoffmanLC Anderson6
James Bowie High School11/11/2022IXIsabelle SasiFlower Mound1
James Bowie High School11/11/2022IXKaitlyn NashHendrickson2
James Bowie High School11/11/2022IXBaden RussellLC Anderson3
Creekview High School12/10/2022DIAdaolisa AgbakwuGarland1
Creekview High School12/10/2022HISneha KarPlano East1
Creekview High School12/10/2022OOJoshua EnejiGarland1
Creekview High School12/10/2022INFOMilan LeGarland1
Creekview High School12/10/2022POIEsther JesseVines1
Creekview High School12/10/2022DXGovind PattathilHebron1
Creekview High School12/10/2022DXJack BeeryPlano Senior2
Creekview High School12/10/2022DXAlexandre MorelClark3
Creekview High School12/10/2022IXManhua KimPlano Senior1
Creekview High School12/10/2022IXRavi PittaPlano Senior2
Creekview High School12/10/2022IXDhruv ManojPlano East3
Richard King High School 12/17/22DXAnabelle Janak Tuloso Midway1
Richard King High School 12/17/22DIKarla Rivera Harlingen HS South1
Richard King High School 12/17/22DIJames Garcia Tuloso Midway2
Richard King High School 12/17/22DIAidan ArmenaW B Ray 3
Richard King High School 12/17/22DIWindsor Bissell W B Ray 4
Richard King High School 12/17/22DIBen Starkey Tuloso Midway 5
Richard King High School 12/17/22DIXavier RuizCorpus Christi Carroll6
Richard King High School 12/17/22DAJames Garcia & Marc MillerTuloso Midway 1
Richard King High School 12/17/22DAAdrianna Rodriguez & Cadee VelasquezHarlingen HS South2
Richard King High School 12/17/22DAXavier Ruiz & Sydney QuimbyCorpus Christi Carroll3
Richard King High School 12/17/22DUOAntonio Rios & Elias VasquezGregory Portland1
Richard King High School 12/17/22DUOWindsor Bissell & Mia MunozW B Ray 2
Richard King High School 12/17/22DUOHannah Henderson & Marc MillerTuloso Midway3
Richard King High School 12/17/22IXSuhawni NarangW B Ray 1
Richard King High School 12/17/22HIJames Garcia Tuloso Midway1
Richard King High School 12/17/22HIAidan ArmenaW B Ray 2
Richard King High School 12/17/22HISadie Jensen Harlingen HS South3
Richard King High School 12/17/22INFO Catherine Covarrubiaz Tuloso Midway 1
Richard King High School 12/17/22OOJohnny Nguyen Veterans Memorial 1
Richard King High School 12/17/22POIJames Garcia Tuloso Midway1
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22AHISritha BhupatirajuArchbishop Mitty1
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22AOOAbiah GeorgeAberdeen CentralS
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22AOOKabir BindraArchbishop MittyS
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22AOOAllison NgArchbishop MittyS
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22AOOSaqif Ayaan SudheerArchbishop MittyS
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22AOORuhi KulkarniMonroe TownshipS
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22AOOJenna BryantGeorge Washington6
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22AOODavis WangJames Logan5
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22AOORoma TivareJames Logan4
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22AOOVarsha MedaJames Logan3
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22AOOAhilan KaruppusamiArchbishop Mitty2
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22AOOMikayla SimpsonJames Logan1
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22AINFAshley CrouchAberdeen Central6
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22AINFTiger JaviyaArchbishop Mitty5
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22AINFKayla WaltmanAberdeen Central4
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22AINFLindsay SiejaGeorge Washington3
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22AINFAaleesha DoshiArchbishop Mitty2
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22AINFAllison NgArchbishop Mitty1
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22ADIAwesta AmiriJames Logan1
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22ADIJacob NguyenJames Logan2
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22ADIKatie HughesArchbishop Mitty3
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22ADIJayden BrownArchbishop Mitty4
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22ADIRia SudhirArchbishop Mitty5
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22ADIRahul RamanArchbishop Mitty6
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22ADUOBhavita Peddi & Vikram DawarJames Logan3
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22ADUOKatie Hughes & Kriti VamshidharArchbishop Mitty1
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22ADUOKeri Parker & Katherine WilcoxArchbishop Mitty2
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22ADUOAbby Conner & Tagan GarciaUniversity4
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22ADUOLuna Olin & Tatum LezotteGeorge Washington5
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22ADUOGuhan Karthik & Olivia LedgerArchbishop Mitty6
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22APOIRehmat GillJames Logan1
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22APOICarly GellesScarsdale2
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22APOIJosh DupreeGeorge Washington3
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22HIAiden HurstLoveland1
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22HIAurora DunningCheyenne Central2
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22HIPreston RoundyLoveland3
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22OOIvan LevittGeorge Washington1
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22OOLilian LemanCheyenne Central2
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22OOKeelyn ConnerUniversity3
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22OOMarin NapolitanoMountain View4
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22OOSophia CozzensRock Springs5
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22OOShikha SoniCherokee Trail6
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22INFJosh DupreeGeorge Washington1
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22INFAriana Nungaray-AriasSTRIVE Prep - RISE2
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22INFLindsay SiejaGeorge Washington3
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22INFTram NguyenStrive Prep - Smart4
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22INFReagan LapicolaCherokee Trail5
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22INFFlor AguirreStrive Prep - Smart6
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22DIAurora DunningCheyenne Central1
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22DILilian LemanCheyenne Central2
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22DILuci McNabDenver East3
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22DUOElias Goss & Elijah GossDenver East1
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22DUOLillian Leman & Austin WinsteadCheyenne Central2
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22DUOJenna Bryant & Kate ParsonsGeorge Washington3
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22DUOHallie Lowe & Sarita PatelGeorge Washington4
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22DUOSamantha Lehman & Elizabth LehmanThunder Basin5
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22DUOJacob Cromley & Elijah FauthResurrection Christian6
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22EXTEMPReece ChristianGeorge Washington1
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22EXTEMPGweneth HargetttCheyenne Central2
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22EXTEMPEstella HagemanHoly Family3
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22EXTEMPMadisen LairdCheyenne Central4
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22EXTEMPAnu GlennieCheyenne Central5
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22EXTEMPBrooke WatleyCanon City6
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22POIAriana Nungaray-AriasSTRIVE Prep - RISE1
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22POIBeau GriffithNatrona County2
Cheyenne East12/16-12/17/22POIJosh DupreeGeorge Washington3
Westfield High School12/16-12/17/22DAJulia Gilberson & Aliyah NoraSpring High School2
Westfield High School12/16-12/17/22DACorin Elisa Dennis & Wynter BrooksSpring High School1
Westfield High School12/16-12/17/22DATerry Kelly & Telya KellySpring High School3
Westfield High School12/16-12/17/22DUOCorin Dennis & Aliyah NoraSpring High School1
Westfield High School12/16-12/17/22DUOJulia Gilbertson & Onis LazoSpring High School2
Westfield High School12/16-12/17/22DUOVictoria Orozco & Demmie TristanJersey Village High School3
Westfield High School12/16-12/17/22DITelya KellySpring High School1
Westfield High School12/16-12/17/22HINicole WatsonEpiscopal High School1
Westfield High School12/16-12/17/22OOVictory OkorojiHastings High School1
Westfield High School12/16-12/17/22INFOPaola HernandezAndy Dekaney1
Westfield High School12/16-12/17/22POIAdeline MaiThe Village High School1
Westfield High School12/16-12/17/22DXShreyas ReddyWoodlands College Park1
Westfield High School12/16-12/17/22IXTanmay RaiVillage1
Madison Central HS12/16/22-12/17/22DILogan GreenHattiesburg High School1
Madison Central HS12/16/22-12/17/23DuetKaydence Atkins and Allyson ColePetal High School3
Madison Central HS12/16/22-12/17/24DuetAnushka Singh and Diego SosaOak Grove High School2
Madison Central HS12/16/22-12/17/25DuetIsabella Le and Samantha RuizPetal High School1
Madison Central HS12/16/22-12/17/26Original OratoryAsia AndersonOak Grove High School1
Madison Central HS12/16/22-12/17/27POIAlex FosterSt. Andrew's Episcopal School1
Madison Central HS12/16/22-12/17/28Duo InterpAsia Anderson and Haileigh GreenOak Grove High School3
Madison Central HS12/16/22-12/17/29Duo InterpLauryn Chambers and Kara PickettSt. Andrew's Episcopal School2
Madison Central HS12/16/22-12/17/30Duo InterpSteffan Ardis and Zachary RifkinOak Grove High School1
Madison Central HS12/16/22-12/17/31Humorous InterpretationKadin CollierOak Grove High School3
Madison Central HS12/16/22-12/17/32Humorous InterpretationMia DennerPetal High School2
Madison Central HS12/16/22-12/17/33Humorous InterpretationAllyson ColePetal High School1
Madison Central HS12/16/22-12/17/34Informative SpeakingSteffan ArdisOak Grove High School3
Madison Central HS12/16/22-12/17/35Informative SpeakingRyder HebertSt. Andrew's Episcopal School2
Madison Central HS12/16/22-12/17/36Informative SpeakingIsabelle WhiteGermantown High School1
Madison Central HS12/16/22-12/17/37ExtempHenry HaleyOxford6
Madison Central HS12/16/22-12/17/38ExtempBenjamin HarveyStarkville5
Madison Central HS12/16/22-12/17/39ExtempRyder HebertSt. Andrew's Episcopal School4
Madison Central HS12/16/22-12/17/40ExtempFikir BeyeneOxford3
Madison Central HS12/16/22-12/17/41ExtempPreston DailySt. Andrew's Episcopal School2
Madison Central HS12/16/22-12/17/42ExtempJude RostOak Grove High School1
Glacier Peak High School1/6/23-1/7/23POICarla Cota-LopezMount Vernon HS1
Glacier Peak High School1/6/23-1/7/23HIKaiya RenosoMount Vernon HS1
Glacier Peak High School1/6/23-1/7/23DuoMadelyn Harris and Natalie HollandMount Vernon HS1
Glacier Peak High School1/6/23-1/7/23DIMichaela HollandMount Vernon HS1
Glacier Peak High School1/6/23-1/7/23InfoCarmen SpoonemoreSeattle Academy1
Glacier Peak High School1/6/23-1/7/23OOLahari KatariEastlake1
Glacier Peak High School1/6/23-1/7/23ExtempTaite KirkpatrickMount Vernon HS1
Fort Osage High School1/6/23-1/7/24POILoc ColePark Hill HS1
Fort Osage High School1/6/23-1/7/25DIJohnasia CarterLee's Summit North HS1
Fort Osage High School1/6/23-1/7/26DILilli GervyGrain Valley HS2
Fort Osage High School1/6/23-1/7/27DILainey BeatyLiberty North3
Fort Osage High School1/6/23-1/7/28HIDanielle MyersBlue Springs South HS1
Fort Osage High School1/6/23-1/7/29HIColby GarciaBlue Springs South HS2
Fort Osage High School1/6/23-1/7/30HIPatrick SandersRockhurst HS3
Fort Osage High School1/6/23-1/7/31DUOIndia Lengyel and Kate BaileyJefferson City HS1
Fort Osage High School1/6/23-1/7/32DUOJacob Carter and Hannah PurkapleOak Park HS2
Fort Osage High School1/6/23-1/7/33DUONick Cruse and Jacob OdellJefferson City HS3
Fort Osage High School1/6/23-1/7/34OOSelina TahirkheliPembroke Hill School1
Fort Osage High School1/6/23-1/7/35OOJack UnsellPark Hill HS2
Fort Osage High School1/6/23-1/7/36OOKatie RufflingJefferson City HS3
Fort Osage High School1/6/23-1/7/37INFONala ChandramohanPembroke Hill School1
Fort Osage High School1/6/23-1/7/38INFOKatie RufflingJefferson City HS2
Fort Osage High School1/6/23-1/7/39INFOGraham HenryPembroke Hill School3
Fort Osage High School1/6/23-1/7/40IXCarmen MyersGrain Valley HS1
Fort Osage High School1/6/23-1/7/41IXGarrett FlackBlue Springs South HS2
Fort Osage High School1/6/23-1/7/42IXElandrea BakerNorth Kansas City HS3
Fort Osage High School1/6/23-1/7/43USXDJ MorrisNorth Kansas City HS1
Fort Osage High School1/6/23-1/7/44USXAndrew GottmanGrain Valley HS2
Fort Osage High School1/6/23-1/7/45USXAnotida MafuvadzeBlue Springs South HS3
Fort Osage High School1/6/23-1/7/46USXTyler JuchterLee's Summit North HS4
Fort Osage High School1/6/23-1/7/47USXJames DonahueRockhurst HS5
Fort Osage High School1/6/23-1/7/48USXBen PalmetPembroke Hill School6
The University of Alabama1/6/23-1/7/23DIRachel HuVestavia Hills1
The University of Alabama1/6/23-1/7/23Duo InterpEli DiPaolo and Luke IversonMorristown East1
The University of Alabama1/6/23-1/7/23Duo InterpRodney Jones Jr and Tiffany LeePrattville High School2
The University of Alabama1/6/23-1/7/23Duo InterpFatima Malik and Jessica MaVestavia Hills3
The University of Alabama1/6/23-1/7/23ExtempGabe PazCollierville High School1
The University of Alabama1/6/23-1/7/23ExtempNikhil PochanaLAMP High School2
The University of Alabama1/6/23-1/7/23ExtempMaryam KhanLAMP High School3
The University of Alabama1/6/23-1/7/23HIJo HarrisMorristown East1
The University of Alabama1/6/23-1/7/23INFOCarol LiVestavia Hills1
The University of Alabama1/6/23-1/7/23INFOJessica MaVestavia Hills2
The University of Alabama1/6/23-1/7/23INFOLuke IversonMorristown East3
The University of Alabama1/6/23-1/7/23OORuel LeeLAMP High School1
The University of Alabama1/6/23-1/7/23OOMcKenzie OrmondVestavia Hills2
The University of Alabama1/6/23-1/7/23OOAneirin RockwellPrattville High School3
The University of Alabama1/6/23-1/7/23POIBrooklyn WoodsPrattville High School1
Norfolk Public Schools1/7/23Duet ActingCamdyn Duggan and Bergen ChristensenBrandon Valley High School1
Norfolk Public Schools1/7/23Extemporaneous SpeakingElizabeth HardingSchuyler Central High School1
Norfolk Public Schools1/7/23Informative SpeakingVivi Anne SayerSchuyler Central High School1
Norfolk Public Schools1/7/23HIIan CandyBrandon Valley High School1
Norfolk Public Schools1/7/23DIPiper LefdalSchuyler Central High School1
Norfolk Public Schools1/7/23OOElizabeth HardingSchuyler Central High School1
Norfolk Public Schools1/7/23Program Oral InterpretationColin GibbonsSchuyler Central High School1
Pocatello High School1/7/23DIHugh BurroughsBozeman HS1
Pocatello High School1/7/23DISparta EvansBozeman HS2
Pocatello High School1/7/23DIAinsley BartonBozeman HS3
Pocatello High School1/7/23DUONathan Radford & Maria SaldanaRigby HS1
Pocatello High School1/7/23DUOHugh Burroughs & Chandler MayBozeman HS2
Pocatello High School1/7/23DUOAddilyn Reinhold & Myla BystromPocatello HS3
Pocatello High School1/7/23DUOEan Gauthier & Caleb StrahanMountain Home HS4
Pocatello High School1/7/23DUOAudrey Stenhouse & Mae TuroskiBozeman HS5
Pocatello High School1/7/23DUOIsaac Whaley & Jonathan BeanHighland HS6
Pocatello High School1/7/23EXTNoah CoryBozeman HS1
Pocatello High School1/7/23EXTJude WolfeBozeman HS2
Pocatello High School1/7/23EXTEmily WrightTwin Falls HS3
Pocatello High School1/7/23EXTJosephine PreucilTwin Falls HS4
Pocatello High School1/7/23EXTDevery PeckHighland HS5
Pocatello High School1/7/23EXTIan BeckerBozeman HS6
Pocatello High School1/7/23HIIan NhokMountain Home HS1
Pocatello High School1/7/23HIJoshua BrockThunder Ridge HS2
Pocatello High School1/7/23HIThomas HarrisRigby HS3
Pocatello High School1/7/23INFOJames GudmunsonPocatello HSSF
Pocatello High School1/7/23INFOJake MengRigby HSSF
Pocatello High School1/7/23INFOSam FunderburkBozeman HSSF
Pocatello High School1/7/23INFOAddison CarterMadison HSSF
Pocatello High School1/7/23INFOQuinn FastnowBozeman HSSF
Pocatello High School1/7/23INFOEmma GrowSkyline HSSF
Pocatello High School1/7/23INFOThao DangThunder Ridge HS1
Pocatello High School1/7/23INFOAnna WisemanBozeman HS2
Pocatello High School1/7/23INFOLila SundeenGallitan3
Pocatello High School1/7/23INFOAnsley WeaverBlackfoot HS4
Pocatello High School1/7/23INFOKyleigh RohrsMountain Home HS5
Pocatello High School1/7/23INFOAJ Wilson Mountain Home HS6
Pocatello High School1/7/23OOBrianna VasquezRigby HS1
Pocatello High School1/7/23OOAnna WisemanBozeman HS2
Pocatello High School1/7/23OODevery PeckHighland HS3
Pocatello High School1/7/23OOCharlotte HancockMadison HS4
Pocatello High School1/7/23OOAlexa BenitezBlackfoot HS5
Pocatello High School1/7/23OOAlison ApostleGallitan6
Pocatello High School1/7/23POIQuinn FastnowBozeman HS1
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022HIZachary KnowlesBlue Springs South3
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022HIKatherine HamiltonPleasant Hill2
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022HIAndrew SmithBlue Springs1
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022IXTimmy TaslerPark Hill South 3
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022IXPaxton TillmanLee's Summit North 2
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022IXCarmen MyersGrain Valley 1
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022DIJalaya MinksTruman6
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022DIErin VaughnLee's Summit North 5
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022DITessa LovelessBelton4
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022DIJesilyn PottsBlue Springs3
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022DITaylee ParmenterLafayette2
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022DIEli De La CruzLiberty1
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022DXArun PoudelLee's Summit West6
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022DXDJ MorrisNorth Kansas City 5
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022DXShelbee ReevesTruman4
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022DXOlivia LinzyLiberty3
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022DXKaylen KingLiberty2
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022DXAllison CooperBlue Springs South1
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022DUOHayden Robertson & Lilliana NutterBlue Springs South6
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022DUOAnnaVictoria Bennion & Nicki FlanaganRay-Pec5
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022DUOSophia Mattson & Sadie SandersLafayette4
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022DUOElijah O'Brien & Irelynn SloanRay-Pec3
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022DUOSophia Ferguson & Margaret RiegerLiberty2
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022DUOHailee Schick & Claire RussellBlue Springs1
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022INFOElla TornoLiberty3
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022INFOJaeda RothNorth Kansas City 2
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022INFOReayez CastroLafayette1
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022POIElla TornoLiberty3
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022POIMason EnrightBlue Springs2
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022POIPhilip O'ConnellLiberty North 1
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022OOJane MeyerLee's Summit6
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022OOAddison VallierLiberty5
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022OOCharlotte HammondPlatte County4
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022OOAndrew SmithBlue Springs3
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022OOCarmen MyersGrain Valley 2
Raytown High School12/9-10/2022OOKaylen KingLiberty1
Chiawana High School12/10/22DUOAlecx Naungayan and Michael WoodChiawana HS1
Chiawana High School12/10/22DIAlecx NaungayanChiawana HS1
Chiawana High School12/10/22EXTEMPParker AlvarezChiawana HS1
Chiawana High School12/10/22INFOAdalyn SoderquistUniversity HS1
Chiawana High School12/10/22HIAudrey MarcelUniversity HS1
Chiawana High School12/10/22POIAlecx NaungayanChiawana HS1
Chiawana High School12/10/22OOAlice ChamberlainEphrata HS1
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23DIJames GarciaTuloso Midway4
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23DIEmma MaughanRichard King6
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23DIAna CruzSt Mary's Hall1
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23DIJake BroylesDripping Springs2
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23DIXavier RuizCorpus Christi Carroll3
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23DIWindsor BissellW B Ray5
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23DUETJames Garcia & Marc MillerTuloso Midway1
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23DUETJadon Demetri & Amelia CookJames Bowie2
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23DUETJohnny Nguyen & Ronaq ShaikhVeterans Memorial3
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23DUETHaley Sturgeon & William PyleRichard King4
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23DUETLucky Cantu & Lily SteinhauserL C Anderson5
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23DUETIsabel Sauceda & Erica RuizRichard King HS6
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23DUOSofia Chavez & Jadon DemetriJames Bowie1
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23DUONoor Shamieh & Angus McGoonSt Mary's Hall2
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23DUOWindsor Bissell & Mia MunozW B Ray3
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23DUOEmma Maughan & Hannah ShellRichard King4
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23DUOSahil Lalani & Neha SurendarJordan5
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23DUOAntonio Rios & Elias VasquezGregory Portland6
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23HIXavier RuizCorpus Christi Carroll1
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23HIHannah HendersonTuloso Midway2
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23HIEmma MaughanRichard King3
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23HIAlyssa SpalekTuloso Midway4
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23HISallie UrdialezJudson5
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23HIDiego RobertsW B Ray6
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23INFOKaren CuiJordan1
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23INFOChristal ChenWestlake2
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23INFOAngus McGoonSt. Mary's Hall3
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23INFOCharlize StoneLake Travis4
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23INFOIsabelle SasiFlower Mound5
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23INFOAvani GunugantiSt. Mary's Hall6
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23IXSuhawni NarangW B Ray1
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23IXAbhishta ThotaTompkins2
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23IXJohn CooperTuloso Midway3
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23IXManas PathakSeven Lakes4
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23IXIris CastruitaLake Travis5
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23IXAmulya GantaMidland Legacy Senior6
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23DXMeghana KunapareddyTompkins1
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23DXSofia EstebanSeven Lakes2
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23DXKatherine DanielsonSeven Lakes3
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23DXLoukya KotlaTompkins4
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23DXNihilesh PariJordan5
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23DXAnushka YadavRound Rock6
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23OOIsabel SaucedaRichard King1
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23OOKaren CuiJordan2
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23OOChristal ChenWestlake3
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23OOMariana De La GarzaSeven Lakes4
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23OONadia TurnerFlower Mound5
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23OOJohnpaul BuwuleHendrickson6
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23OOAvani GunugantiSt. Mary's HallSemis
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23OOSofia EstebanSeven LakesSemis
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23OOSuhawni NarangW B RaySemis
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23OOElizabeth HsuAwty International Semis
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23OOSophia NelsonSt. Mary's HallSemis
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23OOGrace OgdenSt. Mary's HallSemis
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23OOCharlize StoneLake TravisSemis
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23OOJohnny NguyenVeterans MemorialSemis
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23OORiya SoniBASIS San Antonio ShavanoSemis
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23OOValentina Rivas LabarcaJordanSemis
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23OOAnabelle JanakTuloso MidwaySemis
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23OOAnishka AndeFlower MoundSemis
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23OOCatherine CovarrubiazTuloso MidwaySemis
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23OOElizabeth GarciaW B RaySemis
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23POIJames GarciaTuloso Midway1
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23POIXavier RuizCorpus Christi Carroll2
Winston Churchill High School1/6/23 - 1/8/23POIJake BroylesDripping Springs3
Alief Elsik HS and Elsik Ninth Grade Center01/07/23DXAriella CaliliClear Brook HS1
Alief Elsik HS and Elsik Ninth Grade Center01/07/23DXJade Berry Jersey Village High School2
Alief Elsik HS and Elsik Ninth Grade Center01/07/23DXShreyas ReddyThe Woodlands College Park HS3
Alief Elsik HS and Elsik Ninth Grade Center01/07/23INFOLily NipperStratford HS1
Alief Elsik HS and Elsik Ninth Grade Center01/07/23INFOMaxwell PanJordan HS2
Alief Elsik HS and Elsik Ninth Grade Center01/07/23INFORachel Smith Clear Falls HS3
Alief Elsik HS and Elsik Ninth Grade Center01/07/23DUOTaylor Zhang & Caleb AnsteeThe Village School1
Alief Elsik HS and Elsik Ninth Grade Center01/07/23DUOBraden Havard & Reece GrotchetMontgomery HS2
Alief Elsik HS and Elsik Ninth Grade Center01/07/23DUOOluwadara Adebanjo & Kaden SandersAlief Elsik HS3
Alief Elsik HS and Elsik Ninth Grade Center01/07/23OOSolemei ScamaroniThe Village School1
Alief Elsik HS and Elsik Ninth Grade Center01/07/23OONaomi Diaz Spring Woods HS2
Alief Elsik HS and Elsik Ninth Grade Center01/07/23OONatalie Rocha Grand Oaks HS3
Alief Elsik HS and Elsik Ninth Grade Center01/07/23FXPaul Robinson Stratford HS1
Alief Elsik HS and Elsik Ninth Grade Center01/07/23DIOluwadara Adebanjo Alief Elsik HS1
Alief Elsik HS and Elsik Ninth Grade Center01/07/23HINicole Blanco Episcopal HS Houston/Bellaire1
Alief Elsik HS and Elsik Ninth Grade Center01/07/23POIAdeline MaiThe Village School1
St. Andrew's Episcopal School1/6/23-1/7/23Dramatic InterpretationEmma DurhamCabot HS (AR)1
St. Andrew's Episcopal School1/6/23-1/7/23Duet ActingGraehme Bunnell & Alexander RandallPurvis HS (MS)3
St. Andrew's Episcopal School1/6/23-1/7/23Duet ActingPhillip Scott & Audrey HoustonMadison Central HS (MS)2
St. Andrew's Episcopal School1/6/23-1/7/23Duet ActingKara Mattingly & Alex McDougalMadison Central HS (MS)1
St. Andrew's Episcopal School1/6/23-1/7/23Original OratorySneha VuyyuruMadison Central HS (MS)3
St. Andrew's Episcopal School1/6/23-1/7/23Original OratorySean BretonOak Grove HS (MS)2
St. Andrew's Episcopal School1/6/23-1/7/23Original OratoryAnushka SinghOak Grove HS (MS)1
St. Andrew's Episcopal School1/6/23-1/7/23POIHaileigh Green Oak Grove HS (MS)1
St. Andrew's Episcopal School1/6/23-1/7/23Duo InterpretationKatherine Ladner & Kelby WingoPurvis HS (MS)3
St. Andrew's Episcopal School1/6/23-1/7/23Duo InterpretationSteffan Ardis & Zachary RifkinOak Grove HS (MS)2
St. Andrew's Episcopal School1/6/23-1/7/23Duo InterpretationKara Mattingly & Alex McDougalMadison Central HS (MS)1
St. Andrew's Episcopal School1/6/23-1/7/23ExtemporaneousNoah AmidonOxford HS (MS)SF
St. Andrew's Episcopal School1/6/23-1/7/23ExtemporaneousTommy NicholOxford HS (MS)SF
St. Andrew's Episcopal School1/6/23-1/7/23ExtemporaneousEdward WilsonJackson Prepartory School (MS)SF
St. Andrew's Episcopal School1/6/23-1/7/23ExtemporaneousOgechi AnyamaleMadison Central HS (MS)SF
St. Andrew's Episcopal School1/6/23-1/7/23ExtemporaneousHart JeffersonMurrah HS (MS)SF
St. Andrew's Episcopal School1/6/23-1/7/23ExtemporaneousSamuel HarveyStarkville HS (MS)SF
St. Andrew's Episcopal School1/6/23-1/7/23ExtemporaneousTyler Phillips Cabot HS (AR)6
St. Andrew's Episcopal School1/6/23-1/7/23ExtemporaneousKadin CollierOak Grove HS (MS)5
St. Andrew's Episcopal School1/6/23-1/7/23ExtemporaneousWilliam HillOxford HS (MS)4
St. Andrew's Episcopal School1/6/23-1/7/23ExtemporaneousAubrey WeathersbyGermantown HS (MS)3
St. Andrew's Episcopal School1/6/23-1/7/23ExtemporaneousBenjamin HarveyStarkville HS (MS)2
St. Andrew's Episcopal School1/6/23-1/7/23ExtemporaneousJason TuMadison Central HS (MS)1
St. Andrew's Episcopal School1/6/23-1/7/23Humorous InterpretationKara MattinglyMadison Central HS (MS)3
St. Andrew's Episcopal School1/6/23-1/7/23Humorous InterpretationKadin CollierOak Grove HS (MS)2
St. Andrew's Episcopal School1/6/23-1/7/23Humorous InterpretationKatherine JasperMadison Central HS (MS)1
St. Andrew's Episcopal School1/6/23-1/7/23InformativeAida Higginbotham Cabot HS (AR)3
St. Andrew's Episcopal School1/6/23-1/7/23InformativeKallen ZhouOak Grove HS (MS)2
St. Andrew's Episcopal School1/6/23-1/7/23InformativeSteffan ArdisOak Grove HS (MS)1
Raymond Central1/14/2023DuetTyler Thieman and Ethan WollbergMalcolm1
Raymond Central1/14/23DuetNusrat Amin and Luke NashLincoln East2
Raymond Central1/14/23DuetRook Jacobsen and Julia ClausenMillard North3
Raymond Central1/14/23DuetMax Apel and Jack WelsteadLincoln East4
Raymond Central1/14/23DuetLizzie Roh and Cecilia SiscoAquinas Catholic5
Raymond Central1/14/23DuetArpun Kunnath and Sanna KunnathMillard North6
Raymond Central1/14/23EXTLeo GoldbergLincoln East1
Raymond Central1/14/23EXTHannah TangLincoln East2
Raymond Central1/14/23EXTIsabella RazdanLincoln East3
Raymond Central1/14/23EXTNoah KammeyerMillard West4
Raymond Central1/14/23EXTAnish AminMillard North5
Raymond Central1/14/23EXTSuvan KallepalliMillard North6
Raymond Central1/14/23INFSarah SharpMillard North1
Raymond Central1/14/23INFLila MockMillard North2
Raymond Central1/14/23INFArjun AnugoleMillard North3
Raymond Central1/14/23INFLillias McKillipLincoln Southeast Speech4
Raymond Central1/14/23INFAva HoffschneiderPius X5
Raymond Central1/14/23INFRohan YalamanchiliMillard North6
Raymond Central1/14/23INFAshritha ChiguluriMillard NorthSF
Raymond Central1/14/23INFHannah TangLincoln EastSF
Raymond Central1/14/23INFAdithi DeeduvanuMillard NorthSF
Raymond Central1/14/23INFOlivia NelsonLincoln Southeast SpeechSF
Raymond Central1/14/23INFMaria ButlerPius XSF
Raymond Central1/14/23INFAyush MishraLincoln EastSF
Raymond Central1/14/23HIJulia ClausenMillard North1
Raymond Central1/14/23HIMax ApelLincoln East2
Raymond Central1/14/23HIElijah StandevenLincoln North Star Speech3
Raymond Central1/14/23HIOlivia NelsonLincoln Southeast Speech4
Raymond Central1/14/23HIStephanie HeimbrechtPius X5
Raymond Central1/14/23HIMadi PavlikMalcolm6
Raymond Central1/14/23HINusrat AminLincoln EastSF
Raymond Central1/14/23HIDalton AmenMalcolmSF
Raymond Central1/14/23HIMac VaverkaLincoln EastSF
Raymond Central1/14/23HIAvery FastLincoln EastSF
Raymond Central1/14/23HIKeerthana VinodMillard NorthSF
Raymond Central1/14/23HISandarika WarjriLincoln SouthwestSF
Raymond Central1/14/23DIMac VaverkaLincoln East1
Raymond Central1/14/23DIDawson DynekLincoln Southeast Speech2
Raymond Central1/14/23DICeleste Cruz RiveraLincoln East3
Raymond Central1/14/23DIMax ApelLincoln East4
Raymond Central1/14/23DITyler ThiemanMalcolm5
Raymond Central1/14/23DISara MicanekMillard North6
Raymond Central1/14/23DIAva HoffschneiderPius XSF
Raymond Central1/14/23DIRook JacobsenMillard NorthSF
Raymond Central1/14/23DIBrian StreeterMalcolmSF
Raymond Central1/14/23DIArpun KunnathMillard NorthSF
Raymond Central1/14/23DIBrooklyn BruggemanLincoln SouthwestSF
Raymond Central1/14/23DIEme StarbuckBellevue WestSF
Raymond Central1/14/23OOReema GudaMillard North1
Raymond Central1/14/23OOLeo GoldbergLincoln East2
Raymond Central1/14/23OOAnuj SinghMillard North3
Raymond Central1/14/23OOIsabella RazdanLincoln East4
Raymond Central1/14/23OOLily FitzgeraldLincoln East5
Raymond Central1/14/23OOArjun AnugoleMillard North6
Raymond Central1/14/23OOYazeed AbayazidMillard NorthSF
Raymond Central1/14/23OOKeerthana VinodMillard NorthSF
Raymond Central1/14/23OOAnish AminMillard NorthSF
Raymond Central1/14/23OOCarter HamblinBellevue WestSF
Raymond Central1/14/23OOVanishikha SabbiMillard NorthSF
Raymond Central1/14/23OONivriti VaranasiMillard NorthSF
Raymond Central1/14/23POITamyia BenderBellevue West1
Raymond Central1/14/23POIDawson DynekLincoln Southeast Speech2
Raymond Central1/14/23POIShaylee HobbsBellevue West3
WB Ray High School1/14/23DXGonzalo DelgadoRobert Vela1
WB Ray High School1/14/23DXAnna DusekSan Angelo Central2
WB Ray High School1/14/23DXAlly ChadwellSandra Day O'Connor3
WB Ray High School1/14/23DIJack McLaughlinSan Angelo Central1
WB Ray High School1/14/23DIIsabella RoyerSan Angelo Central2
WB Ray High School1/14/23DIJames GarciaTuloso Midway3
WB Ray High School1/14/23Duet ActingJames Garcia & Marc MillerTuloso Midway1
WB Ray High School1/14/23Duet ActingJohnny Nguyen & Ronaq ShaikhVeterans Memorial2
WB Ray High School1/14/23Duet ActingDariyen Dale & Landree AllsSan Angelo Central